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RX2016 Frequently Asked Questions

It's all about the details and here they are.

When should I travel?

We know your time is valuable so we want to maximizing every minute of it. We're planning on two solid days of superhero creation. We promise that as soon as your head hits the pillow you'll be out like a light. With that in mind, you’ll want to arrive on Tuesday, August 23, and leave no earlier than Friday morning, August 26. Be prepared to work hard and learn a lot!

Where should I stay?

The Los Angeles area is full of world-class resorts, but for your convenience, we are including links to a few nearby hotels.

What time should I arrive on Wednesday?

Check-in starts at 8:30 am, and you'll want to arrive as close to that time as possible. We'll have a light breakfast, vendor booths, and a lot going on first thing in the morning. Also, we'll be starting right at 9:00, if not a few minutes before. We're looking forward to seeing you bright and early!

What was that about meals?

You won’t have to spend much time thinking about what to eat or where. The conference includes both lunch and dinner on Wednesday and Thursday. If you find yourself hungry between meals, we'll have freshly stocked snack tables during each break.

What is the conference schedule?

It's going to be great! Once the schedule is finalized, we'll post it here.

Can I get more details on the location?

The conference will be held at Bel Air Church located at:

16221 Mulholland Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90049-1126


Includes lunches and dinners both days.
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