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Why Rock?

If you've spent much time exploring the world of church management systems, you've probably realized by now that Rock is different. Once you look past the feature list, you'll find a few things that may make you scratch your head. Why? Because Rock was built according to the early church model of generosity and community.

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RX2016: A Second Chance to See It All

Did you miss out on RX2016? Don't let that get you down. This year we captured all the conference sessions on video for the first time, and are offering a subscription that will give you access to everything you missed. In fact, your one subscription will give your whole staff access to the video sessions.

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Rock Shop Showcase

At RX2016 we did a quick walk through of the amazing plugins available in the Rock Shop. We've shared the video of this session below so you can get an idea of what's possible with these tools.

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Heyworth Christian Church: Saw the Sign

Heyworth Christian Church has been with Rock since the beginning. A small church with an average attendance of 190 in Heyworth, Illinois, they began looking for a new church management system at the same time Rock beta was released. It was a natural fit. "We took it as a sign and started making plans for installation," mentioned Andrew Lee, head of the technology ministry.

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Central Christian Church: Contributing Toward Innovation

When the vision for Rock RMS was formed almost five years ago, the development and leadership teams at Central Christian Church in the greater Phoenix area were on board. They recognized a solution that would work for their church and wanted to contribute toward the mission of providing access to innovative technology for all churches.

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