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You Have Questions? OK... Shoot!

We put together this short video to answer many of the common questions about Rock.


What license is Rock released on?

Rock is released under a custom Rock Community License. This license provides faith-based organizations an open platform to innovate on while protecting the intellectual property. You can view the details on our license page.

If I'm a church, what does the license mean to me?

Churches, and all faith-based 501c3's, can use Rock and make modifications to the source. They may share these changes as they see fit as long as they don't commercialize them. In order to ensure Rock's long term sustainability, we are funded by the donations of the organizations that use it. Find out more about Rock's funding model and the suggested minimum donation here.

We're a church but not a 501c3. Can we use Rock?

Our public license limits usage to 501c3's. But if you're a church without a 501c3 just email us and we'll provide you a specific license.

Does the license cover items published to the Rock Shop?

No, each item in the Rock Shop is covered by its own license and is not covered by the Rock Community License.

I see an opportunity that is not covered in the license. What should I do?

The Rock Community License is meant to cover most use cases. We realize other opportunities will arise that are not supported by this license. Reach out to us and let us know what you're thinking. In many cases we can partner to provide a custom license that meets your needs.