Early Access

Early Access

Rock powers churches and churches power Rock.

Get access to the latest features as soon as they're out of development.

We love making enterprise-level technology accessible to churches. That means open software we don't force you to pay for. It also means an incredible community of churches collaborating and supporting the Rock core team at Spark Development Network.

The Rock ecosystem is only possible thanks to the churches that donate to support continued development. While we don't police it, our suggested donation rate per organization is $1.50 USD per average attendee per year (e.g. $1,500 annually for a church of 1,000).

As an acknowledgement of the incredible support offered by the organizations that donate at or above our minimum suggested amount, we offer them access to all major Rock releases three months before each general release.

This tiered release will also help many community leaders get up to speed on all the latest features before each general release, which will keep our community support options consistent and high quality.

It's easy to join the program, and join the movement of bringing open technology to churches around the world. Set up a minimum suggested donation from your organization today and enjoy Early Access tomorrow.