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You've got this! Learning Rock is simple and easy with our guides and videos.


Get a quick introduction to the latest Rock features with our up-to-date videos. We'll walk you through the topics you need to know.

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Hate reading the manual? Our guides are different! We put effort into making our guides fun to read with concise topics and a touch of humor.

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Workflow Actions

A good craftsman knows their tools. Take a look at all of the tools available in your toolbox.

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Rock is about power and flexibility. Lava adds both by allowing you to tailor the application to meet your specific needs.

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Find out how to extend Rock to meet your every need. From simple blocks to whole new modules, anything is possible.

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Conference Sessions

Learn from the experience of others. Our Rock Experience conference is the highlight of our year.

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What's New

We're always working to provide new resources for you to deepen your understanding of Rock. Below are our latest creations.

  • v6.0 Docs - All documentation has been updated for the v6.0 release. Be sure to check-out the summary of changes.
  • Video Training - We've just added 17 new training videos we authored while at the CITRT 2014 conference.