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Podcast Episode 51 - Minting New Talent

Get the latest on version 9 and so many of our other initiatives in this episode of RockCast! We'll also look at some of the differences between our community and our core team, and talk about how we support each other.

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Podcast Episode 46 - Version 8: It's alive!

Version 8, Version 9, Rock Stars, Master Classes, and how we're working to add to the talent pool for church technology workers - with all of the great information packed into this episode, you're not going to want to miss it!

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Some recommended changes to your IIS Hosting

We are adding a few recommendations to our Internal Hosting documentation, but we want existing Rock users to be able to take advantage of the new settings as well. Here's an article that will detail the changes we recommend you make to your already-running Rock instances.

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