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    Rock v14.1 Released January 25, 2023 (Currently in Beta)

    CMS v14.1

    • Fixed the issue of media folders not syncing with the content channel on Sync Media Job. Fixes: #5201
    • Fixed issue with ContentChannelItemDetail block where a content channel slug could not be set manually after the Title is set. Fixes: #5203
    • Fixed issue where CSS files were not updated during a Rock Update under certain conditions. Fixes: #5216
    • Fixed trending calculation in Content Collections.
    • Updated the Pages administration block (PageZoneBlocksEditor) to allow passing a Zone name in order to automatically select a specific zone.
    • Fixed personalization boosting in Content Collection View block.

    Check-in v14.1

    • Fixed issue for the GroupTypeSelect block setting "Select All and Skip" that caused a 'no available schedule' error message to appear instead of going on to the GroupSelect block. Fixes: #5215
    • Fixed an issue where selecting the KioskStark check-in theme shows a blank screen and requires a browser cache reset. Fixes: #5196
    • Fixed issue with 12th grade not setting on Family Pre-Registration form. Fixes: #5126
    • Fixed an issue in the FilterLocationsByLocationSelectionStrategy check-in filter where a user was allowed to pick a location if one location was not available for all selected schedules. Fixes: #5067

    Communication v14.1

    • Updated the Communication List Subscription block to allow filtering by a Campus Context.
    • Improved the ability to configure custom secured communication lists by applying security to the category. Fixes: #5109
    • Fixed an issue in Communication List block filter to allow blank Recipient Counts. Fixes: #5190
    • Fixed issue in Communication Entry and Communication Entry Wizard where an SMS Phone Number that a person wasn't authorized to view could be selected. Fixes: #4978

    Connection v14.1

    • Fixed Connection Board Opportunity Dropdown to respect the security. Fixes: #5274
    • Fixed Connection Campaign Configuration block to allow the Opt Out Group to be blank in cases where an Opt Out Group had previously been selected and saved. Fixes: #5239
    • Fixed issue with ConnectionRequestDetail not showing future follow-up date. Fixes: #5095
    • Updated ConnectionWorkflow to allow filtering which manual workflows are displayed based on the current status of the connection request.
    • Updated Connection Request Detail to enable the activity add and delete when user clicks Cancel after editing the request. Prior to this fix, the buttons to add and delete activities would disappear after clicking Cancel when editing the request. Fixes: #5130
    • Fixed issue with Connection Opportunity List reordering not working in some scenarios. Fixes: #5129

    Core v14.1

    • Fixed issue with selected individuals in Tags not showing as communication recipients. Fixes: #5105
    • Fixed issue preventing persisted entity ID attribute values from being referenced correctly.
    • Fixed issue preventing persisted attribute values from being saved to the database.
    • Fixed an issue with Safari browser back navigation sometimes incorrectly showing loading animation on a revisited page. Fixes: #5148
    • Fixed issue where the API power tool page could consume a large amount of memory. Fixes: #5210
    • Fixed issue in the NoteEditor where the security button appeared for a new note and would get an error if it was clicked. Fixes: #5226
    • Fixed issue with TagReport block not allowing sorting by TaggedDate. Fixes: #5247
    • Fixed an issue where an error would occur when adding Content Channel Items that have an attribute of type Defined Value, in cases where the attribute is configured a certain way. Fixes: #5191
    • Updated spAnalytics ETL Family Stored Procedure to update AnalyticsSourceFamilyHistorical if a family CampusId changes from NULL to non-NULL. Fixes: #5214
    • Added new security verbs to the profile blocks to allow who should see the account protection profiles. Also, added warnings to the "Edit Person" block to display account protection profile information to editors.
    • Added a new IsPublic property to named schedules to allow for showing and hiding schedules when shown to individuals external to the organization. All current named schedules have been marked to be shown publicly to ensure this is not a breaking change.
    • Added a campus label to the Smart Search when searching for a person, group, financial account or business. Also, added a campus column to their search results grids.
    • Updated Rock's Lava syntax highlighting to support the latest filters.
    • Updated Service Job to mark the non-database properties "CronDescription" and "LastStatusMessageAsHtml" with the NotMapped attribute. Fixes: #5111
    • Updated Rock.CheckIn.KioskDevice to be Lava parsable. Fixes: #5093
    • Updated DefinedValue attribute field type to not include Inactive values if "Include Inactive" is not checked. Fixes: #5116
    • Adjusted schedules to clear any EffectiveStartDate or EffectiveEndDate when they are changed from "Custom" recurring to "Weekly" schedules.
    • Updated the Lava webhook handler to Trim the returned content to remove additional whitespace.
    • Updated SystemInfo block to show database CompatibilityVersion.

    CRM v14.1

    • Fixed issue in the FamilyPreRegistration block where the Adult names were not displayed when the adult was logged in and Allow Updates was set. Fixes: #5231
    • Moved the "Electronic Signature Documents" to be under the "Documents" tab of the Person Profile.
    • Updated PersonMerge to show alert for conflicting GroupMemberAttributes during merge. Fixes: #5171
    • Updated Documents block to always show 'Select DocumentType' notification if no DocumentType is selected. Fixes: #5177
    • Fixed the Person Profile Tag List incorrectly reformatting the Person Profile. Fixes: #5238
    • Fixed the logic of the automatic age classification to not mark the person as child if the age is not known and the person is not in a family type group.
    • Fixed notes with Entity Attributes from displaying incorrectly inside the new Profile page. Fixes: #5208
    • Fixed issue of deceased person's married years aging. Fixes: #5204
    • Updated Bulk Update block to make Single-Select Radio Buttons work when checked. Fixes: #3837

    Engagement v14.1

    • Updated BulkUpdateRequests to display success message when Connection Requests are updated successfully. Fixes: #5139
    • Fixed Step Type Detail to maintain order on save. Fixes: #5152

    Event v14.1

    • Fixed Obsidian Registration Entry block not honoring conditional fields with specific configurations. Fixes: #5146
    • Updated the Group Placement feature to allow for additional filtering and showing more details during placement.
    • Updated FieldVisibilityWrapper to rely on GetAttributeCache instead of GetFormField which returns the wrong Attribute. This corrected an error with event registration forms. Fixes: #5181
    • Updated Registration Entry Obsidian block to ignore the validation check for closed event in case of existing registration. This resolves an issue where a payment could not be made for an existing registration after the registration end date had passed. Fixes: #5212
    • Fixed an issue in Registration Entry where an exception would be returned instead of a Credit Card message if invalid Credit Card info was entered on the summary page. Fixes: #4990
    • Updated Attendance Occurrence to mark the non-database property "AttendanceRate" with the NotMapped attribute. Fixes: #5098
    • Fixed an issue with Obsidian Event Registration block not showing CC validation errors correctly.
    • Fixed issue with Obsidian Event Registration not allowing Payment on free event with optional fees.
    • Fixed issue of Registration Entry Obsidian block pre validating forms. Fixes: #5178
    • Non-existent email addresses now default to an empty string in the Registration Entry block. Prior to this fix they were NULL, which caused errors during event registration. Fixes: #5174
    • Fixed Launch Workflow functionality from Registration Registrant List. Fixes: #5031
    • Fixed issue with attributes created for a specific event showing for all events. Fixes: #5089
    • Fixed issue in Obsidian RegistrationEntry block where AutoApply discounts were not applied automatically. Fixes: #5222
    • Fixed the Calendar Feed to prevent offset event times in DST timezones. Fixes: #5229
    • Fixed Obsidian RegistrationEntry issue where form data would be cleared when navigating back to the registrant from registration summary. Fixes: #5157
    • Fixed issue in the Obsidian RegistrationEntry block where the payment field still appeared if the discounted cost was $0. Fixes: #5221
    • Fixed the Calendar Export to allow importing multiple specific dates to the Microsoft Outlook mail client. Fixes: #5150
    • Fixed issue in the EventItemOccurrenceList block where the "Next Start Date" showed "N/A" if the date range filter was not being used. Fixes: #5287
    • Added a button to make a 'copy' of a registration instance.
    • Added audit history notes when moving an event registration from one registration instance to another. This change also allows you to provide a message as to why you made the move.

    Finance v14.1

    • Fixed the issue of non Tax deductible and Inactive transactions not filtering out in Giving Analytics. Fixes: #5189
    • Fixed issue where Check Scanner could confuse the check number as part of Account Number. If experiencing this issue, please download the updated Check Scanner app found under Power Tools > External Applications. Fixes: #4725
    • Updated Transaction Detail to allow transactions with $0. Fixes: #5205
    • Updated the Transaction Matching block to not apply a campus filter on accounts if no Campus is found for the batch. Fixes: #5094
    • Added new Text-to-Give SMS Pipeline action to enable giving via text message.
    • Fixed issue where editing a scheduled transaction did not update the expiration date on the card. Fixes: #5106
    • Improved spacing on Giving Overview block for Firefox. Fixes: #5240
    • Updated Giving Automation, Giving Overview and Alerts to exclude Giver Anonymous.
    • Modified the Benevolence Request campus badge to show the campus of the request rather than the requester. Fixes: #5180
    • Updated Benevolence Request Detail block to respect attribute security on both view and edit. Fixes: #5161

    Group v14.1

    • Added the ability to edit assignment preferences on the Group Member Detail block.
    • Added the ability to auto-accept group schedule requests.
    • Updated preference labels on the group scheduler block to be more clear.
    • Updated the location information shown on the Group Schedule Toolbox V2 block to always show the location name. Will only show the address if there is no name.
    • Fixed the Attendance History block to hide attendance for Groups where user does not have Group View permission. Fixes: #5155
    • Updated Group Registration to display an error message when the group's requirements are not met. Fixes: #5113
    • Improved the capabilities of the Fundraising Opportunity feature and made some enhancements to the Group Requirements.
    • Updated Group Member to skip the group requirement check on unarchive of inactive group. Prior to this fix, some groups could not be restored from the archive due to members not currently meeting the group's requirements. Fixes: #5112 #4603
    • Updated the Group Schedule Roster block to allow for changing the occurrence date in the configuration settings.
    • Updated the "Scheduling Confirmation Email" system communication template to include new capability for the Accept All feature.
    • Fixed issue of Launch workflow security setting security on Communicate button on the Group Member List block. Fixes: #5207
    • Fixed age computation for deceased infants. Fixes: #5194
    • Fixed Group Types not showing up on the Archived Groups page. Fixes: #5195
    • Fixed Group Scheduler to not throw any null exception error when occurrence does not have a future occurrence date. Fixes: #5241
    • Fixed issue in the SendGroupAttendanceDigest job where inactive groups could appear on the email. Fixes: #5272

    Lava v14.1

    • Added a new filter "IsInDataView" that returns a flag indicating if the input entity exists in a specified Data View.
    • Added a new Lava filter "AddSegment" to allow a person to be temporarily added to a personalization segment.
    • Added a new Lava filter "AsDateTimeUtc" to convert an input date/time to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
    • Fixed a threading issue when rendering multiple templates with the DotLiquid engine. Fixes: #5173
    • Updated the entity command to be more forgiving of incorrect Lava. When using the 'id' parameter it will ensure that the value is an integer before sending it to the database. Fixes: #5230
    • Fixed the Achievement Attempt List block to correctly show custom columns. Fixes: #5218
    • Fixed the Search command to remove error messages from the debug output. Fixes: #4518
    • Fixed the Calendar Item Occurrence List block to filter the EventItem occurrences collection according to the block settings. Fixes: #5219
    • Fixed an issue in the Group Registration block where new Group Members were not correctly added to the Lava context. Fixes: #5224
    • Fixed the Personalize block to correctly resolve embedded Lava.

    Mobile v14.1

    • Fixed PhoneNumberIdentification block to paste in verification code correctly for mobile devices. Fixes: #5176
    • Updated the Communication List Subscription block to allow filtering by a Campus Context.

    Reporting v14.1

    • Adjusted the views created by the Metric Detail (when Enable Analytics is enabled) so that they now include a column called IsGoal if the value represents a "Goal" metric-value-type. Fixes: #5228
    • Fixed Report to show deceased people from data views that are marked to include deceased. Fixes: #5271
    • Fixed issue of View not being created for metrics with more than one define type partition. Fixes: #5117
    • Added new "Giving Alerts" Data View filter to allow for filtering people based on giving alerts.
    • Added new "Personal Devices" Data View filter to allow for filtering people based on personal device data.

    Workflow v14.1

    • Updated Transfer Connection Request Action to handle status update when the opportunity belongs to a different connection type. Fixes: #5162
    • Updated the Send Email (System Email) workflow action to allow processing Lava in the From Name and Email Address fields of the System Communication.
    • Updated the Send Email action to be able to provide a From Name on the email.
    • Fixed the Workflow cancel button. Restored the functionality that allows it to function as a "Save Form" button. Fixes: #5248
    • Fixed issue with FormSubmissionList Block not showing the Person in the submissions grid. Fixes: #5209
    • Fixed issue with the RockCleanup job sometimes not marking Workflows past the Maximum workflow age as completed. Fixes: #5167

    Other v14.1

    • Fix misspelled word "choose" in CSV Import Tool. Fixes: #5170

    Rock v14.0 Released October 12, 2022

    Rock McKinley 14.0 fixes issues that were reported during the previous release(s) and introduces a variety of new features including content "personalization", drag and drop form building, improved person profile pages, step flow charting (for Steps), native electronic signature support for event registration and workflows, and much more.

    CMS v14.0

    • Updated the Content Channel View block to utilize the new personalization features which can allow content channel items to be filtered or prioritized (shown before the non-matching items) based on the content items and the individual's matching segments and/or request filters.
    • Updated Content Channel Item Detail block with Personalization Profile.
    • Fixed an issue when searching content collections on an attribute with whitespace.
    • Updated Site's Google Analytics Code to support newer "G-" code prefix and support having multiple analytic codes.
    • Added new Content Library feature. See documentation for details.
    • Added new Data View Filters for finding people based on website session interaction and website page view data.
    • Added support for tracking session information in media watch interactions.
    • Added watch counts to media grids.

    Check-in v14.0

    • Improved the check-in system's behavior by allowing the Manager Override feature to override automatic location load balancing.
    • Added two new check-in type attributes to distinguish between allowing "check-out" on a kiosk versus the Check-in Manager app.
    • Added the ability to optionally enter birth dates to adults during the check-in registration on the kiosk. This is defaulted to not show.
    • Added a Delete Attendance security setting on the Check-In Roster.
    • Fixed CheckinTypeDetail block to show only active schedules under "Scheduled Times". Fixes: #4906
    • Fixed issue in the MultiPersonSelect box where preselected persons would become unchecked if the change button was clicked.

    Communication v14.0

    • Fixed an issue with Communication Wizard where merge fields were not visible in previews. Fixes: #4861

    Connection v14.0

    • Fixed Connection Opportunity Signup block to format correctly when home phone is removed. Fixes: #4597
    • Fixed missing Merge records and Communicate icons from connection request board. Fixes: #5140
    • Updated Connection Request Detail and Connection Request Board block to hide the 'Connected' state from the option list when the request is not connected. Fixes: #3690
    • Updated Connection Request Grid to include "Show In Grid" Attributes. Fixes: #4594
    • Added a new Order property to Connection Status Automations. The automations will be processed in the provided order. Once an automation criterion is matched no further automations will be processed. This eliminates the possibility of circular logic within a single run.
    • Added a new feature to the Connection Request Board's 'List' mode to be able to perform a 'bulk update' on many requests of the same opportunity.

    Core v14.0

    • Fixed issue in Grid where the provided "Communication Recipients Field" of the Dynamic Data block was not used as the Id field. Fixes: #3668
    • Fixed RockCodeEditor to not overwrite email text component content when switching focus in Code Editor mode. Fixes: #3648
    • Fixed issue in Attribute Matrix where HTML fields were not formatted correctly. Fixes: #4326
    • Fixed a timeout issue that would occur under certain situations involving saving the InteractionComponent entity. Fixes: #3464
    • Fixed Grade Picker to only show active grades. Fixes: #5069
    • Fixed an issue preventing horizontal scrolling on Rock tree views. Fixes: #4870
    • Fixed the Attribute Editor control not validating some fields correctly. Fixes: #4757
    • Updated web.config with relaxedUrlToFileSystemMapping = false for improved security and fixes the Server.MapPath from returning NOT_A_VALID_FILESYSTEM_PATH. Fixes: #4436
    • Updated Entity Framework to v6.4.4.
    • Updated Web.config with binding policy and assembly location for Microsoft.SqlServer.Types. Fixes: #4495
    • Updated Rock Image Link to correctly callback when adding any link to image. Fixes: #4851
    • Updated instances of Login to use the Log In verb form. Fixes: #4400
    • Updated ElasticSearch to 8.1.2. See documentation for details on what you need to do to update.
    • Added option to System Configuration so that Rock's "Keep Alive" process only runs if enabled. It is now disabled by default. Enable this setting to have Rock poll itself to keep it alive during times of inactivity. This setting is not needed if your AppPool's Idle Time-out is set to 0 (Highly Recommended). See the Rock Solid Internal Hosting guide for recommended AppPool settings.
    • Added the RockGuid attribute to allow defined APIs to maintain their security settings even after method signature changes.
    • Added new type of text box control for handling specialized 'first name' input validation.
    • Added a maximum file size setting to File Types to allow prevention of uploading files greater than that size.
    • Added new Categorized Defined Value field type for allowing Defined Values to be selected based on a category selection.
    • Added a new service capability to allow performing region/geocoding lookups for new IP addresses in the Interaction Session tables.

