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Community Leader

Can you handle a super important mission — one that will help Devs get back to developing software? We call these champions of Rockville our Community Leaders. They use their best judgment in the community Ask forums and make sure questions are getting answered. This doesn't mean they answer every question, they just make sure things are ticking along. Is this you? Realize this: you'll be on the front line in the community.


  • You will lead and encourage the Community Moderators
  • You'll send a weekly status update to the core team with stats, # unresolved issues, etc. and a general pulse of community
  • You'll triage and immediately notify the core devs of any giant, unresolved super-villians (issues) attacking the code


Contact us via email to let us know you're interested.

Commitment Level

Summit - this job requires a daily committment.

Please note that alpha and beta testers should be members of the Early Access program. Click here for more information on how to join this program.