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You Still Have Time To Make A Difference

December 31 is right around the corner. Did you know that you can make a big difference before the year closes out?

A simple way to have a huge impact is by making a donation to Spark Development Network for Rock RMS during this calendar year. Your gift can help us keep Rock moving forward.

Rock is making a difference for churches everywhere.

  • We feel like we have significantly greater potential to run an effective ministry with Rock than we did before implementation. - Dave Brown, Lakeside Christian Church
  • Rock is helping us make great strides in ministry by giving us a tool to understand people and their relationship to the church and to each other. - Bronson Witting, NewPointe Community Church
  • For years, we've been limited by our technology. Rock is solving a 10+ year church roadblock for us. - Matt Sundstedt, Willow Creek Community Church

Right now we're working hard to allocate our resources for building Rock in 2017. With about half our needed funding pledged for next year, your year-end donation translates into more time budgeted for the creation of v7 and v8, training videos for the community, new tech R&D, and so much more.

If Rock is benefiting your organization, will you please acknowledge that impact with a year-end gift? Like the early-church model of generosity, Rock powers churches and churches power Rock. Be a Go Giver.