    CRM v14.0

    • Fixed Documents block where security on document throws an error.
    • Fixed issue with Person Profile photo cropping. Fixes: #4409
    • Update Logic for DaysUntilBirthday Computed Column to handle February 29th birth dates. Fixes: #4105
    • Updated "location services" to remove MelissaData and ServiceObjects.
    • Updated Rock Badge markup to simplify and standardize implementation.
    • Updated the person profile pages with new look and feel.
    • Updated Bulk Update block to successfully launch workflow when none of the other options are selected. Fixes: #4337
    • Fixed issue in the new person pages where security settings on blocks were not copied from the legacy person page blocks. Fixes: #5192
    • Modified the Group Member Detail block to allow Group Administrators to edit Member Attribute values. Fixes: #4799

    Event v14.0

    • Fixed issue with Obsidian Registration Entry block not always saving registrant attribute values.
    • The RegistrationEntry block will now update the Campus of the Family Group to the selected campus if it is being used in the registration form and has a value. Fixes: #4587
    • Updated RegistrationListLava to not display registrations without StartDate when date filter is set. Fixes: #3698
    • Added new Rock based Electronic Signatures in the new obsidian event registration block.
    • Fixed the Export Calendar Feed to allow events with a specific dates pattern to be correctly imported to Microsoft Outlook. Fixes: #4112
    • Fixed EventRegistration to honor Maximum Available 'fee' if set. Fixes: #4781
    • Fixed the Event Calendar Feed export to use the configured Rock Time zone rather than the local system time. Fixes: #5029
    • Fix Registration bugs: GenderDropdown default to "0" (#5132) and not being able to submit 0 as payment amount (#5237). Fixes: #5132
    • Fixed issue with validation being too loose on "Amount to pay now". Prior to this fix, if the Minimum Due Today option was set to $0.00, you were unable to proceed without paying at least $0.01. Fixes: #5137
    • Fixed photos not saving to events when using EventRegistrationWizard. Fixes: #4863

    Finance v14.0

    • Added PersonId to the Excel export of the Pledge Analytics block.
    • Update benevolence requests to allow configuring the maximum number of documents you can attach to a single request.

    Group v14.0

    • Added support for requiring the capacity be set on groups of the configured group type.
    • Added to Group Member List block the ability to include inactive group members in communications. Fixes: #4710
    • Resolved Group Requirement warning not being cleared when changing a Group Member to a different role within a group which does not have the requirement. Fixes: #4800

    Lava v14.0

    • Fixed render errors in included templates with Output Cache enabled. Fixes: #4564
    • Fixed issue where .ics files were downloaded as .txt files on Safari Mobile. Fixes: #4776
    • Fixed an issue with the HumanizeTimeSpan Lava filter which would report "no time" when the difference between two date/times was essentially zero. Fixes: #5054
    • Fixed the InteractionWrite block to target the correct channel and component when specified by name. Fixes: #4602
    • Added the ability to group Lava shortcodes into categories.
    • Add a new Lava filter to determine if a date falls within a range.
    • Added a new "IsInSecurityRole" Lava filter for quickly checking if a person is a member of a security role.
    • Added new SetUrlParameter Lava filter for modifying URLs.
    • Fixed issue in the Lava "Where" filter that caused it to fail if the options were separated by just commas instead of a comma and a space. Fixes: #4253

    Mobile v14.0

    • Added Deep Linking, a way to externally link directly into your mobile application.

    Prayer v14.0

    • Updated the Prayer Request Entry block to only display attributes marked as Public on external site. Fixes: #4928
    • Updated prayer request entry and session to allow for filtering by group.

    Reporting v14.0

    • Updated ReportingHelper to show time component of DateTime fields in reports. Fixes: #4230
    • Added parent NickName to "Parents' Phone Numbers" field type.
    • Added PersistedDataViewList block to display a list of Data Views that have persistence enabled.
    • Added a new data view filter to allow matching people who have a document of a particular type.
    • Added a Run Now button on the Metric Detail block to allow for running a metric manually.

    Workflow v14.0

    • Added semantic CSS classes to the person fields on Workflow Entry block to allow for styling by web developers.
    • Added a new 'Electronic Signature' Workflow Action.
    • Fixed workflow action issue where Encrypted Text and SSN field types were not being saved correctly. Fixes: #3159

    Rock v13.7 Released October 11, 2022

    CMS v13.7

    • Added Visitor Tracking and Personalization features.
    • Updated ContentChannelItemDetail block to not use block-level permissions to edit item content.
    • Fixed issue where a Lava template could sometimes generate incorrect results under heavy load when Lava short codes are used.

    Check-in v13.7

    • Added a Campus selector to the Rapid Attendance Entry block.
    • Fixed issue where the Enforce Strict Location Threshold option would fail to enforce the threshold if more than 1 person in a family was checked in at the same time.
    • Fixed check-in to always disable autocomplete. Fixes: #5021
    • Updated the Rock Windows Check-in Client application to allow it to put focus on the first page even when the configuration screen is skipped due to passing configuration parameter values into the URL.

    Communication v13.7

    • Added functionality to track spam reports for Mailgun and Sendgrid email transports.
    • Added Prayer Request Comment Digest Notification to SystemCommunications.
    • Fixed an issue with the email field validation in the Communication Wizard if both Lava and multiple addresses are enabled on the control. With this change, Lava can now be used in the Reply To, CC and BCC fields. Fixes: #4049
    • Fixed the Html Editor component to correctly update when an existing image is replaced. Fixes: #4292

    Connection v13.7

    • Fixed the Connection Requests block to correctly show status icons in the list of requests when using the Fluid Lava engine. Fixes: #5048
    • Fixed ability to edit/view security on Connection Request, under Entity Administration. Fixes: #5100
    • Fixed an issue where non-admin Persons with correctly assigned roles could not delete requests from the connection request board. Fixes: #5009
    • Fixed Connection Opportunity Signup block to handle current person if no email address is found. Fixes: #4993

    Core v13.7

    • Fixed View State Error in the old Connections page. Fixes: #3867
    • Fixed the issue of multiple deletes occurring when a single group is deleted when there are multiple Group List Blocks on a page. Fixes: #3404
    • Fixed HTML Editor image link not retaining value on first edit. Fixes: #3738
    • Fixed styling of action buttons to wrap onto new lines. Fixes: #5007
    • Fixed Content Channel Item field so its Field Attribute does not require a configuration value to edit. Fixes: #5083
    • Fixed issue where XSS protections caused redirect_uri to not be correct. Fixes: #5081
    • Added Analytics Source Date to the model map utilizing a new IncludeForModelMapAttribute that's decorated on the model class. Fixes: #4826
    • Fixed Excel data exported from grids to show correct value for dates without year value. Fixes: #4969
    • Fixed issue where account protection profile settings would not get cached if the security settings were the default. This was causing several unneeded database calls per page when running in Impersonation mode. This fixes an issue where Checkin could have high-cpu usage.
    • Fixed matrix attributes with pickers to display correctly in bulk updates. Fixes: #5023
    • Fixed group pickers to show "Select Children" when hovered. Fixes: #4998
    • Updated Liquid to Lava in the Liquid Dashboard Widget. Fixes: #4999
    • Updated ufnCrm_GetAddress to return the correct Address. Fixes: #4994
    • Updated the ImageEditor to allow cropping of an existing image. Fixes: #5074
    • Fixed Schedule Type Dropdown not loading values on Campus Detail Block. Fixes: #5127
    • Updated Summary in history to generate strings that are not confusing when old and new values are not provided. Prior to this fix, audit logs would say "Modified xxx value from to" where it appears the value changed from blank to blank. Fixes: #5039
    • Fixed styling issue with checkbox and radio controls displaying incorrectly when in a single column. Fixes: #5034

    CRM v13.7

    • Improved the Update Family Status of the Data Automation system with the ability to specify how many times a person should attend a campus before having their family campus updated.
    • Updated FamilyPreRegistration block to clear the form and remove children when the clear button is clicked. Fixes: #3909
    • Updated Location Services to mark Melissa Data and Service Objects as obsolete.
    • Fixed bulk update incorrectly disabling inactive reason and inactive reason note. Fixes: #5027
    • Fixed an issue with Social Media fields not correctly resolving some URL inputs. Fixes: #3896
    • Fixed issue with GroupScheduler that caused an exception when location was set to No Location Preference. Fixes: #5008
    • Added new block settings to the PublicProfileEdit block to allow for showing/hiding address, gender, or email preference.

    Engagement v13.7

    • Added the ability to filter steps by campus on the step program and step type pages.

    Event v13.7

    • Fixed issue where the Send Following Event Notification Job execution would cause an error when the Person First Attended Group Type - Event Type was used. Fixes: #4943
    • Fixed issue where Registrant attribute types sometimes don't display on the grid until after you save the template. Fixes: #5065
    • Updated Registration Entry to pass the Registration Registrant as the entity to the Workflow of type Registrant. Fixes: #5042
    • Updated Registration Template Detail to sort group type picker alphabetically. Fixes: #5151
    • Updated the RegistrationEntry block to check if the Registration is still active or has not expired before saving. Fixes: #5078

    Finance v13.7

    • Fix issue in Statement Generator where the selected individual isn't highlighted. Fixes: #5172
    • Fixed an issue with using sub-accounts in the giving automation configuration settings. Fixes: #5004
    • Fixed an issue with adding a new family without an address during transaction matching. Fixes: #5010
    • Fixed issue in Transaction Entry V2 where making payment using an NMI Saved Payment account without a GatewayPersonIdentitier will fail. Fixes: #5052
    • Fixed issue where scheduled transactions default to "Contribution" instead of the transaction type determined by Transaction Entry block settings.
    • Fixed issue where transaction details were not displayed when the save button was clicked. Fixes: #5032
    • Fixed an issue where a Late Alert would not send alert notifications. Fixes: #5033
    • Added PersonId to the Excel export of the Pledge Analytics block.

    Group v13.7

    • Fixed Group Attendance Detail block to prevent the subscribing confirmation event from happening multiple times. This resolves an issue where multiple modals would appear when adding pending members to a group via the group leader toolbox. Fixes: #5024
    • Fixed Meeting Detail section from disappearing in group detail block. Fixes: #5061
    • Fixed issue that caused Group counts to not show in GroupTreeView when display counts option is selected. Fixes: #5077
    • Fixed issue where an updated or deleted GroupScheduling Location did not reset GroupMember's scheduling preferences. Fixes: #5060
    • Fixed issue with GroupDetail block that allowed Group Requirements to be added to the group when the Group Type had "Enable Specific Group Requirements" disabled. Fixes: #4986
    • Fixed the Group Detail Lava block to respect Attribute security settings in edit mode. Fixes: #3569 #4079 #5028
    • Fixed issue where a Group Type with "Scheduling Enabled" did not indicate "Group Schedule Options" was required. Fixes: #5012
    • Updated Group Member Historical data to check authorization for view. Prior to this update, people could view groups for which they didn't have security when viewing group history from the Person Profile page. Fixes: #5043
    • Updated the Send Attendance Reminders Job to be able to limit processing to groups belonging to a specific campus or under a parent group. These settings are optional and the job will operate as normal without changes.
    • Updated the Group Detail block to prioritize security on the Group over the GroupType when showing GroupSync. Fixes: #5041
    • Added support for requiring the capacity be set on groups of the configured group type.
    • Added to GroupScheduleToolboxV2 block the ability to customize the text of the action buttons.
    • Added the ability to require a location in the Group Schedule Toolbox (v2) when an individual signs up to work extra times.
    • Added the ability to customize the message shown when an individual declines a group scheduling assignment on the Group Schedule Confirmation block.
    • Added block setting Override Hide from Toolbox that will show all schedule enabled groups when enabled. Fixes: #5020

    Lava v13.7

    • Fixed an issue with the Scripturize shortcode sometimes producing incorrect references for John's gospel. Fixes: #5053
    • Fixed the DateDiff filter returning incorrect results for daylight saving dates when processing some input formats. Fixes: #5070
    • Fixed an issue with the Campus filter failing if the input object is empty. Fixes: #4988

    Mobile v13.7

    • Fixed an issue that would cause the Onboarding block to erase the push token if Show Notification Request was false.

    Reporting v13.7

    • Added new data view post-filter transformation to return the Giving Leader for the individual.
    • Added the ability to enable sticky headers to grids produced by the Dynamic Data block.

    Workflow v13.7

    • Updated CleanUpWorkflows method inside RockCleanup job to look for value in CompletedDateTime instead of Completed status for completed workflows. Fixes: #5015
    • Fixed an issue with "Step Completed" workflow sometimes failing to trigger and reporting an exception when a Step is completed. Fixes: #4995
    • Fixed an issue where inactive defined values would be displayed to users selecting a value from a defined type for a Key Value List. Fixes: #5019
    • Fixed "Benevolence Request Add" action to prompt for Benevolence Type. (#5049) Fixes: #5046
    • Fixed issue in the PMM & Checkr workflows where the invalid or missing email address error always occurs. Fixes: #4932
    • Added new Business From Attributes action under the Finance category to search and add businesses.
    • Added Campus option in Group Member Attendance Add action.
    • Added workflow action "Create Contribution Statement" to create a financial contribution statement as a PDF.

    Other v13.7

    • Updated the workflow entry form to handle the "is required" error message in cases where the label for the required field is hidden. Fixes: #2080

    Rock v13.6 Released July 18, 2022

    Connection v13.6

    • Fixed a bug that prevented a second workflow from being added to a connection type. Fixes: #5059

    CRM v13.6

    • Fixed an issue where the Family Analytics job was updating the eRA Start Date to the current date. Fixes: #5072

    Rock v13.5 Released July 5, 2022

    Rock McKinley 13.5 includes a fix for an issue with Checkr background check completions not being reported back to Rock and payment gateways not showing up in the Registration Template.

    Core v13.5

    • Fixed an issue with Checkr background check completions not being reported back to Rock.

    Event v13.5

    • Fixed a bug in the Registration Template detail block that was attempting to hide inactive gateways but ended up hiding other gateways as well.

    Rock v13.4 Released June 13, 2022

    Rock McKinley 13.4 fixes issues that were reported during the previous release(s)

    CMS v13.4

    • Fixed hidden "insert link" button on HTML Editor. Fixes: #4935
    • Added a block setting to the HTML block that will disable the check for valid markup. Sometimes your markup has a valid reason why it's invalid and this allows you a way to disable the check and warning on every save.
    • Fixed issue where RestController records could be deleted on a multi-server environment.
    • Added a block setting to hide gender on Account Entry block.
    • Updated BinaryFile image resizing to occur when either the file type's MaxHeight or MaxWidth is set. Previously it would perform the resize only if both were set.
    • Migrated all existing Content Channel View Detail blocks to Content Channel Item View blocks (they were basically identical). Fixes: #4223
    • Updated the Content Channel Navigation block.

    Check-in v13.4

    • Updated the registration settings to allow birth date and/or grade to be hidden, optional, or required when registering child family members during check-in.
    • Updated family check-in auto selection to sort the GroupTypes, Groups, Locations, and Schedules by the Order property before auto selecting a value. This ensures that the auto selection of these follows the ordered preference.

    Communication v13.4

    • Fixed and issue with using person alias properties in the email communication service. Fixes: #5013
    • Added a new block setting (Save Communication History) in the AccountEntry and ForgotUserName blocks to control whether or not a communication history entry should be written to the individual's profile. Fixes: #4953
    • Fixed issue where SMS Conversation block sometimes fails to load conversations due to a database timeout. Fixes: #4919
    • Fixed the HtmlEditor of the Email control to add the correct mergeFields when add mergeField is selected. Fixes: #4387
    • Fixed Simple Editor to display correct sender on edit. Prior to this fix the sender would be changed to the current person in some scenarios. Fixes: #4677
    • Added a new Preview button on the System Communications List in order to view the template using the new System Communication Preview block.

