Rock v11

Release Timeframe: Mid 2020
Version Status: Development
Design Phase
In development



While Rock currently has numerous tools to allow you to personalize the delivery of content, we’re looking to make the process simpler and more performant, especially under high loads. While the how of this feature is still in the research stage, we imagine the solution will allow you to create personalization segments (think topics) that could be applied to content channel items. We would imagine that these segments would also be dynamically applied to people likely through data views. While much of this could be done today, the implementation would not be performant at scale.

Digital Signatures

Many may remember this from the v9 roadmap. Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t right to meet the release goals and has been pushed to v11. Digital signatures would allow for the collection and storing of legal consent within Rock. This process would require no additional services, nor add any costs. We have worked with our legal council to determine what would need to be collected and stored to provide a legally binding signature. Things like a consent mark, date and time of the signature, IP address of the client and the text of the legal agreement. Based on the recommendation of our legal council, we would not collect a actual signature, as it does not increase the legality of the consent and constitutes PII (personal identifying information). This solution does not provide an independent third-party solution, but our legal council did not see this as a needed requirement, as it would increase costs and complexity.

Group Demographics

This feature would allow an organization to provide dynamic descriptions for of a set of groups. For example, what is the gender make-up of the group? With the new assessment data available from v9, one could even start tracking the DISC results or conflict profiles of the group members. These demographics will be able to be calculated for all group members or for group members of a specific role. As a part of this feature, we’ll also be adding the concept of Life Stage. Life Stages would allow a family to describe themselves in terms of where they are in life (pre-kids, children 0-2, empty nesters, etc.) We then apply these life stages to groups of various types.


Rock has had some dashboard blocks since v1. Unfortunately, these blocks were never fully complete which required us to label them as not fit for production use. We’re finally ready to circle back and create capabilities to create simple dashboards for use by your leadership teams. This feature is not intended to replace tools like Power BI or Tableau.

Text To Give

To round out Rock’s powerful financial tools, we are adding Text To Give features. The SMS Pipeline was actually created to support this feature. This will allow you to setup a text giving program with many configuration options. Individuals would be walked through a setup procedure on their first gift. After that, they can simply text an amount (or optional fund name) with their gifts. Accidental gifts can be reversed within a prescribed amount of time.

Entity Documents

Want to add documents to a person or group? This feature will allow you to add documents to any entity in Rock. While you’ve always been able to add documents using attributes, you have not been able to have multiple documents of the same type (unless you implemented something like a matrix attribute).

Updated UI

As a part of the v11 release, we will be making many UI/UX improvements. First, every block will receive a significant amount of polish. This will improve the look of each block while improving the consistency of the UI. It will also reduce the amount of code required to develop new blocks. We’re also planning a full redesign of the person profile page. Working with numerous organizations has allowed us to see the many different requirements you’d see with this page. We’re excited about the concepts we have started working on and can’t wait for you to be able to start using these improvements.

Check-in Celebrations

Good behavior should be rewarded, right? This feature will extend the streaks concept from v10 to display streak accomplishments at the end of the check-in process. This allows the individual to celebrate their achievements and encourage them to keep consistent attendance.