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Why Rock?

If you've spent much time exploring the world of church management systems, you've probably realized by now that Rock is different. Once you look past the feature list, you'll find a few things that may make you scratch your head. Why? Because Rock was built according to the early church model of generosity and community. Once you have that perspective, you'll understand these major differences:

  • Cost: We don't have a price tag and we're a non-profit. Why?
  • Support: We provide incredible tools and community, not the traditional contract-based model. Why?
  • Community: We are owned and inspired by our community, which is just waiting for you. Why?
  • Open: We write open code that can be used and modified by all churches. Why?

We like to say that Rock is the open, innovation toolkit for the modern-day church. When we started dreaming about it, we were driven by a passion to make an open and accessible ecosystem for you. And that hasn't changed. Which means that you might want a little more background on Why Rock as you start to evaluate the ChMS you need to power your organization.

This short video is a good place to start.