    Connection v13.4

    • Fixed issue where some Bus messages were attempting to query data that hadn't been committed to the database yet. This fixes an issue where an exception could occur when using Connection Request Workflow Triggers . Fixes: #4920
    • Fixed issue where the Connection Status Automation Feature could have performance issues if there were a large number of statuses and automations.
    • Added block setting to the connection opportunity sign-up block to allow for changing the label text on the Comments field.
    • Added Campus Filter to Connection Opportunity Select block. Fixes: #4669
    • Updated Connection Activity Type name to "Follow-up Date Reached". Fixes: #4699
    • Updated Connection Request block to handle authorization for edit when only single campus is added. Fixes: #4470
    • Updated Connection Opportunity Search block to update results when campus context changes. Fixes: #4985

    Core v13.4

    • Fixed an issue where Attribute values may be shown from unrelated entities of different types for inherited Attributes. Fixes: #4931
    • Fixed typo in Universal Search Control Panel. Fixes: #4609
    • Fixed Login to restrict user returning to reset password page after the password change. Fixes: #4948
    • Fixed enter key clearing search results from any Person Picker. Fixes: #4915
    • Fixed typo in the EmailLogo attribute description. Fixes: #4344
    • Fixed the spelling of 'whose' on the Members and Attendees Data View. Fixes: #4965
    • Fixed overlapping blocks when using the 'wizard' style. Fixes: #4949
    • Fixed issue where exception emails were being sent if enabled when a SignalR\web-socket client was disconnected through a tab or browser closure during a response write and caused a false positive exception. Fixes: #4652
    • Fixed Age Calculation to also consider Deceased Date. Fixes: #4852
    • Removed Background Check Result Duplicate Auth. Prior to this fix, the same role would be listed multiple times in the permissions for the Background Check Result attribute. Fixes: #1914
    • Fixed Grid to export to Excel without causing an exception in cases where there are duplicate header names. Fixes: #3862
    • Fixed Tree Viewers breaking when PIN authentication is disabled. Fixes: #4977
    • Fixed issue in Page Parameter Filter block where field types with cascading dropdown lists would not allow selection. Fixes: #4451
    • Fixed rockTree so that inactive items have the same behavior as 13.3. This fixes an issue where disabled items in rockTree type of control could not be selected or edited. Fixes: #5017
    • Fixed issue where saving indexed Entities will get (and log) an exception and prevent other actions from occurring related to that Entity, such as triggered workflows. Fixes: #4920 #5005
    • Added CampusTopic model.
    • Updated CalculateFamilyAnalytics procedure to update eRA for new family members. Fixes: #4941
    • Updated file upload to alert user if StorageProvider is inactive. Fixes: #4377 #4959
    • Updated the attribute editor to allow existing workflow attributes with the key of 'Campus' to be edited.
    • Updated KeyValueList Field Type to correctly display the custom values. Fixes: #4708

    CRM v13.4

    • You must have 'administrate' permission on the note type to be able to edit someone else's note. (NO CHANGE)
    • Updated Bulk Update block to support Attribute Matrix Attribute. Fixes: #4419
    • Updated Edit Person with Block Setting to mark Year on Birth Date as required if day or month is selected.
    • Fixed an issue with the Grade validation message missing the control label. Fixes: #4960
    • Fixed the Public Profile Lava template to correctly display Marital Status and Phone Number. Fixes: #4930
    • Fixed issue on the FamilyPreRegistration block where the PlannedDate picker was always optional. Fixes: #5022

    Engagement v13.4

    • Fixed Step Program Detail Chart enabled Day and Hour as Date Range Unit. Fixes: #4936
    • Added new properties (Highlight Color and Alternate Image) to the Achievement Type for custom use.

    Event v13.4

    • Updated the RegistrationEntry block to automatically select the current user as the first registrant in the family options radio-button list and in the family members drop-down list if there is a logged in person. This will match the rest of the form being pre-populated with the current user info. Fixes: #4942
    • Updated the Registration Entry block to show user-friendly messages when event has not yet started or has ended. Fixes: #4111
    • Updated the URL Slug validation message to indicate that lowercase is required. Fixes: #4940
    • Updated Registrant List communication button to include all rows when none are selected. Fixes: #4933
    • Fixed issue in the EventItemDetail block where unqualified Attributes for the Entity EventCalendarItem would cause an error if more than one calendar for the EventItem was selected. Fixes: #4878
    • Fixed issue in the RegistrationEntry block where invalid values for some field types (e.g. phone number) would let the user continue with the registration instead of showing an error. Fixes: #4638
    • Fixed issue in the RegistrationEntry block where an exception could occur when using a saved credit card for payment.

    Finance v13.4

    • Fixed Giving Analytics block to Export Selected Individual Rows. Fixes: #3880
    • Removed the Gateway Migration Utility block. Fixes: #4310
    • Fixed an issue with Scheduled Transactions not showing correctly on ScheduledTransactionView if the Page Parameter was an Id instead of a Guid. Fixes: #4984
    • Fixed issue with Benevolence Request List block where a person's requests were not included on their family's Person Profile pages. Fixes: #4992
    • Fixed an issue with Benevolence Request List block filters for last name or government ID. Fixes: #4974
    • Fixed issue where the Giving Configuration block wouldn't show saved accounts from merged persons. Fixes: #5014
    • Fixed a page parameter on the Pledge Detail to properly select the passed-in person as expected. Fixes: #4962
    • Fixed TransactionEntryV2 block to show calculated amount in Fee coverage message. Fixes: #4947
    • Fixed issue in Transaction Entry V2 where changing the selected campus didn't pick the associated campus account correctly when in single account mode. Fixes: #4882
    • Added a new Financial Account search component.

    Group v13.4

    • Improved the performance of the available placement groups in the connection request board.
    • Updated the GroupScheduleToolboxV2 to have options for signing up family members for their serving teams.
    • Fixed RSVP Response block to display decline options for RSVP. Fixes: #4937
    • Fixed bad Lava in default template when creating a new group type. Fixes: #5000
    • Fixed Group RSVP Detail page columns shrinking incorrectly. Fixes: #4876
    • Fixed an issue with the Group Scheduler block showing half the number of set weeks. Fixes: #4961
    • Fixed mobile group attendance entry when using named or custom schedules.
    • Updated Group Viewer to show a warning for duplicate people in a group with different roles and updated Group Scheduler cards to show the roles of the person scheduled. Fixes: #4981

    Lava v13.4

    • Fixed the Format filter to correctly handle a decimal format string. Fixes: #4958
    • Fixed Enum comparisons for Fluid to align with DotLiquid. Fixes: #4910
    • Fixed an issue with the Select filter not correctly returning fields from a SQL result set. Fixes: #4938
    • Fixed Structured Content attributes to render HTML when using the Attribute Lava filter. Fixes: #4997
    • Added new filter 'DateRangeFromSlidingFormat' that will parse the format of the Sliding Date Ranger control and provide a Start and End date from it.
    • Added support for following purpose keys to the AppendFollowing and IsFollowed Lava filters.

    Mobile v13.4

    • Added 'Optional', 'Required' and 'Hidden' options for gender in the profile details block.
    • Added Group Scheduling blocks to mobile.
    • Added Toast functionality, accessible through the ShowToast command.

    Reporting v13.4

    • Added attributes defined at the Connection Type to Dataview Filters and Report Fields for Dataviews and Reports that apply to Connection Requests. Fixes: #4739
    • Fixed Date Filter in Dynamic Data block to work with dates formatted as dd/mm/yyyy. This mainly impacts Rock instances outside the US. Fixes: #4410
    • Fixed issue in Dynamic Chart block where parameters from a route were not being passed to the SQL. Fixes: #4954
    • Fixed the PageParameterFilter block to respect the 'Show Reset Filters Button' setting. In doing this there was some refactoring of the block settings. The 'Hide Filter Actions' block setting was removed and replaced with 'Show Filter Button'. The previous settings were confusing and did not match Rock's typical logic pattern. This could mean that if one had the 'Hide Filter Actions' set to true that the filter buttons would now show. This would be a bit of an edge case (but possible), but in the effort to improve the logic of the settings the change was made. Also, fixed an issue where the filter settings default values were not being shown. Finally, adjusted the initial load logic to keep child blocks from loading twice on initial loads. Since these child blocks are often querying and loading a lot of data it's important that they are only loaded once.
    • Fixed the Group/Location DataSelect field to prevent an error when attempting to use it as a sort field. Fixes: #3941
    • Added Head of Household Post-Transformation Filter.

    Workflow v13.4

    • Updated Launch workflows method for entity set to set the Initiator Person Alias. Fixes: #4427
    • Updated the "Write to Interactions" workflow action to allow for setting the datetime of the interaction and for capturing the Id of the created Interaction record.
    • Fixed Push Notification Send action to allow mobile page URLs.
    • Additional fix for issue in Workflow Entry block where canceling a form creates a new Person record when Person Entry is enabled. Additional change was to also not save any other form values when Cancel is clicked. Fixes: #4983
    • Fixed "Person Note Add" workflow action to set NoteUrl when Note is created. Fixes: #4857
    • Fixed issue in Workflow Entry block where canceling a form creates a new Person record when Person Entry is enabled. Fixes: #4983
    • Fixed issue where a partially filled out Address would throw an exception instead of showing a friendly validation message. Fixes: #4945

    Rock v13.3 Released April 21, 2022

    Rock McKinley v13.3 patches an issue that can lead to benevolence requests not tied to an individual to be deleted. If you currently use benevolence requests we encourage you to install this release as soon as possible and consider saving your database backups to use to restore the records at a future date.

    Finance v13.3

    • Fixed an issue with the Rock Cleanup job deleting Benevolence Requests that were not associated with an existing Rock Person.

    Rock v13.2 Released March 15, 2022

    Rock McKinley 13.2 fixes issues that were reported during the previous release(s)

    API v13.2

    • Improved GetByPersonAliasId call to include phone numbers. Fixes: #4610

    CMS v13.2

    • Fixed issue with Universal Search query when using Smart Search block. Fixes: #4872
    • Fixed PageZoneBlocksEditor to properly dismiss edit block dialogs. Prior to this fix, editing the block settings of one block would cause another block's settings to also appear in certain scenarios. Fixes: #4777

    Communication v13.2

    • Fixed an issue where a file exception occurs in Communication Wizard. Fixes: #4929

    Connection v13.2

    • Fixed the Connection Opportunity List block to correctly display filter values for the current Connection Type. Fixes: #4782
    • Fixed issue in Connection Type to allow disabling "Future Follow Up" as a connection state. Prior to this fix, turning off "Enable Future Follow-up" on the Connection Type had no effect. Fixes: #4921
    • Fixed an issue with Connection Request workflow triggers failing.

    Core v13.2

    • Updated the Structured Content Editor Class References to fix a JavaScript error. Fixes: #4916
    • Fixed the RockBlock GetCacheItem method to prevent incorrect null values. Fixes: #4853

    CRM v13.2

    • Fixed the Person Merge to prevent an error when merging people with group scheduling preferences. Fixes: #4881

    Event v13.2

    • Fixed issue in Registration where automatically applied discounts from the Registration Template could override manual Registration discounts. Fixes: #4922
    • Fixed the Event Registration Template to correctly validate the Fee Name field length. Fixes: #4641
    • Added a 'Communicate to Registrars' button to the Registration Instance list of Registrants.

    Finance v13.2

    • Updated the TransactionEntryV2 block to be a bit more compatible to the v1 block.
    • Added ability to customize the 'Cover the Fees' message in Transaction Entry V2 and fixed issue where Transaction Source couldn't be configured.
    • Fixed PledgeEntry block to only show active giving frequencies. Fixes: #4904
    • Fixed issue where the Transaction Entry block does not maintain Fluid layout setting when certain input values are changed. Fixes: #4512
    • Fixed an issue in Statement Generator where transactions with partial refunds were not included on the statement.
    • Fixed issue where Giving Overview might show incorrect totals if any transactions had partial refunds. Also fixed issue where transactions with partial refunds might not be included in giving alerts.

    Group v13.2

    • Fixed Logout failure when editing the Group Details Lava block. Fixes: #4717
    • Added an additional way to filter list of group members during group scheduling.

    Lava v13.2

    • Fixed comments in include files being incorrectly rendered to output. Fixes: #4736
    • Fixed an issue with scoping of variables in Lava shortcodes. Fixes: #4923
    • Fixed Lava for Scheduling Confirmation Fixes: #4914
    • Fixed Lava Syntax for System Communications Fixes: #4911

    Mobile v13.2

    • Improved tracking of push notification enabled state.
    • Fixed push notifications to not send to inactive devices.
    • Added tracking for when a mobile application was last launched.

    Workflow v13.2

    • Added an optional "Reply To" field to the Email Send workflow action.

    Rock v13.1 Released February 22, 2022

    Rock McKinley 13.1 fixes issues that were reported during the previous release(s)

    API v13.1

    • Added new communication REST endpoint for recording communications that were sent by external systems (not originating from Rock).

    CMS v13.1

    • Fixed an issue with the Summernote toolbar buttons disappearing. Fixes: #4456

    Check-in v13.1

    • Fixed an issue that would cause check-in to fail on iOS versions older than 13.4. Fixes: #4918
    • Fixed an issue in Check-in Manager where the Room List would show the same count for the present and checked-out values. Fixes: #4925
    • Added 'Disable Location Services' block setting to the Mobile Check-in Launcher. If disabled, the mobile device’s location services will not be used and instead a list of active campuses will be shown.

    Communication v13.1

    • Updated the Simple Communication editor to filter out the new Email Wizard templates. Fixes: #4888
    • Updated the email address regular expression on the Person model to match the UI validation. Fixes: #4867
    • Fixed 'Paste From Word' function to no longer reverse text when bold is enabled. Fixes: #4751
    • Fixed an issue where a newly added text item could not be immediately deleted from the email template layout. Fixes: #4862

    Connection v13.1

    • Fixed an XSS injection issue on the Connection Opportunity Search.
    • Added new externally facing mobile friendly blocks for allowing non-staff to view connection requests under connection types and opportunities.
    • Fixed some Connection Request workflow triggers failing with an exception. Fixes: #4920

    Core v13.1

    • Fixed an issue with passing transparent color values to the Tag background color. Fixes: #4523
    • Fixed an error that would occur when downloading documents with special characters in the file name. Fixes: #4902
    • Fixed an issue in Workflow Forms where default values were not being assigned when visibility is controlled by a logic filter. Fixes: #4874
    • Fixed issue where invalid person tokens would cause an exception when legacy fallback was disabled. Fixes: #4912 #4913
    • Updated Rock Image Link to correctly callback when adding any link to image. Fixes: #4851
    • Updated Summernote to 0.8.20.
    • Switched the Connections Board, SMS Conversations, and Group Scheduler pages to the Full Worksurface layout.

    CRM v13.1

    • Added new "Exclude Schedules" option in the Update Family Campus section of the Data Automation Settings.
    • Fixed the Address Control showing an incorrect value in the State field. Fixes: #4883

    Event v13.1

    • Fixed an error that could occur when editing an existing linkage on an event occurrence. Fixes: #4907

    Finance v13.1

    • Updated the Statement Generator to include run duration information on the summary screen. The summary screen information will now be saved to a @Summary of Results.txt file in the report directory when complete. Added a new option to persist the Statement Generator settings globally in the database.
    • Fixed issue where editing a scheduled transaction on the recurrence date could lead to an orphaned transaction due to a gateway scheduleId mismatch (NMI). Fixes: #4526
    • Fixed issue where changing the account designation of a scheduled transaction could generate an error. Fixes: #4821
    • Updated the giving configuration to allow editing of inactive scheduled transactions. Improved the performance of toggling between Show Active and Show Inactive lists. Fixes: #4871

    Group v13.1

    • Added the Group Type parent authority authorization pre-check to Group Members. Prior to this fix, the GroupMember model did not respect GroupType security through Lava entity commands. Fixes: #4855

    Lava v13.1

    • Added new TimeOfDay Lava filter.
    • Fixed an issue with combined person data getting double encoded in the merge template process. Prior to the fix, when doing a mail merge and selecting Combine Family Members, '&' instead of '&' was appearing in the combined name. Fixes: #4884
    • Resolved JavaScript error caused by AddQuickReturn Lava Filter when the Personal Links block is not present. Fixes: #4877

    Workflow v13.1

    • Added a new CampusId property to Workflow and added a new workflow action, SetWorkflowCampus, to allow setting the workflow's Campus. NOTE: This will mean you will need to adjust any workflow types that have an attribute with a key of "Campus" when you edit that workflow type.

    Rock v13.0 Released January 31, 2022

    Rock McKinley 13.0 is a major release of Rock with over 60 additions and more than 100 improvements or fixes to issues that were reported during the previous release(s)

    API v13.0

    • Added ability for a Rock Mobile application to be authenticated for an API in addition to the logged in person.

