Rock RMS Partner


We help churches embrace their distinct story and translate it through personal, creative and authentic websites.

Fishhook is a communications agency called to partner with churches and ministries. (You can think of them as an extension of your ministry.)

The Fishhook team believes that it is possible for the church to lead in innovation, creativity and culture. And it’s their goal to help you see that too!

They listen, they guide, they coach. They help you use the communication tools of today to share the love and hope of Jesus.

They have 18 years of experience partnering with churches in services like:

- Communications Strategy and Coaching
- Branding and Design
- Website Development
- Social Media
- Team Health and Culture

Fishhook is helping churches all over the country harness the power of Rock RMS! Want to hear more? They'd love to chat with you!

Debbie Durso
Communications Director - Calvary Church
"Fishhook worked hard to really get to know us. They visited us--during a snowstorm--and through some fun activities and in-depth conversations, they tried to understand who we are and how best to translate our identity and DNA to our new website. Fishhook's helpful processes worked well for us, and we appreciate the documentation they provided."

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