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We need superheroes. There's no pay but if you think you've got the right stuff to join the Rock league of superheroes take a look at these possibilities below.

Alpha Testers

Are you super comfortable with the nature of your website and database. Are you considered a bit of a IT website ninja? Do you want to be a hero and catch issues before anyone else sees them? ...

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Beta Testers

Are you the pioneering type or an early adopter of technology? Are you comfortable with your Rock installation and database? Do you want to be the final line of defense before a new Rock is released to...

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Community Leader

Can you handle a super important mission — one that will help Devs get back to developing software? We call these champions of Rockville our Community Leaders. They use their best judgment in the community Ask forums and make sure...

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Community Moderator

Are you passionate about people doing things the right way but are not easily frustrated when they don't? Do you want to help others by showing them how to fish? The community needs some good shepherds that can reign...

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Have you read every guide (multiple times) and now hear the Rock "voice" in your head? You understand how to make more Rock Superheroes by explaining complex things simply. If you know the difference between good (used) and bad (unused)...

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Steps to Join the Team

Leaping over buildings takes energy, so we want to see you've made some attempts. We'll consider:

  • Point Score on the Community Q & A
  • Prior Contributions
  • Overall Community Reputation
Oh yeah, and since you'll be considered part of the team we need to make sure you're not Lex Luthor... so we're going to interview you.