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Use this roundtable to communicate with other developers. Share upcoming projects your organization is working on and use this place to obtain community feedback and interact with the core developers before starting development.
Before starting a project, run it past the core team so you don't waste your time & effort working on something that the core team already has up their sleeve. Although we try to keep the roadmap updated for large items, we will not typically add every feature to that list.
Plugin In Core

**This project has been added to the Core RockRMS system.  The information here remain for archival purposes.Provides a new Following Event Type that analyzes Person Histor...

Storage Mover

Mine Cart Studio
Plugin Developing

Working on a plugin to transition files from one storage type to another.

Checkin Manager Enhancements

Fellowship Greenville
Core Developed

We are working with Kingdom First Solutions to develop enhancements to the Checkin Manager. The development plan is to include the following features: Move Attendee - Ability t...

SignNow Merge Fields

Lake Pointe Church
Core Requesting Feedback

We have been working with Kingdom First Solutions to scope out a project to enhance the SignNow digital signature document support. The plan is to add support for passing merge ...

Plugin Developed

We are developing the ability to import scanned checks from Teller into Rock.Reads directly from the Teller database so no import/export files are necessarySupports importing fr...

Missions Block/Tools

River Valley Church
Core In Core

UPDATE 5/21/2017: Thanks to several churches and the Spark team, this is part of RockRMS Core as of version 6.3.  Known as "Fundraising Groups", the documentation is found ...

Update April 20, 2017:  Thanks to several co-supporters and the Spark team, this has been added as a core feature for v6.3.  Now known as "Fundraising Groups", the doc...

Self Join to Groups

Shepherd Church
Plugin Developed

This block will provide the ability to present the user with a list of Groups and checkboxes (or radio buttons) for them to pick which group they want to be a member of. Configu...

Unit Testing

NewSpring Church
Core Requesting Feedback

Here is the GitHub issue want to start the process of adding unit tests to Rock! This will definitely need to be a com...

Check-in by Birthdate Workflow Action

New Covenant Bible Church

We are interested in adding the ability for individuals to check-in by their birthdate range for a class instead of by Age or Grade. We have some classes that are "school year" ...

Plugin Developing

Lob allows you to send mailings via an API.We're developing a Lob integration that will initially allow Letters and Postcards to be sent. If there is sufficient community i...

WiFi Based Attendance Tracking

Bricks and Mortar Studio
Plugin Developed

A lot of access point brands provide APIs for tracking MAC addresses.We're developing a plugin to take advantage of that technology to create attendance records when user log on...

Firebase Chat

NewPointe Community Church
Plugin Developing

A plugin that provides live chat integrations using Firebase. We will be using this for our online services.

Check-in Parent/Guardian Page

NewPointe Community Church
Core Developing

We are adding functionality to page (via SMS or another communication medium) a parent or guardian who has checked in the child.  This allows us to quickly communicate with...

Church Online SSO

Bricks and Mortar Studio
Plugin In Store

A method for offering SSO via Rock for the Church Online Platform. It allows you to collect attendance for your online services as well as offering a single point of auth. 

Extra Actions

NewPointe Community Church
Plugin Developing

A collection of helpful workflow actions to do things such as Running powershell scripts, making HTTP requests, modifying entities, and delayed versions of the Complete/Delete W...

Core Requesting Feedback

On generated statements (using the Statement Generator app), we would like to show current active pledges and progress (eg. $x.xx given of $y.yy pledged, z% progress)Our goal is...

Square Up

Mine Cart Studio
Plugin Developing

This plugin will take all the person photo's and square them up using Cloudinary API. This API can center on faces and square the image.

Baptism Scheduling

Central Christian Church (AZ)
Plugin Developing

The Baptism module will be used to maintain a record of past, current, and future baptisms throughout the campuses of a church, as well as blackout dates where no baptisms will ...

Associated Devices Block

Central Christian Church (AZ)

This block goes on the Location Detail page and enables the user to manage which devices are associated with a location.