    CMS v13.0

    • Added a new Media Account Component model for managing media stored in remote/external systems.
    • Added new mediaplayer Lava short code to simplify building video and audio players.
    • Added new field type to handle displaying a specific media element video and optionally requiring it be watched by the user.
    • Updated whitespace on _icons.less to address broken compile when updating Rock and FontAwesome Pro is installed. Fixes: #4869
    • Updated the account creation block and API to better deal with special characters in the user name.
    • Updated the GetFile.ashx handler to support HTTP byte ranges. This provides better compatibility for services like CDNs.
    • Updated the default styling of the Rock Google Maps theme.
    • Updated the Family Pre Registration block to allow for launching a workflow for each parent and a workflow for each child.
    • Fixed incorrect HTML markup on Opportunity Search Lava in core themes.
    • Fixed issue with Universal Search block where the search type was displayed twice.
    • Fixed an issue with the File Browser where an ampersand in the file name would get an "A potentially dangerous Request.Path" exception. Fixes: #4733
    • Fixed the Public Profile Edit block so that required adult phone types are not requirements for new child family members. Fixes: #4771

    Check-in v13.0

    • Updated Check-in Manager blocks with additional functionality such as sortable columns, new Present/Checked-out Time columns, and attendance change history.
    • Changed the family check-in so that only family members are preselected. Persons with the "Can Check-in" relationship will not be preselected.
    • Updated Check-In to always show room count when show location option is checked. Fixes: #4671
    • Changed the Check-in Manager's Roster block to always show the person's check-in status.
    • Updated CheckinBlueCrystal theme to remove the Rock logo in the background.
    • Improved Aero Check-in theme to improve rendering with reprinting labels.
    • Added block setting "Prioritize families for this campus" to the FamilySelect block to list families in the same campus as the kiosk before families in other campuses.
    • Added a new achievement celebrations feature into the check-in system.
    • Added the ability to specify Group IDs in the checkin query string to automatically configure a Check-in Kiosk.
    • Added load balancing options for automatically selecting locations during check-in. This is based on new Location Selection Strategy options in the check-in configuration.
    • Added support for the new Windows Check-in Client v4. Download and install Rock Windows Check-in Client under Power Tools > External Applications.
    • Added the ability to customize the person select button text using a Lava template.
    • Added QRCode scanning support for browsers and the Rock Windows Check-in Client.
    • Added new capabilities for creating achievement labels for use during the check-in process.
    • Added "Don't Ask If There Is No Ability Level" Ability Level Determination option to the Checkin Type. This will allow a person with an ability level set the opportunity to update it. A person without an ability level set will not be asked to select one.
    • Added Group Attendance Reporting job to help with the reporting of attendance type metrics onto a person in new attribute values.
    • Fixed an issue with the Phone Number lookup button incorrectly showing on the Mobile Launcher block.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Checkin Locations not to display if the the Location associated with a selected campus had a parent location. Fixes: #4705
    • Fixed Lava in Registration Template to replace the old ContactName with ContactPersonAlias. Fixes: #4845
    • Fixed Attendance Self-Entry Block to handle invalid locations set in the Block Settings or as a Url Parameter. Fixes: #4661
    • Fixed an issue where circular group references would cause the Check-in Manager to crash.

    Communication v13.0

    • Updated the default setting of the Email medium's "CSS Inlining Enabled" to true.
    • Updated the email address validation to allow for multiple '+', '-', or '.' symbols back to back. Fixes: #4829
    • Added new page to allow sending push notifications to all associated devices for a mobile application.
    • Added the ability to show the CC and BCC fields on the simple email editor. This allows the group toolbox to have these features (Idea #1559). Also fixed some alignment issues with the subject line and CC/BCC fields.
    • Created a newly-polished communication history list block for use under the Person Profile page's History tab.
    • Added a new ExpireDate to SMS Pipeline actions so that they can be automatically deleted by the cleanup job if/when they expire.
    • Added the ability to hide secured SMS Numbers for both the Communication Entry and Communication Entry Wizard blocks.
    • Updated help text to provide additional information on how CSS inlining works with communication templates. Fixes: #4631
    • Modified Email Field validation to allow inclusion of Lava commands/shortcodes. Fixes: #3976
    • Added ability to add a person note in SMS Conversations.
    • Updated the Send Communications job to primarily use ReviewedDateTime when getting the list of communications to send. Fixes: #4545
    • Replaced old, custom Twilio logging with the standard Rock Logging system.
    • Updated the CC/BCC fields on a Communication Template to allow for using Lava.
    • Updated the Send Group Schedule Notifications job to send via either email or SMS based on group / person preference.
    • Updated communication system and transport to use multiple threads when sending communications and when processing each recipient.
    • Added functionality for adding an image to a SMS Conversation.
    • Added fullscreen capability to the SMS Conversations block.
    • Added new step to RockCleanup job to reset any person or group member's communication preference from SMS to No Preference if they do not have any messaging enabled phones.
    • Added the ability to add security to SMS Numbers to allow for more configuration options on the SMS Conversation's block.
    • We have taken the next step to remove the old System Emails (Legacy) function by initially hiding the page from the menu. Although it can be accessed by manually navigating from the parent page's child pages, it will be removed in a future version of Rock.
    • Updated the Communication Entry Wizard block to allow updating alt text on images.

    Connection v13.0

    • Updated Connection Opportunities as well as Connection Type to delete the related attributes. Fixes: #4738
    • Updated the Connection Board block to open manually launched workflows into a new browser tab instead of the current tab.
    • Updated the Connection Request Workflows that are triggered as a result of changes to the Connection Request to set the Initiator from the CurrentPerson who made the change.
    • Added fullscreen capability to Connection Request Board block.
    • Fixed an issue in the ConnectionRequestBoard where people could be added incorrectly or added twice to the connector list under certain conditions. Fixes: #4752 #4763
    • Fixed an issue in the ConnectionRequestBoard where filtering by Connector or Requester would not show all of the ConnectionRequests if there were multiple PersonAliases for the person being used to filter. Fixes: #4632
    • Fixed an issue with the Connection Board so that Connection Request Activity Types are sorted alphabetically. Fixes: #4783
    • Fixed issue where group member role and group member status were not showing on ConnectionRequestBoard Block.
    • Added query string parameters on the Connection Board when clicking Connection Requests or Connection Opportunities.
    • Added the ability within Connection Types to reorder Connection Opportunities.
    • Added new automation rules on Connection Request's Connection Status to allow for automatic movement to a different Status.

    Core v13.0

    • Fixed username validation on Account Entry block. Fixes: #4530
    • Fixed an issue that caused picker controls with categorized items (like Workflows and Data Views) not to fully expand and display items that were previously selected and saved. Fixes: #4504
    • Fixed issue with Data Encryption where OldDataEncryptionKey values in web.config were not being used to Decrypt older encrypted values.
    • Fixed required validation issue with the DefinedValues field type that allow the input of new Defined Values. Prior to the fix, the selected value for the DefinedValues attribute was not being saved in some cases. Fixes: #4446
    • Fixed the Address control to allow the initial value of the State field to be set correctly. Fixes: #4801
    • Fixed issue where form fields with conditional display logic were being shown in WorkflowEntry or RegistrationEntry in cases where the condition has not been met when using Campus field type as criteria. Fixes: #4793
    • Fixed issue with multiple Notes blocks on the same page all opening the edit control when the add button is clicked on one of the blocks. Fixes: #4803
    • Fixed an issue preventing horizontal scrolling on Rock tree views. Fixes: #4870
    • Fixed issue where the Toggle control's OnChange events would not work consistently. This fixes an issue where conditional display logic in EventRegistration would not work correctly for Boolean FieldTypes that are configured to use a Toggle control. Fixes: #4772
    • Fixed an issue with cascading drop-downs in the Group Type and Group picker that would result in the Group value being blanked out when making changes. Also fixed in the Group and Role picker. Fixes: #4162
    • Fixed the note security so that assigning individuals to view/edit/etc a specific note will work as expected. Fixes: #2551
    • Fixed an issue in Bulk Update where any Memo Attribute with a character limit prevented correct loading. Fixes: #4231
    • Added new Notes block for use with Mobile Applications that allows a user to view and enter entity notes.
    • Added the ability to hide the 'unknown' option from gender when configuring attributes of this type.
    • Added the ability to provide a subset of selectable defined values when configuring an attribute of type Defined Value.
    • Added the ability to to provide a subset of selectable campuses when configuring an attribute of type Campus(es).
    • Added new save hooks for developers to use when creating custom models in plugins.
    • Added Azure Blob Storage as a core File Storage Provider.
    • Added a Follow Event to allow notifications when a note is added to a followed person.
    • Upgraded Rock Solution from .Net 4.5.2 to 4.7.2.
    • Enhanced privilege classification and checking during person merging and other operations. For certain designated people, it will purposely be more difficult to perform merges or other record matching operations in Rock in order to reduce the possibility of a hijack attempt.
    • Updated the stock Connection Status defined value called "Web Prospect" to be renamed to "Prospect" if it had not already been modified.
    • Changed the effective end date on a recurring schedule that has no end to use "null" instead of the arbitrary max date.
    • Updated Data Automation Job with new Command Timeout Attribute to tackle timeout issue.
    • Updated RockCleanup job and moved "Process Elevated Security" on Person records to a new job.

    CRM v13.0

    • Updated Data automation to also consider recent event registrants on Reactivation and Inactivation. Fixes: #4465
    • Updated the Person Detail Connection Request block. The 'Hide Inactive' block setting has been replaced with the new setting 'Hide Connection Requests With These States' which is able to filter on all of the Request States.
    • Updated the Benevolence block with some new UI enhancements.
    • Updated the Family Pre-Registration Address to include Hide, Optional, and Required attributes. The default is Optional.
    • Fixed the Documents block to not consider Maximum Documents Per Entity on edit. This allows you to edit the details of the document even if the maximum number of documents have been uploaded. Fixes: #4773
    • Fixed an issue where merging a person from a multi-person family fails with an error. Fixes: #4748
    • Fixed discrepancy between Birthdate and Birth Date on Family Pre-Registration by changing all labels marking date of birth textboxes to "Birth Date". Fixes: #4735
    • Fixed issue where the history was not showing who removed a known relationship . Fixes: #4737
    • Added Campus Id and Guid page parameters, Number of Columns block attribute, and Communication preferences to the family preregistration block.
    • Added priority navigation to Person profile pages to improve browsing on mobile.
    • Added the ability to right-click a Person in Verify Photos List and open their Profile Page in a separate tab.

    Engagement v13.0

    • Added change tracking for some Steps-related items on the Person History.
    • Added support for attributes on Step Types.
    • Added features to allow for giving achievements and streaks.
    • Fixed the Step List to restrict from deleting any Step that the user is not authorized for. Fixes: #4775
    • Fixed an issue with Step Program so that new Step Types are arranged in the order they were added. Fixes: #4423
    • Fixed issue where Step Program List and Step Type List blocks include/count inactive step types. Fixes: #4842
    • Fixed Streak List error EnrollmentViewModel is invalid because it is neither a built-in type nor implements ILiquidizable. Fixes: #4662

    Event v13.0

    • Fixed issue on the RegistrationEntry block where refreshing the page on the summary screen could allow a registration to be saved without the values entered in the registration form under certain conditions. Fixes: #4493
    • Fixed issue on the EventItemOccurrenceDetail block where inactive templates and instances were displayed in the linkages list. Fixes: #4811
    • Fixed an issue in Event Registration that prevented copying a Registration Template with a Placement Configuration. Fixes: #4536
    • Fixed an issue in Event Occurrence to correctly delete a Linkage URL. Fixes: #4744
    • Fixed an issue in the RegistrationEntry block that would cause a new person to be assigned to a new family under certain conditions. Fixes: #4743
    • Fixed missing person fields on Obsidian Event Registration block. Fixes: #4885
    • Added a new optional setting on the Registration Template (used by the Registration Entry block) to allow for launching a workflow for each registrant when a new registration is completed.
    • Added approval status filter to the Calendar Lava block. This allows the block to be used for approval and planning calendars.
    • Updated the RegistrationEntry block to not exclude registration instructions that contain only an image. Fixes: #4341

    Finance v13.0

    • Updated the Business detail block to allow for support of previous address, tagging, history, search keys and attributes.
    • Added the ability to filter Giving Alerts by Financial Account and to get an alert when a gift amount is over a specified amount.
    • Added Giving Journeys to the giving automation feature set.
    • Added new giving analytics tools.
    • Added options to use child financial accounts and giving analytic tables to the Giving Amount data filter.
    • Fixed the Transaction List "Clear Filter" button to clear selections in dropdowns. Fixes: #4820
    • Fixed an issue in Giving Analytics where filtering by Data View could display incorrect results. Fixes: #4780
    • Fixed a bug that in Giving Analytics that caused Data View result options not to appear after filtering by a Data View. This is a duplicate. Leave here so the import process can see the SHA has already been processed.

    Group v13.0

    • Updated the GroupTypeDetail block. When adding new Group attributes the explicit authorizations from the GroupType are copied over to the Group attribute.
    • Updated Group Type and Group Types Picker with new IsSortedByName property to sort the list items by name.
    • Updated the Group Scheduler block to show a 'worship week' using the "Starting Day of Week" system setting (if it is set). For example if the "Starting Day of Week" is set to Tuesday then the Group Scheduler's week drop-down list will show week date ranges that start on Tuesday and end on Monday. Fixes: #4807
    • Updated the Group Finder block to allow filtering the campus list by campus type and status.
    • Fixed an issue where blocks dragged from one zone to another would not have their new location saved while creating Mobile pages. Fixes: #4566
    • Fixed issue in the GroupScheduleToolbox where groups using the same location and schedule would show filled for the given time slot if one of them was filled. For instance, Ushers and Greeters in the Worship Center at 9 AM would both show filled if the Usher group was filled but the Greeters group was not. Fixes: #4785
    • Fixed an issue on the GroupFinder block where the clear button would hide the map & results instead of resetting the search filter and reloading the results.
    • Fixed Group RSVP not allowing check-in after the group member clicks accept in the email. Fixes: #4814
    • Fixed FamilySalutation Lava filter returning error (Fixes #4849) (#4860) (cherry picked from commit 03934aef02eb7e55717281fcfb570d515e4ebcf3) (Applied manually since git couldn't resolve the change since the GroupService.Partial core model change move from 12.8 to 13.0) Fixes: #4858
    • Added fullscreen capability to the Group Scheduler block.
    • Added the ability to see the number of volunteers needed in the group Schedule Toolbox.
    • Updated the Schedule Toolbox to also send cancellation emails when appropriate.
    • Updated Group Scheduling Response Email to have a "Recipient" merge field. Also updated logic so that two separate emails will be sent: One to the Scheduler and the other to the "Confirmation Cancel" contact.
    • Added settings to the Group Schedule Status Board block to allow easier usage on custom pages.

    Lava v13.0

    • Implemented new Lava engine called Fluid to increase performance and support move to .Net Core in the future. See for details on how you can switch over to take advantage of the increased performance.
    • Adjusted the DateDiff filter to handle year differencing more accurately.
    • Updated the Address Lava filter to allow retrieving the Guid of the location which is useful when dealing with address field types.
    • Updated the Split filter to add an option to preserve empty entries.
    • Added a new Steps filter for Lava.
    • Added RandomNumber Lava filter to allow for generation of random numbers.
    • Added dynamic properties to entity commands. See documentation for details.
    • Fixed issue where Lava webhook templates were considered that were marked 'inactive' on the defined values.
    • Fixed issue where Lava cache fails inside scoped tag. Fixes: #4672

    Mobile v13.0

    • Updated the mobile Login block to support sending confirmation e-mails and provide better error messages (requires mobile shell v3).
    • Updated the mobile Login block with new settings to specify the return page and cancel page (requires Mobile Shell v3).
    • Added support for person matching in the mobile Registration block (requires Mobile Shell v3).
    • Added support for the Onboarding block to skip personal information screens if the individual is already logged in (requires Mobile Shell v3).
    • Added a new block to display Prayer Requests as cards (requires Mobile Shell v3).
    • Added Search block to enable searching for people or groups (requires Mobile Shell v3.0).
    • Added new mobile Group Finder block (requires Mobile Shell v3).
    • Added Connection blocks to Mobile (requires Mobile Shell v3).
    • Added support for Mobile application processing of a workflow with Person Entry fields on it.

    Prayer v13.0

    • Added an option to the Follow/EventDetail block to "Include Non-Public Requests" if the Event Type is "Person Prayer Request". If selected this option will send a notification for private as well as public prayer requests.
    • Fixed the Prayer Request Entry block to correctly pass the RequestedByPersonAlias property to a workflow. Fixes: #4731
    • Updated the location of attributes on the prayer entry block to place them above the request text. This moves them to a more consistent place in the UI.
    • Add a new block that provides an additional experience to pray using a card-based view.

