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Podcast Episode 68 - Special Edition with Jeremy Hoff

In this special edition of Rockcast, we sit down with Jeremy Hoff, Administrative Pastor at Shepherd Church who also serves as a member of the Spark Development Network Board of Directors. Jeremy shares our heart for creating technology that can benefit churches everywhere. We're grateful for his years of support of Spark and the Rock community.

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Podcast Episode 67 - Don't Be THAT Guy

In this episode of Rockcast, we'll discuss the upcoming v9 general release, our RX2019 Conference and Master Class, API improvements, and the importance of not being THAT guy when it comes to doing big things with Rock RMS.

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Podcast Episode 64 - You Love Frank Grand? We Love Frank Grand!

In this special edition of RockCast, we sit down with Frank Grand, Web Director at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC. Frank and NewSpring have been an integral part of the Rock community from the beginning. We appreciate their heart for "the big C" Church, and all the ways they've advanced Rock innovation.

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Podcast Episode 63 - Collaboration is King

In this episode, we talk about how collaboration is king. It's key to Rock and key to the community. Also v8.8 is out so take it for a spin, and provide us with your feedback. Let's collaborate as we always do!

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A Dedicated New Home for the Rock Community

It’s no surprise, but Rock is growing. And as the community grows, so does the general interest in Rock. All this growth means there is a greater need for a unique, specialized experience for both the engaged community and the organizations that are just beginning their exploration of Rock. Bottom line: We’ve outgrown our website.

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Podcast Episode 55 - 2019 and What Lies Ahead

Happy Birthday Emily! Join us for the first episode of 2019 as we talk about the latest updates to Rock, remind you of some of the new toys Chip gave us for Christmas, and give you a peek at the future of the Core Team and Rock itself.

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