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Rock Partners are full-service/web specialists who help move Rock forward. Our partners work closely with the community to ensure a smooth transition from their current church management system to Rock and/or their new website. The Spark team connects with the Rock Partners listed here on a regular basis to provide best practices and core updates for the benefit of their clients.

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Full Service Specialists

Our Full Service Rock Partners are reputable organizations that financially commit to support Spark and to maintain a Rock-focused team. Their expertise enables seamless migration of your data and successful implementation of the Rock instance for your church, in addition to insightful ongoing Rock support. We highly recommend leveraging these partners to effectively accomplish your RockRMS goals. By collaborating with them, you can tap into their knowledge and experience, ensuring a streamlined and successful journey towards achieving your objectives in Rock. We recommend choosing your support partner exclusively from this list.


In the fast-paced world of marketing, staying ahead and making a lasting impression is crucial. Our sponsors have brought their expertise and cutting-edge marketing services to the Rock RMS community.

Website Design & Services

Your website serves as a vital extension of your church, impacting how you conduct ministry. To ensure your website maximizes its potential, we recommend partnering with the experts listed below. These professionals possess the expertise to build a Rock-based website, utilizing all the innovative functions that Rock offers. By doing so, they can enhance your internal and external experiences, making them truly exceptional.

Join a growing community of full service and website specialists working to move Rock forward by becoming a partner today.

How To Interview a Partner

Learn what to ask your Rock Partner before you get started.

What to Ask