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Why Rock

Your Church Management System is the foundation for your big data strategy. Pick a solution that is focused on people.

What is Rock?

Rock is an open church management system that focuses on the heart of ministry - people. Fully-featured and mobile-friendly, Rock is building a vibrant community and innovative new solutions to meet your ministry goals.

Owned and shepherded by a non-profit ministry itself, Rock will always focus on meeting the needs of the organizations it serves.

Got Questions?

Learn more about Rock with our in depth FAQ video.

FAQ Video


Rock is built on a full church management feature set and is focused on new ministry-empowering innovations that you won't find in any other ChMS.

The core of Rock is about managing people and their relationships between each other and the church. It all starts with an individual. With Rock, you can add an infinite number of attributes to any person’s record. These attributes can be easily grouped and reported. The notes you add are clearly visible and easily added and secured. You can also classify an individual’s activities with simple icons we call badges. These can be simple representations of a single data item, like baptism, or they can be richer with more data density, like showing a family’s last 12 months of check-ins as a simple bar chart.
Groups are the fundamental building blocks of Rock. Whenever two or more individuals are linked in a relationship, you can bet groups are the glue that makes them stick (families, security roles, serving teams, Bible studies, etc.). This consistency means that each type of group has many configuration possibilities. But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to groups, so be sure to check out our Rock Your Groups guide for more details.
Whether you’re using tablets or computers, attended or unattended, Rock’s check-in is simple and extensible. People can even use their mobile device for a contactless check-in process. Rock’s check-in is built on top of a powerful workflow engine so you can customize it to your heart’s content. The check-in screens are also very easy to theme if you have some web design talent.
Every organization has events. Rock allows you to track and publish these events to your guests. Once your guests see an event, they can also register online for them. The features around the calendar and event registration are too numerous to cover here so head on over to our Event & Calendar Guide for more information on how to use these valuable features!
Rock enables you to approach engagement from different angles using three sets of complimentary tools. Rock’s connection features help you to move your guests from visitors to fully engaged members. With steps you can create a structured program through which individuals can be guided. With streaks you can monitor engagement patterns and celebrate engagement milestones.
Getting your data out of software is just as important as putting it in. Rock has several user-friendly tools to help you quickly and easily generate meaningful reports of your ministry data. At the core of our tools is the concept of Data Views. These allow you to create powerful reports using intuitive tools that don’t require any programming or query experience. Data Views and reports build on each other, reducing the number of duplicate or near-duplicate reports you create.
As a ministry leader, you should be focusing on people. And Rock makes it easy. Powerful workflow engines allow you to automate the details that prevent people from slipping through the cracks. From automated communications to custom forms, simple or complex, Rock workflows are essential ministry support tools.
Data is only as good as it is clean and visible. Use Rock’s built-in Data Integrity and Data Automation features to keep your data clean, consistent and updated. Explore the many ways to visualize your data with tools for customizable reports, dashboards and more.
Show your attendees that you know them and care about them with a deeply personalized web experience. Your Rock-powered website is fully integrated with your data because Rock was built as a web-based platform from the ground up. Never built a website before? Don’t know HTML? Not a problem. You can still create a custom site that showcases the uniqueness of your organization with just a few clicks.
Manage your calendar from inside your database. Have as many calendars as you need, then tie them to event registrations and promotions on your website. Rock has the tools you need to create a smooth and elegant experience for your visitors and attendees.
Managing your web content no longer requires technical skills or web developers. Use Rock’s built-in content management for your events and communications staff to tweak their messaging to their hearts’ content. Rock’s features give web designers a great tool to control the look and layout of content on a page while allowing content creators the ability to create this structured content on-the-fly directly on the website. 
Simplify your giving experience and management with Rock's built-in giving tools. Or, if you prefer, select from a number of integrated payment processing systems and gateways to process online giving from many sources. View transactions on each donor's personal profile or in aggregate with our giving features. Match your funds and batches to your accounting software and you're all set. Use our contribution statement generator to create year-end statements for all donors. Rock’s Giving Overview features provide detailed analysis of a person’s giving and provides you with innovative alerts when an individual’s giving patterns change.
Process payments for paid events within your online event registration. Take deposits, apply different types of discounts and send payment reminders with a simple button click. Rock lets you keep payment processes simple and intuitive for events of any size and complexity.
View your contributions and pledges with configurable real-time analytics reports. Choose to dive deep into one-time or scheduled transactions, batches, pledges, benevolence, fundraising and more with our built-in tools. Rock also lets you easily create your own customized financial reports, tailored to your ministry’s needs.
Rock makes pledging a smooth and simple process for your attendees and staff. Create campaign-centered or annual pledges and track your progress by individual donor or by fund. See the whole picture with Rock’s pledge tools.
Customizing Rock is as easy as a one-click plug-in install through the built-in app store. Find proven solutions and tools from churches, vendors and the core team by scanning the Rock Shop. Each app has its own documentation and support links, and most likely a few fans in the community who can give you a rundown of each one’s benefits.
Rock has an open API. That means it can be extended almost infinitely with the right skillset. If your staff doesn't include developers, you'll be able to find a Rock Partner with the experience and insights to build your solution for you. We like to say that Rock is like a kit of Legos and you can configure and extend it for maximum flexibility. Don't worry if APIs and technical extension projects sounds like Greek to you, Rock is fully functional right out of the box, so there is no need to dig in here unless you really want to.
Rock Mobile takes the powerful features you know and love on the web and brings them to a native mobile app experience on Android or iOS.
Personalize your TV streaming experience with interactive, engagement focused features in a native Rock application.


Rock Chat

Rock Chat is a constantly active and central spot to connect with our growing community. From best practices to support, the real life experts are just a click away.


Searchable and easy to use, the Rock Q&A site archives the questions and answers of those who have gone before. You may start by asking questions here, but we bet you'll be answering them soon.


Rock isn't static - we listen to community needs and release new updates constantly. Add your best ideas here, and use your monthly allotted upvotes wisely to bring the next feature set to life.