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Our Story

Every journey has a story. Here's ours.

In 2011 an idea came to light. It started just like most as a small idea. But as friends and co-workers Jon Edmiston and David Turner considered it, the idea sparked a vision. A big one.

With a shared history of building a very successful and widely-known church management system from the ground up, tech-savvy programmers Jon and David put their heads together to determine how they could use their skills for the benefit of all churches. Of all sizes. In all places. And out of their brainstorming sessions, they envisioned a product that has come to be known as Rock RMS.

Under the umbrella of the non-profit Spark Development Network, Rock brings cutting-edge, innovative tech solutions on an open-source platform to churches that wouldn’t otherwise have access to this level of solution. Rock solves problems so people can focus on ministry. Rock enables people to do what they do, better, more seamlessly, more creatively.

Although Rock is a relationship management application for churches, it isn’t just another technology platform. It’s not a commodity as much as it is a community - a network of people and organizations that support a Kingdom–focused mission. The community is central to the structure of Rock, from its support structure to its native app store to its focus on groups and families as core units.

Jon and David formed a small but mighty team and launched the beta version of Rock in the spring of 2014. From the start, this collaboration has been an effort of love. One that has involved countless late nights and weekends of hard work. One that embodies their passion for making the technology and best practices of the larger churches accessible and available to smaller churches. One that sacrifices much for the hope of a Kingdom-changing toolbox for the Church around the world.

Still in its infancy, Spark Development Network launched into full-time production in 2015. And here we are. With a ground-breaking vision and an innovative solution. Both need the care of community and support to develop into strong Kingdom-changing adulthood. Today Jon and David are joined by a small but dedicated team of contributors and developers, churches and individuals, including Nick Airdo of Central Christian Church, Christ's Church of the Valley, Willow Creek Community Church, and NewSpring Church, who are all committed to making this reality available to organizations around the world. While they work to raise the financial partnerships they need to keep developing Rock’s core, Jon and David are supporting their families with consulting roles.

Because we want to continue offering Rock to all churches and organizations instead of just meeting the needs of top clients, we must keep an open-source platform. And we can’t do it alone. We need your help. In order to keep developing Rock to its full potential, we need a team of supporters. Will you consider joining team Rock?