    Reporting v13.0

    • Updated the chart inside the metrics block to improve the chart formatting. Fixes: #3533
    • Updated the Person Data View filter for 'In Registration Instance' to optionally allow filtering on wait list status.
    • Added Week of Year, Week Counter, Leap Year Indicator, and Sunday Date Year to the AnalyticsSourceDate table.
    • Added the ability to filter on note attributes that are qualified to a specific note type.
    • Added the ability to include heading or footer content to the Dynamic Data block when using the Grid mode.
    • Added new option to the "Children's Names" report field type to allow for including the child's grade.
    • Fixed an issue in the MetricDetail block where metrics with Analytics enabled were allowed to have the same Title.
    • Fixed issue in the PageParameterFilter block where deselected values were not removed from the query string. Fixes: #4816
    • Fixed misspelling of CalendarMonthAbbreviated and FiscalMonthAbbreviated columns on the AnalyticsSourceDate table. Fixes: #4827
    • Fixed Schedule field in Reports to correctly render custom schedules. Fixes: #4809
    • Fixed an error in the CalculateMetrics job for Metrics partitioning by Campus in a DataView when one or more persons in the DataView does not have a Primary Campus. Fixes: #4787
    • Fixed an issue in the MetricValueList filter where only one value for each EntityType (e.g. DefinedValue) would be used in the filter. Fixes: #4747
    • Updated Page Parameter Filter block to allow misconfigured filters to be deleted and allow for no update, block update, or page updates when filters are updated.

    Workflow v13.0

    • Updated Workflow Entry to only consider gender when person matching if Gender is not marked hidden under Enable Person Entry. Fixes: #4767
    • Adjusted the behavior of the Gender field on the Workflow Person Entry Configuration's form so that the "unknown" option is not shown when displaying the Gender field. Fixes: #4555
    • Updated Workflow Person Entry so that a new person will be created/matched if LastName or FirstName changes when Autofill Current Person is enabled. Fixes: #4704
    • Updated the workflow action type "Group Member Add From Attribute" with optional settings to limit allowed Groups, GroupTypes, and whether to allow a person to be added to a Security Role Group.
    • Fixed issue where a Workflow Attribute and an Action Attribute with the same Key would be loaded incorrectly on an Entry Form. Fixes: #4810
    • Fixed issue where Workflow Entry would display a Workflow Form and Person Entry if the Workflow immediately becomes inactive and the 'Show Summary' option is enabled on the Workflow Entry block. Fixes: #4824
    • Added a new feature to allow bulk deleting many workflows at one time and added a property to WorkflowType to control auto-deleting old workflows via the RockCleanup job.
    • Added new option on WorkflowEntry block to disallow passing WorkflowTypeIds.

    Other v13.0

    • Added a new Security Change Audit page and block (under Admin > Security) to assist when troubleshooting security permission changes.
    • Added an option to the Expiring Credit Card Notices job to enable sending a bus event, and made the selection of a email template optional.

    Rock v12.9 Released October 11, 2022

    Core v12.9

    • Improved security.

    Rock v12.8 Released February 7, 2022

    Rock McKinley 12.8 fixes issues that were reported during the previous release(s)

    Core v12.8

    • Fix issue where the OpenID /UserInfo endpoint doesn't return any user claims. Fixes: #4854
    • Fixed Combine Family Members in Merge Template Entry. Fixes: #4849

    CRM v12.8

    • The NCOA system has been updated to use the v2 API. The service provider is planning on removing their v1 API in 2022.

    Event v12.8

    • Fixed issue that caused Event Registration Entry block to ignore fields flagged with "Show Current Value" in some configurations. Fixes: #3900

    Finance v12.8

    • Updated the statement generator to work with individuals that have more that one associated mailing address. Fixes: #4866
    • Updated Statement Generator so that Formal Names are used and Inactive people are optionally included. This restores the previous behavior. Fixes: #4865

    Lava v12.8

    • Fixed the FamilySalutation filter to prevent a Liquid error message. Fixes: #4858

    Rock v12.7 Released November 29, 2021

    Rock McKinley 12.7 fixes issues that were reported during the previous release(s)

    Core v12.7

    • Fixed issue in Rock Cleanup job where a null exception could occur when matching a nameless person. Fixes: #4813

    CRM v12.7

    • Updated Person Merge "Reset Login Confirmation" help text to not cut off. Fixes: #4808

    Event v12.7

    • Improved Next Start Date shown for events by extending the date range to two years. This is to show the date for a scheduled event that is more than 1 year in the future. Fixes: #4812
    • Fixed an issue where Registration Form field filters created prior to v12.5 would not work correctly after upgrading to 12.5. Fixes: #4792
    • Fixed an issue where (non-shared) Event Registration Placement Groups created prior to 12.3 would not be visible after upgrading to 12.3. Fixes: #4784

    Finance v12.7

    • Fixed issue where "Abandoned" credit card transactions would report a warning in the Download Payments job. Fixes: #4805

    Group v12.7

    • Fixed GroupScheduleToolbox block to show schedules starting from the next day instead of 24 hours from current time. Fixes: #4806
    • Fixed issue where Group salutation was not properly updating when someone is removed from the family. Fixes: #4804

    Mobile v12.7

    • Fixed issue in Group Member Edit block when using the Member Detail Page block setting.
    • Added new setting to mobile Calendar Event List block to allow for hiding of past events.
    • Updated mobile Group Member Edit block to allow for deleting of group members (requires Mobile Shell v2.1).
    • Updated mobile Group Attendance Entry block to support recording notes (requires Mobile Shell v2.1).

    Workflow v12.7

    • Fixed Form buttons incorrectly triggering validation (checking for required fields) when they are configured to cancel form submission. Fixes: #4713

    Rock v12.6 Released September 27, 2021

    Rock McKinley 12.6 fixes issues that were reported during the previous release(s)

    Core v12.6

    • Fixed an issue where the Authorization cache and EntityAttributeCache wasn't getting updated correctly on other servers in a bus-based multi-server environment.

    Event v12.6

    • Updated the EventRegistration block to allow the browser back button to navigate from the Summary screen back to the previous screen. Fixes: #4703

    Prayer v12.6

    • Fixed Prayer Session blocks to ensure the interaction is recorded to the correct channel.

    Workflow v12.6

    • Fixed an issue where a Workflow with a Workflow Entry Form could produce duplicate workflows. Fixes: #4789

    Rock v12.5 Released September 7, 2021

    Rock McKinley 12.5 fixes issues that were reported during the previous release(s)

    API v12.5

    • Updated the API call People/GetByEmail to use a QueryString for the email address in addition to the route. Fixes: #4701
    • Fixed API login endpoints to not allow login for unconfirmed accounts. Fixes: #4723

    CMS v12.5

    • Fixed Schedule Content Shortcode to return the correct NextOccurrenceDateTime. Fixes: #4741
    • Fixed the Page Properties block to prevent system pages from getting deleted. Fixes: #4732
    • Fixed an issue where Streaks were not being processed when Interactions were being written.
    • Fixed the Internal Communication View block to respect the start date on any content channel item. Fixes: #4546
    • Fixed an issue where a string could be double-encoded when using the HTML Editor and inserting a image or file. Fixes: #4567
    • Added EventItems to Universal Search.
    • Improved the Calendar Item template on core themes to hide registrations that are not active as indicated by the "Is Active" property.
    • Updated to FontAwesome 5.15.3
    • Updated the Stark theme's default font family to use modern fonts. Fixes: #4711
    • Improved the error handling of the Sync Media job to show which specific account(s) had errors.

    Check-in v12.5

    • Added a new advanced configuration option to control whether or not the Ability Level Selection should be shown during check-in.
    • Fixed an issue with sequential numeric codes repeating "67" under certain conditions. Fixes: #4726
    • Fixed an issue where the name shown on the group select title was the first person instead of the current person, for Family Check-in with multiple scheduled groups. Fixes: #4727
    • Fixed a JavaScript error in Checkin Manager that was causing the 'UpdateProgress' animation to stay visible on Safari. Fixes: #4689
    • Fixed an issue with the attendance grid using a different date than the chart. Fixes: #4541
    • Updated checkin search box to disable spellcheck and autocorrect on iOS based devices.
    • Improved the performance of the Welcome page.

    Communication v12.5

    • Updated the email transport to remove any new line characters from the email subject. Fixes: #4718
    • Added security to the System Communication templates which is now used by the Communication History and Communication Detail block when trying to view the Communication record.
    • Fixed Mobile Communication View block not processing merge fields.
    • Added a new CSS Inlining Enabled option to the Email medium.
    • Fixed an issue with SendGridHTTP communication transport and the Email with Events workflow action not handling bounced emails correctly. Fixes: #4719

    Connection v12.5

    • Added history tracking for Connection Requests and added certain request history events onto the requestor's person history under the new "Connection Requests" category.
    • Connection Types are now sorted in the correct order. Fixes: #4729
    • Fixed the Connection Request Board to only list user-defined activity types while adding or editing an activity. Fixes: #4692

    Core v12.5

    • Fixed RockPage to replace the Meta Tag with a new one in the same position. Fixes: #4560
    • Added a secure option to the cookie's samesite setting. Fixes: #4579
    • Added new field type of Captcha to allow using reCaptcha verification in places with custom attributes, such as workflows.
    • Fixed inconsistent display of text cursor in Firefox browsers.
    • Fixed an issue where the MonthYearPicker was missing code to handle a change in the Year. Fixes: #4629
    • Fixed issues with apostrophes causing errors. Fixes: #4568 #4562
    • Fixed issue where hitting Cancel on the Note Delete confirmation would delete the note. Fixes: #4659
    • Fixed an issue with OIDC not redirecting to the client site if the user declines permission. Fixes: #4681
    • Fixed an issue where an AttributeMatrixItem fetched by Index from an AttributeMatrix did not display any information. Fixes: #4045
    • Updated the Process BI Analytics job to populate the new AnalyticsSourceGivingUnit BI Table. Also improved performance of GivingAnalytics job.
    • Moved the Rock Log settings from System Settings > System Configuration to System Settings > Rock Logs.
    • Provided additional options for the Attributes block allowing others with Edit access but without Administrate access to be able to edit the 'values' of the attribute.
    • Added a new property to Schedules to allow automatic inactivating once the schedule has no more occurrences.
    • Added logging to cache update bus events.

    CRM v12.5

    • Fixed an issue where the Planned Visit Date was not being hidden correctly on the Family Pre-Registration block. Fixes: #4720
    • Added a new bookmark and 'quick return' feature for even faster navigation inside Rock.
    • Improved responsiveness of New Family block attributes on mobile devices. Fixes: #4700
    • Improved contrast on default tag colors. Fixes: #4706

    Engagement v12.5

    • Added a new StepProgramCompletion model to represent the completion of a set of program steps by a participant.
    • Fixed issue where SmsPipelineDetail, GroupMemberList (mobile), and StepEntry could take a while to load the first time. Fixes: #4627

    Event v12.5

    • Fixed an issue in Event Placement where inactive child groups of a parent group were added when adding multiple groups.
    • Fixed an issue in event placement where detaching a placement group for the registration instance would detach all the groups for the instance and leave only the template groups.
    • Fixed the Export Calendar Feed function to output exceptions in a format that can be processed by third-party calendar applications. Fixes: #4635
    • Fixed the Export Calendar Feed function to correctly export events with no scheduled end date. Fixes: #4639
    • Added Show All Events in Detail block setting to the mobile Calendar View block to enable showing all events rather than only the selected day's events.
    • Updated the Registration Instance Payment Reminder block to save the email in the Communication history.

    Finance v12.5

    • Fixed issues with the number box (currency) not formatting correctly. Fixes: #4730
    • Fixed a bug in Giving Analytics that caused Data View result options not to appear after filtering by a Data View. Fixes: #4712
    • Fixed an issue where the Expiring Credit Card Notices job could get an exception if the expiration year is null. Fixes: #4728
    • Fixed an issue where the Statement Generator didn't include contributions from deceased people. Fixes: #4559
    • Added credit card expiration date to Schedule Transaction Edit block
    • Added a new property to the Scheduled Transaction model to track the date and time a scheduled transaction was inactivated.
    • Added several new features to the Rock Statement Generator found in Admin Tools > Power Tools > External Applications.

    Group v12.5

    • Fixed an issue with the group selector being disabled in certain circumstances. Fixes: #4696
    • Fixed Group Member to allow for deletion if any group member assignments are present. Fixes: #4697
    • Fixed Group Capacity Warning in Leader Toolbox so that blank capacities are not treated as a capacity of zero. Fixes: #4547
    • Updated the Group Finder block to include new features to control zoom behavior and location precision.
    • Modified the behavior of the Group Member List block to show error flags on inactive group members who do not meet group requirements.

    Lava v12.5

    • Fixed an issue where the Device List block shows an error message in custom columns. Fixes: #4715
    • Fixed an issue where setting a recursive Global attribute value can cause Rock to become unresponsive. Fixes: #4551
    • Fixed an issue where accessing FinancialPaymentDetail attributes may return an error. Fixes: #4519

    Mobile v12.5

    • Added Daily Challenge Entry block to allow for processing daily challenges setup in the system for the user to complete. (Requires mobile shell v3)
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the mobile OnboardPerson block to fail if campus selection was hidden.
    • Fixed an issue in mobile AddToGroup block that could generate an error if the individual was logged in.
    • Fixed Mobile bundle not including the Info and Brand colors.

    Prayer v12.5

    • Fixed an issue in the Mobile Prayer Request Details block that caused an error to display when attempting to add a new prayer request.

    Reporting v12.5

    • Fixed an issue with the grid not selecting the correct records and added the Show Launch Workflow option to the Dynamic Data Block. Fixes: #4686
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Giving Amount Data Filter to always exclude deceased individuals, even if "include deceased" was selected on the Data View. Fixes: #4557
    • Fixed issue when exporting a report to Excel that caused the Lava fields to not be included. Fixes: #4673
    • Added logic to the "Process BI Analytics" job to check the formatted value length before trying to INSERT it. Values over 250 characters after applying formatting will be skipped over and not inserted. This will match the behavior of the job when loading unformatted values. This will prevent field types such as "URL Link" from creating a value that is too big for the Analytics table.
    • Fixed an issue with the Page Parameter Filter block's default values not populating correctly. Fixes: #4694
    • Improved the UI of the Service Metrics Entry block.
    • Updated Group Participation Report Field to correctly persist the user selection. Fixes: #4556
    • Updated the Service Metric Entry block with additional filtering settings.

    Workflow v12.5

    • Added the ability to write interactions from the workflow entry block.
    • Added options to Workflow Entry to filter which Campuses are listed for the Person Entry form.
    • Added conditional fields to the workflow Form action.
    • Updated Workflow Trigger logic to allow comparison to the underlying integer values triggering from fields that use enumerated values (e.g., you may use either "Approved" or "3" for triggering when a Communication entity is approved). Fixes: #4552
    • Updated the SMS Send workflow action to allow setting the From field using a defined value from the "SMS Phone Number" defined type.
    • Fixed an issue where Send Email With Events was logging events even after the workflow had been completed. Fixes: #4722
    • Fixed an issue with the Send Email (System Email) Send To Email Addresses not working correctly when the field included Lava. Fixes: #3921
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Notes created by Workflows from triggering Note Watch notifications.

    Rock v12.4 Released June 14, 2021

    CMS v12.4

    • Improved KPI shortcode styling to improve appearance and browser compatibility.
    • Resolved an issue that caused the Content Channel Item Detail block to remove all tags if any tag was removed. Fixes: #4676

    Check-in v12.4

    • Updated the Family Pre-Registration block to have additional options to allow an individual to select the day and service that they plan to attend.
    • Performance Improvements for Checkin Manager.
    • Fixed JavaScript change that caused issues with Check-in. Fixes: #4666
    • Fixed an issue with the device id not being saved when entered via the URL. Fixes: #4655
    • Fixed Live Metrics block to only display count for active checked-in. Fixes: #4665
    • Added the ability to control the header text of the blocks that make up check-in. The old "Title" block settings that previously held the block's header text have been removed. Admins should update any custom values in the new Check-in Configuration "Header Text" section.
    • Added new En Route block to the Check-in Manager for special cases that are useful to some organizations.

    Communication v12.4

    • Updated the Communication List Subscribe block to show the description in the communication list.
    • Fixed an issue with the Nameless Person attributes not getting merged correctly. Fixes: #4646
    • Fixed the Communication List Subscribe block to only show active communication lists. Fixes: #4650

    Connection v12.4

    • Prevent a connection from being transferred to the same Connection Opportunity and display the Group Member Attributes in view mode. Fixes: #4660
    • The Enable Request Security block setting that was formerly controlling the feature has been replaced by the same setting found in the Connection Type's configuration.
    • When Enable Request Security is on, security can be set using the "Security" option in the menu on the individual request from within the connection board.
    • The Connection Opportunity Search block will now respect the security settings on the opportunities. Fixes: #4654
    • Security on connections has been implemented consistently. This many mean that some individuals who had access to requests no longer do. This can easily be fixed by adjusting the security on your Connection Types and Opportunities.

