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Planning for 2017 Together

What's better than making resolutions in January? Making plans. Can we get an "amen?"

Nothing wrong with dreaming up all the things we'd like to do. But if we want to see those dreams come to pass in 2017, we need some solid plans and the tools to back them up. We'd like to help solidify your success this year with some powerful new tools like universal search, highly upgraded communications, waitlists, and more. And your plans can help get these v7 tools (and more beyond) into your hands as quickly as possible.

If you're planning to donate in support of Rock this year, will you please let us know so we can plan, too? With roughly half of our needed funding pledged for 2017, this is the time when we allocate our resources between working on core and working on other projects. Your pledge this January could make a big difference in our plans for the year, and ultimately in the amount of time we can put into bringing you the latest and greatest features and responding to bug fixes.

Because we rely entirely on your generosity to move Rock forward, your pledge is a powerful tool. Let's start working together now for an incredible 2017. Make your pledge today!