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Rock'n In 2018

It's a New Year. How will you be different in 2018? The community needs your gifts and talents. Get Involved!

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Font Awesome 5 in Rock v7

Font Awesome 5 is here. This isn't a small update, but rather a huge upgrade. There are a lot of details to share and implementation plans.

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Podcast Episode 28 - What's Coming Soon

In this episode of the ROCKCast, the team talks about some of the features which they're working on bringing to Rock - you may have heard about some of these at the conference - and what it takes to bring them to reality!

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You've got questions? We have answers!

If you're evaluating Rock for a potential move and just need someone to talk to...we have just the video for you. Easy to follow Q&A is broken down into clickable topics, with the core team answering the most common questions we field from churches.

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RX2017 Registration is Open!

We’re thrilled to open registration for this year’s annual Rock Experience, and thankful to Willow Creek Community Church for hosting our event this year on Monday, August 28 and Tuesday, August 29.

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Why Rock?

If you've spent much time exploring the world of church management systems, you've probably realized by now that Rock is different. Once you look past the feature list, you'll find a few things that may make you scratch your head. Why? Because Rock was built according to the early church model of generosity and community.

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