    Core v12.4

    • Fixed issue where 'back dating' option notes didn't show the date picker correctly. Fixes: #4682
    • Fixed pickers displaying with incorrect heights inside of modals.
    • Added PurposeKey to Followings to allow for specifying the custom purpose of the following.
    • Updated default avatar in connection request to show gendered version if known. Fixes: #4599

    CRM v12.4

    • Updated procedures when saving a person record to clear "Self Inactivated" Review Reasons when the person is re-activated. Fixes: #4645
    • Added a System Configuration setting that enables businesses to always display in the Person Picker.
    • Fixed an issue with the Public Profile Edit block that caused it to delete all phone numbers when editing a record.
    • Fixed issue with person matching where the email address comparison was case sensitive. Fixes: #4640

    Engagement v12.4

    • Fixed a bug that caused an error when viewing Steps if the Step Program was inactive. Fixes: #4617
    • Resolved a bug that prevented modifying Entity-level Security for Steps. Fixes: #4683
    • Added Start Date to Person Step List Block.

    Event v12.4

    • Fixed issue in birthday following notification for Friday birthdays not sending notification. Fixes: #4634
    • Fixed issue in Event Registration where the discount code text box would not appear if the registrant was taken off the waitlist and there was no cost for the event. Fixes: #4653
    • Fixed an issue with inactive accounts showing in the Registration Account Information of an Event Registration. Fixes: #4657
    • Fixed issue in the RegistrationInstanceRegistrationList block where filtering the Registrations by Payment Status would not show registrations that have not paid any amount. Fixes: #4613

    Finance v12.4

    • Replaced Contribution Statement Lava block with a new a Contribution Statement Generator block which uses templates found under Finance > Statement Templates. The block is only replaced if you had not previously modified the stock lava template that originally came in the block settings. These statement templates will also be used by the upcoming, new Contribution Statement Generator external application in a future version of Rock.
    • The previous "Currency Symbol" Global Attribute has been replaced with "Organization Currency Code". This new attribute is a Defined Type value which has a 'Symbol' attribute that holds the currency's symbol. Although Rock's internal code automatically uses this, via Lava you could use: ` {{ 'Global' | Attribute:'OrganizationStandardCurrencyCode','Object' | Attribute:'Symbol' }}`
    • Updated Financial Payment Details to store the expiration date and name on card un-encrypted.
    • Improved the load time for the Event Registration Matching block.
    • Fixed issue with using wrong Expiration Date property. Fixes: #4695
    • Updated Giving Analytics block to restore functionality from prior versions allowing you to select all currency types and transaction sources by clicking on the heading. Fixes: #4450

    Group v12.4

    • Fixed issue in the Group Scheduler Toolbox block where inactive groups were displayed for blackout dates. Fixes: #4668
    • Fixed Group Scheduler to correctly display longer full names. Fixes: #4664
    • Fixed issue where a group that had a mix of Group Location Schedules with and without configurations caused an error on the Group Schedule Toolbox block.
    • Fixed issue on the GroupDetail block where the Archive button would be shown for users that do not have Edit access to the group. Fixes: #4630
    • Fixed issue in birthday following notification for Friday birthdays not sending notification. Fixes: #4634
    • Updated the Group Finder Hide Overcapacity Groups block attribute to display when editing the block settings. Fixes: #3945
    • Updated the group member list to show a warning indicator for group members who have group requirement warnings and to differentiate between unmet requirements and warnings. Fixes: #4570

    Lava v12.4

    • Fixed an issue where the TitleCase filter incorrectly removes special characters. Fixes: #4612
    • Fixed issue with the Sparkline Chart shortcode where the box displays "Loading..." instead of showing the chart. Fixes: #4693
    • Updated the Lava Where filter to add support for complex filter expressions.

    Mobile v12.4

    • Added new My Prayer Requests and Answer To Prayer blocks.
    • Added new Add To Group block which allows a person to join themselves into a group of your choice (Requires mobile shell v3).

    Reporting v12.4

    • Fixed an issue with the Step Statuses not displaying correctly on the Data View Edit screen. Fixes: #4674
    • Fixed an issue with the Step "Statuses" not displaying correctly on the Data Views edit screen. Fixes: #4674
    • Added the ability for metrics to partition a Person data view by Campus.
    • Added some polish to the settings inside the Dynamic Data block and new setting to allow for automatic inclusion of a panel.
    • Improved the 'run metrics' for Data Views to no longer increment when they are being persisted by the Update Persisted Dataviews job.
    • Updated the Service Metrics Entry block to allow selecting multiple Schedule Categories.
    • Updated the DataViewDetail and ReportDetail blocks with a new setting called "Add Administrate Security to Item Creator". When this is set to "Yes" then whoever created the item will automatically have the security permission to edit and administrate the item added. The default value for this setting is "No". The behavior of Rock prior to v12.4 was to automatically grant the item creator "Edit" and "Administrate" permissions. As of v12.4 this will not happen unless the new block setting is set to "Yes". This release does NOT change the security permissions for any existing data views and reports.

    Workflow v12.4

    • Adjusted the constraint on the "Person Attribute From Fields" workflow action to only require a first name and last name.

    Rock v12.3 Released April 19, 2021

    API v12.3

    • Fixed Lava Webhooks to properly send CORS headers and once again support CurrentPerson merge field. Fixes: #4574 #4575

    CMS v12.3

    • Fixed issue where the HtmlContent block would sometimes not re-appear correctly when used in Secondary block mode. Fixes: #4572
    • Updated Bootstrap styled select elements to maintain the same style across all browsers (including iOS).
    • Improved security.
    • File Browsers Updates - A permission change has been made on the Rock File Browser to improve security. Many may not realize it, but the file browser modal runs as an iframe that hosts a Rock page. Security on this underlying page has been updated. Individuals who do not have access will no longer see the file browser in their HTML editor. This editor is used in the HTML control and Communication Entry block (among others places). If you want to allow other roles to access this feature, you can adjust security under the Internal Homepage > System Dialogs > Rock File Browser page
    • Updated KPI Shortcode to use new syntax.

    Check-in v12.3

    • Fixed an issue with the Phone Number lookup button incorrectly showing on the Mobile Launcher block. Fixes: #4447
    • Fixed Rapid Attendance Entry to allow disabling attendance. Fixes: #4498
    • Updated Check-in Manager Roster so that the Check-Out button will prompt for service if the selected attendee(s) are checked into more than one service. Also, Check-in Manager will now display the currently selected check-in configuration.
    • Improved tap sound performance and reliability on core check-in themes.

    Communication v12.3

    • Fixed an issue with SMS pipeline actions not sorting correctly. Fixes: #4624
    • Fixed an issue with the Send Grid HTTP integration that required the Save Communication option to be checked for emails to actually be sent via the Send Grid API. Fixes: #4582
    • Default Communication Entry Page - Rock ships with a default communication entry page on the Stark External Site. While we don't recommend that people use the pages of the sample External Site (they're a template) we know that many people have used them on their production sites. We adjusted the security of this page to require an individual be an Administrator or Staff member to access the page. You may want to adjust this setting if you are using this page for a production group toolbox.
    • Updated the Communication Entry Wizard block's Communication Types setting so that if "Recipient Preference" is selected, all active communication transports will be used during the creation of the communication. Fixes: #4588
    • Updated help text to provide additional information on how CSS inlining works with communication templates. Fixes: #4631
    • Updated the Communication Entry Wizard to support using a PersonId query string parameter.

    Connection v12.3

    • Updated so that Connection Requests that come out of Future Follow-up state no longer appear as idle.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed incorrect workflows to be shown. Fixes: #4614
    • Fixed issue where the Connection Opportunity Signup block does not display default value for attributes. Fixes: #4605
    • Fixed Connection Opportunity Workflow Trigger job to handle connection requests when no future follow-up date workflows are configured. Fixes: #4539

    Core v12.3

    • Fixed FontAwesome from flashing unstyled squares while loading icon fonts.
    • Fixed Configuration Value Set on Date Field Type. Fixes: #4576
    • Fixed issue where the Send Group Attendance Digest job would include inactive groups. Fixes: #4583
    • Fixed issue where a Person's email address could be deleted when registering for an event if they weren't logged in, and if email wasn't required for registration. Fixes: #4591
    • Fixed issue where merge templates return blank when coming from tags. Fixes: #4590
    • Updated the Model Map with some needed polish.
    • Added attribute support in Notes.

    CRM v12.3

    • Updated the public profile edit block's edit mode with an improved layout.

    Engagement v12.3

    • Fixed an issue with the Step Completed workflows not firing if the step was added via a workflow. Fixes: #4606

    Event v12.3

    • Fixed issue where groups were not added or detached correctly with multiple Group Placement Tabs. Fixes: #4383
    • Fixed an issue where an exception can occur if multiple kiosks are getting their configuration at the same time for one time events. Fixes: #4649

    Farm v12.3

    • Stop nodes from acting on messages before they are fully started and fixed bug with the node detail showing the wrong node.
    • Added configurable polling wait time and also increased default polling thresholds.

    Finance v12.3

    • Fixed issue in Giving Analytics Block where end date is not included in "and did not give between" range. Fixes: #4593

    Group v12.3

    • Improved the Group Scheduler Sign Up page. People will no longer be able to sign-up after the Maximum Capacity has been reached. The checkbox will not be selectable and the time will be displayed in muted text and will show "(filled)" after it.
    • Added Decline Reason information to Group Scheduler Analytics, Group Scheduler Status Board, and Group Scheduler.
    • Fixed an issue where the Send Group Requirements Notification job would include inactive group members. Fixes: #4583

    Lava v12.3

    • Fixed issue where Marital Status was displayed in the wrong spot on the public My Account page. Fixes: #4585
    • Removed Obsolete tag from IsScheduleActive/IsCheckInActive properties of Schedule model to ensure they remain accessible in Lava code. Fixes: #3471

    Mobile v12.3

    • Added functionality for mobile applications to use custom welcome/splash screens on each launch.
    • New block to handle onboarding of a new person into the application.
    • Fixed issue in Mobile Group Edit block that would throw an error if Show Header was turned off.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Group Member Edit block to error if Show Header option was turned off.
    • Updated Pre/Post-HTML Pre/Post-XAML when editing a Mobile Block.
    • Workflow Entry block now allows WorkflowTypeGuid= query string parameter to specify the workflow type.

    Prayer v12.3

    • New block setting for Mobile and Web Prayer Session blocks to enable writing Interactions each time a Prayer Request is prayed for.

    Reporting v12.3

    • Fixed Page Parameter Filter block to support page routes.
    • Fixed DataView filtering for Person In Registration Template excluding inactive instances. Fixes: #4607
    • Fixed an issue with the weekly metrics entry block that would cause a null exception. Fixes: #4553

    Rock v12.2 Released March 10, 2021

    Rock McKinley 12.2 Improved security.

    Core v12.2

    • Improved security.

    Rock v12.1 Released March 1, 2021

    API v12.1

    • Added a new API REST endpoint for printing check-in session labels to a particular device printer.

    CMS v12.1

    • Fixed Public Profile Edit block to sort family members by age. Fixes: #4366
    • Re-added brand-color CSS variable to Rock theme to maintain backwards compatibility.
    • Updated the Event Item Occurrences Search Lava block with new settings to filter the search results.
    • Changed the ShortLinkList block on the Short Links page to support custom grid columns. Fixes: #4529
    • Added a new block setting to the Login block to allow customizing the username label.
    • Added ability to specify that a Rock Mobile page should hide the Navigation Bar.

    Check-in v12.1

    • Updated preview URL domain to The previous one ( is now defunct and not functional. This fix has been back-ported to 11.4 but is not included in the 12.0 package. Fixes: #4441
    • Added “In-Room Check-in Experience” enhancements to Check-in Manager.
    • Added a block setting to the Select Check-in Area block to limit which check-in configuration types are available/listed for the check-in manager system.
    • Updated the Check-in Manager's Live Metrics block to allow opening and closing classrooms again. Fixes: #4569

    Communication v12.1

    • Added a "ISmsPipelineWebhook" interface to allow plugin developers to set the webhook URL that appears in the Sms Pipeline Details block. Fixes: #4487
    • Fixed SMS Conversations from incorrectly scrolling.
    • Fixed an issue where a communication was always being saved to a person's history, even if the "Save to History" flag is set to false. Fixes: #4507
    • Fixed an issue where the entire button wasn't clickable inside of an email built with the Communication Entry Wizard. Fixes: #4503
    • Added the ability to add videos in the Email Wizard. Initial support is provided for Vimeo and YouTube. This feature will automatically create the thumbnail and link based off the provided URL to the video hosting provider.
    • Updated the logic of the Rock job engine to not write communication records when emails are sent regarding failed jobs.
    • The Communication Entry Wizard has been simplified and visually refreshed with a cleaner look and feel.
    • Updated Twilio webhooks to avoid "Invalid Body" warnings from Twilio. Fixes: #4123
    • Added the ability to copy previous communications from the Communication List block.
    • Added the ability to add video links to emails in the Communication Wizard.

    Connection v12.1

    • Updated the Connection Request Board to only list Active activities while adding a new activity. Fixes: #4527
    • Allow connection board to support Markdown in connection request comments. Fixes: #4563
    • Added new configuration option to the My Connection Opportunities Lava block to exclude connection types.
    • Added new advanced settings on connection opportunities to allow for showing or hiding the status field, connect button and campus field (during transfer).

    Core v12.1

    • Fixed issue where an Address attribute would show the location's Name instead of Street Address if that same address was used for a campus location. Fixes: #4580
    • Resolved issues with setting Step Program Step Type attribute values on entities with the Entity Attribute Values block. Fixes: #4412
    • Fixed issue where a new Address would not default to the Organization's country. Fixes: #4581
    • Updated the Database Maintenance job to exclude table indexes without names from the list of indexes that should be rebuilt. Fixes: #4464
    • Removed developer.css from Rock.
    • Added a new "Family Inactivate" workflow action that easily inactivates an entire family.

    CRM v12.1

    • Added a new block setting to the AccountEntry block to use the person's required email address to be the username.
    • Added new option to inactivate all family members in the Email Preference Entry block for use with the 'Not Involved' choice.
    • Fixed the Public Profile Lava to avoid repetition of the word "Family" in the family name. Fixes: #4542
    • Fixed Family Attendance Badge to show correct tooltip. Fixes: #4497

    Engagement v12.1

    • Fixed Invalid URL to Person Profile on Step Participant List Block. Fixes: #4543
    • Added Key Performance Indicators to Step Programs and Step Types.

    Event v12.1

    • Fixed issue where the RegistrationEntry would get an error when loading a registration that is over or doesn't exist instead of the friendly message. Fixes: #4538
    • Fixed inability to remove (i.e. set to $0.00) fees during registration. Fixes: #4558

    Finance v12.1

    • Added TargetPerson as a Lava merge field to the Contribution Statement Lava block.
    • Added a new Event Registration Matching block for matching existing batch transactions to a corresponding event registration (similar to the Fundraising Matching block).
    • Updated the Contribution Statement Lava block to sort the transactions from oldest to newest (was previously set to display newest to oldest).

    Group v12.1

    • Changed the group scheduling auto-schedule logic to use the least recently scheduled 'available' person instead of only randomly choosing from the available people.
    • Changed the Group Member Detail block to default new members' communication preference to 'No Preference' so that their normal profile preference is used instead of being overridden unnecessarily.
    • Updated the Group Finder block so that campus filtering will occur when the "Enable Campus Context" is enabled (and a campus is in the context) when the "Display Campus Filter" is disabled. Fixes: #4355
    • Updated the Group Schedule Toolbox block to prevent a double postback when changing the Starting On date.
    • The GroupDetail block has new setting called "Add Administrate Security to Group Creator". When this is set to "Yes" then whoever created the group will automatically have the security permission to administrate the group added. The default value for this setting is "No". The behavior of Rock prior to v12.1 was to automatically grant the Group creator "Administrate" permission. As of v12.1 this will not happen unless the "Add Administrate Security to Group Creator" block setting is set to "Yes". This release does NOT change the security permissions for any existing Groups.
    • Fixed issue causing Mobile Group Edit block to give an error when tapping Cancel button in certain configurations.
    • Fixed Group Detail block to create its own copy of attribute Values without making any change to the original group. This fixes an issue where attribute values were being lost from the original group when creating a new group using the group copy feature. Fixes: #4509

    Lava v12.1

    • Added new Lava filters for reading and writing cookies.
    • Fixed an issue with a Lava helper not handling null values. Fixes: #4550

    Reporting v12.1

    • Fixed behavior of dynamic reports with "In Group(s)" filters where a group is deselected at run time.
    • Fixed an authorization issue that prevented creation of DataViews for Notes.
    • Fixed an issue with the Data View's last refresh date not displaying correctly. Fixes: #4515
    • Updated the family analytics stored procedures to correctly set the AttributeValue's ValueAsNumeric field. Fixes: #4184

    Rock v12.0 Released January 4, 2021

    Watch the v12.0 release video to learn about this release of Rock RMS.

    Rock 12.0 is a major update with several new features and improvements including the Check-in Manager, Connections, Group Scheduling, and much more. This release also has fixes for issues that were reported during the previous release(s).

    API v12.0

    • Fixed an issue with the ContentChannel with recursive children causing an application crash.

    CMS v12.0

    • Added page cache control header settings similar to the cache settings on the REST actions.
    • Added cache control headers ('Last-Modified' and 'ETag') to the GetImage.ashx to improve PageSpeed metrics.
    • Added an option in the Content Channel Item View block to display the most recent item if no URL parameter is provided.
    • Updated the Site Detail block to always show the 'Index Starting Location' and renamed it 'Crawling Starting Location' to make this field more re-usable for multiple purposes. Before it was limited to the starting point for the universal search to harvest the pages of the site.
    • Improved the externally facing Public Profile Edit block (aka My Account page) with a cleaner look and feel and to use a Lava template to control the view mode. Since this change may have affected the current look, Rock administrators should verify the look and style after the update.
    • Updated to FontAwesome 5.15.1
    • Improved syntax highlighting for Lava files in the code editor.
    • Added ability to use 301 permanent redirect in Redirect block.
    • Added new feature to Content Channel View block to enable easy creation of archive (past) items links.
    • Added the ability to quickly enable/disable the web cache for the HTML, Content Channel and Internal Communication blocks directly on the admin toolbar.
    • Fixed issue where a 404 could occur if a route had a space in it (e.g. search terms used in the route path). Fixes: #4453
    • Fixed an issue with Universal Search ignoring filters. Fixes: #3672
    • Fixed issue in the Asset Manager Picker where a folder could not be created if more than one picker existed on the block.
    • Fixed Public Profile Edit block to edit the correct address when in multiple families. Fixes: #4484

    Check-in v12.0

    • A new check-in manager app will allow room attendants to open and close classrooms, mark a person as 'present' in the classroom, etc.
    • Added optional RockCleanup job setting to perform some automated clean-up on recent attendance records. The job will un-set the DidAttend field if the person was never marked present in cases where the Check-in area configuration has the "Presence" feature enabled.
    • Added a new "attendance type" Defined Type used to help classify an attendance occurrence as physical/in-person, virtual/online, etc.
    • Fixed mobile check-in confirmation code incorrectly auto-filling on iOS. Fixes: #4500
    • Fixed an issue where an error occurs when deleting a Schedule with Attendance history. Fixes: #3552

    Communication v12.0

    • Added progress reporting to the Communication Entry block to prevent timeouts with a large number of recipients. Fixes: #4041
    • Implemented Twilio 'signature validation' option in the Twilio transport component.
    • Added missing ForeignKeys from CommunicationTemplate ImageFileId and PushImageBinaryFileId fields. Fixes: #3582
    • Added Person filter to the SMS Conversations block to ease finding messages created by the viewer.
    • Fixed the communication editor to not allow undo to clear the contents of a message.

    Connection v12.0

    • Added a board view for Connection Requests.
    • Added a new setting to Connection Types to define which page should be used when viewing details for any corresponding Connection Requests.

    Core v12.0

    • Fixed issue with NCOA job that caused report failure because of HTTP to HTTPS redirects. Fixes: #4540
    • Fixed Rock Shop purchased plugin images from cropping incorrectly. Fixes: #4508
    • Fixed a bug that was requiring that the keys in the Key Value List had to be unique to work properly.
    • Fixed sorting on Attribute Values. For instance, sorting on a person attribute in the registrant list. Fixes: #4332
    • Fixed business connection status to not set to any default value. Fixes: #4199
    • Fixed bug in Summernote JS to correct reversed paragraph order when using paste from Word. Fixes: #4340
    • Added new OpenId Connect (OIDC) server to allow 3rd party applications that have OpenID Connect integration (such as Church Online Platform) to use your Rock server as the authentication system.
    • Added a new LocationList field type for selecting or adding new locations from a configured parent location.
    • Added message bus and web farm to enable communication and coordination of multiple Rock instances.
    • Added database models for upcoming features: Message Bus and Web Farm
    • Added an Open Id Connect authentication component.
    • Disabled cache statistics by default to increase performance, but they can be enabled manually under the Cache Manager if needed.
    • Improved the Campus and Campuses field types to allow them to be filtered by campus type and or campus status based on the attribute configuration.
    • Updated the use of DDay.iCal to switch over to a newer, supported Ical.Net library for iCalendar (RFC 5545) use in Rock.
    • Updated Public Application Root to require a trailing forward slash. Fixes: #4351
    • Automatically perform block compilation in the background after a restart to improve performance for first viewer of a page's blocks.

    CRM v12.0

    • Updated the warning message shown when merging people who have email addresses and user logins.
    • Improved saving a person by adding logic that will automatically convert curly single quotes into the standard single quote character (ASCII 39) so that searching and finding match/duplicates works better.
    • Fixed issue where a non-mandatory Address Field Type does not allow an empty address to be entered. Fixes: #4432
    • Fixed issue where a communication preference of SMS could be set even when the person didn't have an SMS phone number. Fixes: #4428

    Engagement v12.0

    • Added the badge type "Achievement".
    • Added achievements features that allow any entity to earn achievements.
    • Add achievement for completing a step program.

    Event v12.0

    • Updated the Event Item Occurrence Detail block and redesigned it to allow quickly adding a slug without a registration or a group.
    • Updated Group Scheduling to support scheduling more than one group at a time. This update also includes many other improvements and features to group scheduling.
    • Fixed issue in Registration Entry where filtered questions wouldn't save their values. Fixes: #4354 #4358

    Finance v12.0

    • Fixed kiosk transaction entry block to allow giving in cents. Fixes: #4510

    Group v12.0

    • Updated Group Scheduling so that scheduling conflicts in multi-schedule mode would do a better job of handling and displaying what the conflicts are. Also, updated Group Scheduling so that a Group with scheduling disabled would be displayed in a way that indicates that it doesn't allow scheduling. Fixes: #4468
    • Updated the Group Schedule Status Board to not show inactive schedules. Fixes: #4471
    • Added Attendance in Groups option to the Group Attendance Filter.
    • Added new option when moving group members (of ‘Fundraising Group’ group types) to also move the corresponding financial transactions.
    • Fixed issue in Group Placement where a member could not be removed unless the user was a Rock Admin, even if the user had Edit or Manage Member permissions on the Group. Fixes: #4395

    Lava v12.0

    • Added new ImageUrl filter to simplify making an image URL.
    • Added new Lava filter "AddResponseHeader" to add Response headers.
    • Added additional parameters (Source, Medium, Campaign, Content, and Term) to the Interaction Write and Interaction Content Channel Item Write Lava commands.
    • Added a feature to allow single and multiline/block comments in Lava templates using the shorthand notation "//-" and "/- -/".
    • Improved the handling of parsed Lava templates by caching them for improved performance.
    • Improved the 'FromCache' Lava filter to be able to return all the items from a cache.

    Reporting v12.0

    • Updated the Report Detail block to show time to run and run count similar to the Data View Detail block.
    • Added a new Data View filter and a Report field to make it easy to find and report on Notes created by people within a given period of time.
    • Added new DataView Results block which can be used to show the results of a Data View. This also introduces an option to launch a workflow from a DataView results grid.

    Workflow v12.0

    • Fixed an issue where the Required property is not correctly enforced for Attribute Matrix and Value List attributes. Fixes: #4393
    • Fixed issue where the Show HTML workflow action wouldn't display correctly if the Workflow Entry block wasn't named 'Workflow Entry' Fixes: #4521
    • Added the popular "Change Log" (Notes block) recipe to the Workflow Configuration page.
    • Added ability to gather individual and spouse information from a workflow.

    Rock v11.5 Released October 11, 2022

    Core v11.5

    • Improved security.

    Rock v11.4 Released March 11, 2021

    CMS v11.4

    • Fixed "Content Channel Navigation" block settings. Parent category is no longer required. Fixes: #4457

    Check-in v11.4

    • Updated the EditLabel block with a new attribute for the label preview URL. This will allow the URL to be adjusted when the Labelary API URL changes. Fixes: #4441
    • Fixed Aero Theme from not scrolling people correctly. Fixes: #4479
    • Fixed Checkin Aero Theme from hiding "Another Person" button on individual checkin.

    Communication v11.4

    • Fixed issue where an error would occur when creating a personal communication template from a communication.
    • Fixed issue where an error would occur when creating a personal communication template from a communication. Fixes: #4481

    Core v11.4

    • Improved security.

    CRM v11.4

    • Updated the ForgotUserName block and corresponding "Forgot Usernames" system communication to not show the password reset link if the user login type does not support password resets. Fixes: #4438
    • Fixed an issue with the Following Suggestion List not passing the correct items to the bulk update functionality. Fixes: #4474
    • Updated the Public Profile Edit block to have a 'Require Gender' setting and when true, hide the 'unknown' value from the gender picker.

    Event v11.4

    • Fixed issue in the RegistrationEntry block where the select family members drop-down would appear empty if the template had Same Family set to Ask and Show Family Members was not checked. The drop-down will not show if Show Family Members is not checked. Fixes: #4478

    Group v11.4

    • Improved Group Leader Pending Notifications to only send communication to active leaders. Fixes: #4489

    Prayer v11.4

    • Fixed issue in prayer session to not cause validation on clicking next and back button. Fixes: #4488

    Reporting v11.4

    • Fixed issue in reports where the Total Giving field would export as a string instead of currency. This fixes an issue where the Grid would left-align the Total Giving column, and show an excel warning that the number is formatted as text. Fixes: #4473
    • Fixed an issue where a Metric Category Picker might not retain previously selected Metric Categories when editing the field.

    Workflow v11.4

    • Fixed issue in reporting where a Workflow Attribute filter would sometimes lose its configuration. This fixes an issue where a Dynamic Report block does not work with Workflow Attribute filters. Fixes: #3407

    Rock v11.3 Released November 3, 2020

    CMS v11.3

    • Updated the Interaction Transaction to extract and store any utm_* URL querystring parameter values into the corresponding field of the Interaction record.
    • Allow printing in color in all themes.

    Check-in v11.3

    • Updated the attendance code service to avoid duplicate codes in a Redis Backplane environment.
    • Updated Mobile Launcher to hide login button if no page is specified in Login page block attribute. Fixes: #4415
    • Updated Rapid Attendance Entry block to create cookie with unique key and validate setting on load. Fixes: #4422

    Communication v11.3

    • Updated Communication Template help text to clarify how the 'template-logo' div works. Fixes: #4333

    Connection v11.3

    • Updated campaign connection to correctly create records when Limit to Head of House is enabled. Fixes: #4461
    • Updated the Campaign Configuration to allow setting the "Daily Limit of Assigned Connection Requests" when the "All at Once" option is used. When used, this will cause a portion of the created connection requests to be assigned (as many as possible based on the number of available connectors and daily limit). Fixes: #4434

    Core v11.3

    • Fixed Address field type to correctly set the state. Fixes: #4291
    • Fixed typo on Notes Block Attribute. Fixes: #4413
    • Fixed issue where a Named location would sometimes display the street address instead of the Name. This fixes an issue where the Group Scheduler would show the group location as a street address instead of the location's name if the group location had a street address. Fixes: #4397
    • Updated the GroupMember code so that the Entity Property Set workflow action would work properly. Fixes: #4407
    • Updated the FieldType code so that the Event Registration Filter could support a boolean Toggle or Checkbox. Fixes: #4379

    Event v11.3

    • Updated Event Registration Detail block to correctly update ComparedToRegistrationTemplateFormFieldGuid on copy. Fixes: #4352
    • Improved the ability for the RegistrationEntry block to find a person record for a registrant by including the Birthday and Mobile Phone as search parameters. This will help prevent Ted Decker Jr. returning Ted Decker if they share an email address. Fixes: #4454
    • Fixed issue where images do not show correctly in Registration confirmation and reminder emails. Fixes: #4429
    • Fixed Event Item Occurrence Detail block to properly remove the registration linked to it. Fixes: #4245

    Finance v11.3

    • Fixed issue where an error would occur when editing a Scheduled Transaction. Fixes: #4385
    • Fixed issue in Transaction Matching where pressing Enter in an amount box no longer navigated to the next page. Fixes: #4300

    Group v11.3

    • Updated Group Tree View block to display the correct count of child groups. Fixes: #4449

    Rock v11.2 Released October 5, 2020

    CMS v11.2

    • Fixed an issue with the Parent Grid showing incorrect data. Fixes: #4361
    • Fixed a caching issue with the GroupListPersonalizedLava block that would cause the block to crash. Fixes: #4405
    • Improved Content Channel View so that attribute filters in the URL will support passing in multiple values for defined values attributes that have 'Allow Multiple' enabled.
    • Updated to FontAwesome 5.14.0

    Check-in v11.2

    • Updated Rapid Attendance Entry with single save button to clear up any confusion. Fixes: #4384
    • Updated Check-In to only list active devices. Fixes: #4338
    • Updated Rapid Attendance Entry to prevent saving the notes if left blank. Fixes: #4430
    • Added option to Check-in to determine Kiosk by IP/Name when using URL Configuration option but without specifying KioskId in the URL.
    • Fixed issue with person attribute values not being saved when entered through the Rapid Attendance Entry block. Fixes: #4370
    • Fixed Aero theme to show all check-in group ability levels. Fixes: #4401

    Communication v11.2

    • Fixed an issue with invalid email addresses not being deactivated when using SendGrid. Fixes: #4279

    Connection v11.2

    • Fixed issue where a Calling Campaign with thousands of people could take a very long time to open the 'Get Additional Requests' dialog. Fixes: #4282

    Core v11.2

    • Fixed an issue with the PageZoneBlocksEditor adding multiple controls with CustomerAdminControls. Fixes: #4403
    • Fixed issue with exclusive routes for non-RockRMS sites where the admin toolbar configuration pages got a 404 message. Fixes: #4346
    • Improved the summary message of the Database Maintenance Job.
    • Enables Lava for the Initial Instructions, Verification Instructions, Individual Selection Instructions, and Phone Number Not Found Message attributes of the Phone Number Identification block. Fixes: #4389

    CRM v11.2

    • Fixed attendance duration badge when duration is weeks. Fixes: #4391
    • Fixed an issue with the Show Security Button attribute not being respected on the Documents block. Fixes: #4406

    Event v11.2

    • Fixed event registration filter disappearing. Fixes: #4353
    • Fixed issue where inactive registration templates were shown on the Event Item Occurrence Detail block. Fixes: #4418
    • Resolved issue with account not being set when creating a new event registration instance through the Event Registration Wizard when cost is set on the registration template. Fixes: #4392
    • Fixed an issue with the currency fields on the Registration Instance Registration List block not exporting to Excel in the correct format. Fixes: #4402
    • Updated the Event Registration block to put the event registration templates in alphabetical order. Also, changed the drop down to be enhanced for long lists. Fixes: #4417

    Finance v11.2

    • Fixed an issue where an error would occur when doing a refund on an NMI ACH transaction. Fixes: #4411
    • Fixed issue where an error would occur when editing a Scheduled Transaction when using the PayFlowPro gateway. Fixes: #4385
    • Fixed issue where editing scheduled transactions could change currency type to Unknown. Fixes: #4437
    • Added setting to decrease amount of text generated by the Download Payments job. Fixes: #4381

    Group v11.2

    • Fixed an issue with child Group Type attributes not being correctly searched. Fixes: #4059 # #4343

    Reporting v11.2

    • Fixed an issue with the DataViewDetail block not using the Include Deceased flag when running the dataview. Fixes: #4399

    Workflow v11.2

    • Added new workflow action for adding a document to the given, configured entity.

    Rock v11.1 Released September 15, 2020

    CMS v11.1

    • Added tag list to the Content Channel Items block.
    • Updated the default styling of the Toggle to use the primary color of the theme to prevent confusion of what is the active state.
    • Fixed issue in the PageProperties block where clicking cancel while creating a new top level page would navigate back to the CMS Configuration menu. Fixes: #4305
    • Fixed a bug with the HTML Form block that would blank e-mails. Fixes: #4347
    • Fixed issue in ContentChannelDetail where an unused textbox "Item URL" was still displayed. Use "Content Channel Publishing Point" to specify the item URL for an RSS feed. Fixes: #4289

    Check-in v11.1

    • Improved the check-in QR code print handling to not try to print anything if labels are not configured to print. Fixes: #4324
    • Updated sounds so they can be customized directly inside of theme folders.
    • Updated the Attendance Self Entry block to allow setting an optional Location picker or passing in a LocationId.
    • Fixed Check-in ItemCache issue where the cache was not being cleared on kiosks when the Clear() method was called when using the Redis backplane. Fixes: #4325
    • Fixed a regression with Family Select Check-in scrolling. Fixes: #4330
    • Fixed Electric Theme to allow uploading the image from the Theme Styler block.
    • Fixed Aero theme rendering issues in Internet Explorer and the Windows Check-in Client.
    • Updated Rapid Attendance Entry Block to correctly update person email. Fixes: #4306
    • Updated Rapid Attendance Entry Block to remove all inactive schedules from the Picker. Fixes: #4311
    • Added a 'Has Cutter' attribute to printer devices so server side printing could perform automatic label cutting at the end of the label set or when a label has a '^FX ROCK_CUT' command. Also, updated the Windows Check-in Client app and iPad Check-in app (v1.9.1) with a new 'Enable Label Cutting' option for the same enhancement.

    Communication v11.1

    • Updated Send Notification to correctly get personal devices of people in groups and to log push attempt errors. Fixes: #4005
    • Improved the Communication Approval Email by making it a configurable item under Admin Tools > Communications > Communication Settings.

    Connection v11.1

    • Fixed an issue where a Workflow Type couldn't be removed from a Connection Type and/or a Workflow couldn't be deleted if Connection Requests have already been created that use that Workflow Type. Fixes: #4068

    Core v11.1

    • Fixed typo on code editor control. Fixes: #4345
    • Fixed an issue where a Group Location with an incomplete address may cause an Exception when editing a Group. Fixes: #4261
    • Fixed an issue where loading a grid with a page size greater than 500 items could cause post-back errors. Fixes: #4308
    • Fixed a bug that was requiring that the keys in the Key Value List had to be unique to work properly.
    • Fixed issue where getting a list of group/family members could include deceased group members. Fixes: #4281
    • Fixed issue in Redis Cache where a Stack Overflow error would occur if a Campus attribute using a drop-down list was used. Fixes: #4302
    • Fixed inability to delete unsecured file types. Fixes: #4323
    • Fixed issue in the "Defined Value Picker With Add" controls where an error would occur in some dynamic forms such as workflow forms. Fixes: #4317
    • Updated the Following By Entity Lava block to correctly delete following item. Fixes: #4297
    • Fixed grid buttons on Rock theme to only override background on .btn-default and .btn-danger Fixes: #4396
    • Updated Lava to find the include file when run via a job. Fixes: #4278
    • Updated Authorization cookie to allow SameSite to equal "None" instead of not being set. This will be compliant with the latest Official IETF specifications. Fixes: #4342

    CRM v11.1

    • Fixed person merge issue where documents were not included in the merge. Fixes: #4373
    • Fixed the age formatting on the Public Profile page so that yrs, mos, days, "old" displays correctly. Fixes: #4286
    • Fixed bug in the Step Participant List that was preventing deleting a person from the list. Fixes: #4200

    Engagement v11.1

    • Fixed the delete button on the Step Participant List block. Prior to the fix, clicking the button did not delete the Step Participant. Fixes: #4200

    Event v11.1

    • Fixed an issue where configuring more than one of the same person field to an event registration form and setting them to show in grid would cause an exception. Fixes: #4276
    • Fixed issue in the RegistrationEntry block where the discounted cost summary on the summary screen and the success screen could be different if the discount is larger than the per registrant cost. Fixes: #4016
    • Resolved issue where Event Registration Wizard does not show Account setting. Fixes: #4295
    • Fixed an issue where some Events on the Calendar page show an incorrect date range. Fixes: #4327
    • Fixed typo in Event Registration Template Detail Block. Fixes: #4307
    • Updated the Registration Instance Registration List block to include the necessary JavaScript to handle deletes correctly. Fixes: #4254
    • Fixed issue on the RegistrationInstanceRegistrantList block where a campus was not displayed in the grid.

    Finance v11.1

    • Fixed issue in Transaction Matching where Spouse would be required if Marital status was not set (Spouse should only be prompted for if the Marital status is Married). Fixes: #4316

    Group v11.1

    • Fixed the help text for the Sync Interval in the Group Detail block. Fixes: #4271
    • Fixed an issue where saving Attendance for a Group with no associated Schedule causes an exception. Fixes: #4198
    • Fixed an issue where inactivating a Group with a large number of members may fail with a timeout. Fixes: #4299
    • Updated the code to validate the Group Capacity rules when restoring a group member. Fixes: #4258
    • Updated the Group Finder block to use only active members for the member count and average member age.

    Lava v11.1

    • Fixed an issue where accessing a navigation property of a Lava entity may fail with a "NoTracking" error. Fixes: #4293

    Prayer v11.1

    • Fixed issue in PrayerRequestEntry block where prayer attributes using a radio button list where not getting saved. Fixes: #4290

    Reporting v11.1

    • Fixed issue where a Report and its DataView's ModifiedDateTime fields would be updated every time a Report is run. Fixes: #4321
    • Fixed an issue where an Item Picker set as Required may allow an empty value. Fixes: #4303

    Workflow v11.1

    • The Workflow Launch block can now accept workflow attribute values (passed in the query string) which will be set when launching a workflow.

    Rock v11.0 Released July 22, 2020

    API v11.0

    • Updated the RestKeyList block to show inactive REST users. Fixes: #1782
    • Improved the Metrics API by adding a previous metric date and value for comparisons/trends.

    CMS v11.0

    • Fixes to auto-complete text (in theme's .less file) so that it is no longer the same color as the background. Fixes: #4082
    • Fixed an issue where the same static route on two different sites that have two different parameter names will only go to the appropriate site's page and not the other site. Fixes: #4102
    • Fixed issue where enabling exclusive routes for sites other than RockRMS would cause a 404 when attempting edit those sites. Fixes: #4002
    • Fixed an issue where HTML Content Detail blocks lose their content when submitting an email via the Email Form block. Fixes: #4237
    • Fixed Content Channel Item ordering. Prior to the fix, manually ordered items were not appearing in the expected order or would be re-ordered to an earlier state. Fixes: #2522
    • Fixed the Page Copy feature to not copy Content Channels with the page. Fixes: #4177
    • Added the ability to edit site attribute values on the site detail block.
    • Improved the logout redirect process for secured pages. This will now redirect the user to the root URL, instead of to the default page directly. For example, the person will be redirected to "" instead of "" or "". Fixes: #4129
    • Improved performance of logging page views and other types of interactions.
    • Updated to FontAwesome 5.13.0
    • Improved interactions by updating existing records when a page is renamed and prompting to delete records when a page is deleted.
    • Improved performance of the HtmlContentDetail block by around 25% or more.
    • Updated jQuery to version 3.5.1.
    • Added the ability to upload images for use as a variable in LESS/CSS theme editor.
    • Added Categories to Content Channel.
    • Added an IsGlobal setting for Page routes. This setting will allow a site to load a route/page from another site even if the site has Exclusive Routes enabled. Internal site pages for adding and configuring pages and blocks are marked as global pages by default.
    • Added block setting to the Page Map block to allow filtering by the site type (website or mobile).

    Check-in v11.0

    • Fixed Check-in search to use the correct width searchbox when using registration mode.
    • Fixed an issue where Configuring Checkin for Geo Lookup disables IP lookup. Fixes: #3259
    • Fixed check-out to show buttons as active when people are selected.
    • Added a new Check-in theme "Electric" with dark mode included.
    • Updated the "Aero" Check-in theme to support phone sized viewports.
    • Added sound effects to Rock's core Check-in themes.
    • Added a new Check-in theme "Aero", featuring a new layout.
    • New Mobile Check-in Launcher block for performing geo-location based check-in. The block also generates a QR code that can be scanned at stations/kiosks to print labels.
    • Attendance Analytics exports now separate addresses into meaningful columns, and add Gender and Grade to Attendees, Parents and Children where applicable.

    Communication v11.0

    • Improved the performance of the Send Communications Job. This fixes an issue where the job could take a long time to complete, even if there are no communications to send.
    • Fixed a bug where the 'Only unsubscribe me from the following lists' would not show in the Email Preference Entry block unless the person was logged in. Fixes: #3330
    • Fixed an issue with Group Member not showing in Merge Fields for the Simple Editor. Fixes: #3858
    • Added changes to Rock to allow for multiple SMS Pipelines.
    • Improved performance on SMS Communications. This fixes an issue where it could take 5-30 seconds per recipient to save an SMS communication, and also 5-30 seconds to query for an SMS recipient from a Response Code. These operations will now take less than a couple of milliseconds. Fixes: #4180
    • Added support for an HTTP based SendGrid communication transport.
    • Added a "Replace Unsafe Sender" option to Mailgun HTTP Properties. Adding a flag for allowing to not replace unsafe sender email addresses.
    • Added date range options for Email Analytics.

    Connection v11.0

    • Added the ability to trigger workflows when a Connection Request's Future Follow-up date is reached.
    • Added the ability to enable securing Connection Requests to be viewable/editable by Connectors via a new Enable Request Security setting on the Connection Type.
    • The Transfer button on the Connection Request Detail page will only appear if there are other opportunities to transfer to. Fixes: #3963
    • Connection Statuses can now auto-inactivate a request when selected.

    Core v11.0

    • Fixed Named Location Editor not saving custom attribute values when adding new location. Fixes: #3657
    • Fixed the grid filter button styling so that it does not interfere with picker controls.
    • Fixed an issue where Lava variables can sometimes return incorrect results when the page (containing the Lava) is loaded simultaneously from multiple users or from multiple browser tabs. Fixes: #4084
    • Fixed an issue that was allowing double postback for radio buttons. Fixes: #4140
    • Updated MetricAnalyticsViews to allow any partition label that contains whitespaces. Fixes: #3809
    • Updated the RockLiteralField and RockTemplateField classes (i.e. Addresses, etc.) to turn HTML breaks (BR) into CRLF's before stripping out HTML when exporting to Excel. Fixes: #4226
    • Added a new toggle "Switch" UI control for developers.
    • Added the ability to add a Defined Value to the Defined Value Field Type so a new value can be created through the picker.
    • Added Google Cloud Storage as an Asset Storage provider.
    • Added a System Configuration setting to allow changing the amount of time a Rock issued security cookie is valid.
    • Updated the Range Slider control to allow for decimal values and added step value to control.
    • Updated Date Pickers to parse two-digit years as a nearby year, "5/1/15" will be parsed as "2015", not "15". If the year is less than 10 years in advance, the picker will use the current century, otherwise, it will use the previous one.
    • Optimized the Rock Cleanup job when cleaning up Interactions, Interaction Sessions and updating page load times.
    • Changed Rock impersonation token login handling to prevent interfering with the person's current login if they are already logged in as the impersonated person/token.
    • Updated UpdateBinaryFileType to be compatible with both the new and old BinaryFileType schema. Fixes: #4284
    • Updated the Rock Cleanup job to prevent timeout errors when cleaning up old interactions and updating the median page load times.
    • Improved the speed of the RockCleanup job when searching for orphaned AttributeMatrix rows. Fixes: #4174
    • Updated Persisted Dataset to respect the configured Lava commands. Fixes: #4164
    • Renamed/Moved the ChannelId property to be called 'InteractionChannelId' on the InteractionComponent model.
    • Added a new job that can be configured to re-open child Locations of a parent Named Location which were closed within a configurable time period.
    • Added new options to better control REST caching for GET results/requests.
    • Added support for Azure Cloud Storage to Rock's Asset Storage Providers system.
    • Added a block that can perform person identification based on a given phone number and SMS confirmation code.
    • Added new options to better control BinaryFile caching.
    • Added recent login activity as criteria for the Data Automation settings/system.
    • Added median page load times to the Page model. This displays on the Page Detail page.
    • Added the ability to define a component cache duration for an interaction channel.

    CRM v11.0

    • Added the ability to merge businesses.
    • Added a new "Include Deceased" option on Data Views that apply to People. This enables the creation of data views that were not possible before. Fixes: #3821
    • Added a way to control what parts of an address are considered necessary when the address is required. This can be changed using the Requirement Level settings in the Countries Defined Type.
    • Removed Modernizr JavaScript from core themes to improve performance on modern browsers.

    Engagement v11.0

    • Added a job to automate the creation of Steps based on a Data View.

    Event v11.0

    • Improved event registration to allow changing an auto-applied discount code in the event that someone has an alternate discount code they've been instructed to use.
    • Made several improvements to the event registration signup process, such as hiding "$0.00" in the fee selection drop-down list when there is no fee cost.
    • Added an option to disable Saved Account usage in Registration Entry.
    • Added Connection Status to Registration Registrant and Wait List grids. Fixes: #3224
    • Fixed an issue with the Credit Card Type being lost during Registration Entry if the 'Previous' button is clicked. Fixes: #1717
    • Fixed a problem where a blank instruction page might show in Event Registration. Fixes: #3937

    Finance v11.0

    • Updated the NMI Gateway to support getting the status of a scheduled transaction from NMI. This will make the Next Payment Date information more accurate and enable the Refresh Status button on the Scheduled Transaction detail page.
    • Fixed an issue in the PayFlowPro gateway where the billing name shown on PayPal reports was incorrect if the Name on Card was different than the person's first and last name. Fixes: #4090
    • Added a new "Allow Donations Until" date field on fundraising opportunities. Fixes: #4103
    • Fixed issue where the Expiring Credit Card job wasn't detecting expiring cards from NMI.
    • Added an option to the Expiring Credit Cards job to remove saved accounts that have expired.
    • Improved validation and error handling for NMI Gateway. Fixes: #2084

    Group v11.0

    • Fixed the group copy functionality to not copy the group attribute data for the Matrix field type. Fixes: #3768
    • Fixed the group edit block to correctly display the delete button. Fixes: #4274
    • Added a setting to allow a group to opt out from using the schedule toolbox and/or from group scheduling entirely.
    • Added a group of type 'Campus Team' to all campuses, as well as a way to add people to roles within this new group.
    • Added a 'Sync Interval' to GroupSync so a synchronization doesn't have to occur every time the GroupSync job runs.
    • Updated the Group Scheduler to improve its appearance on external themes.
    • Updated SendGroupEmail to be able to use the new SMS features of the SystemCommunication template.

    Lava v11.0

    • Added new EntityFromCachedObject Lava filter ( This allows the user to turn a Cached object into a real Entity object. Fixes: #4089
    • Added a new Lava command for writing specific interactions.
    • Fixed an issue where special characters in Lava shortcode parameters (pipe/comma/plus) may be incorrectly translated to other characters. Fixes: #4054

    Reporting v11.0

    • Fixed an issue where known/family relationships are not listed when running Reports on deceased individuals. Fixes: #4120
    • Fixed issue with Metric Value Details block where some metrics could not be saved for single campus instances. Fixes: #4206
    • Added new properties to Data Views and Reports to track how often Data Views are run and how long they take to run.
    • Added new settings to the ServiceMetricEntry block to allow control of how to handle empty fields.
    • Improved performance of the Giving Amount and First Contribution Date data filters.
    • Changes to track how often reports are run and how long they take to run.

    Workflow v11.0

    • Added Custom Actions to the block setting's "Custom Grid Options" tab. This allows user defined actions to be launched from grids for items in that grid.
    • Added Launch Workflows function to grids. This allows all of the items in the grid to be grouped, a workflow type selected and workflows launched for each item.
    • Added new 'Add Prayer Request' workflow action.
    • Added options for setting a CC and BCC in the Email Send Workflow Action.

    Other v11.0

    • Fixed an issue where the the Database Maintenance job would get an error rebuilding indexes 'IX_GeoFence' or 'IX_GeoPoint' when the 'Use ONLINE index rebuild' option is set to 'Yes'.

    Rock v10.4 Released March 11, 2021

    CMS v10.4

    • Fixed an issue where some types of content in the HtmlContent block may break page formatting in the CMS Configuration Page Viewer. (cherry picked from commit 97e8069af9dc9028ed4245083119ba94258ae2df) Fixes: #4121
    • Updated the public profile edit block to correctly disable the name fields. Fixes: #3272
    • Updated the HTML block to use ContextName and Context Values as intended. Currently any ContextValue (CampusId=1) would not be specific to the block instance. This should instead only be limited to ContextNames (not values).
    • Added fullscreen mode to code editors by pressing F11.

    Check-in v10.4

    • Fixed an issue where the Rapid Attendance Entry block passes an incorrect Location parameter when launching a Workflow. Fixes: #4238
    • Fixed issue where Kiosk Registration Mode sometimes does not honor required attributes (as configured in the Checkin configuration) Fixes: #4244

    Communication v10.4

    • Updated the Mailgun webhook to correctly handle bounces from the new API.
    • Fixed an error that would occur when registering a large group of RSVP recipients from the Communication Entry Wizard. Fixes: #4264

    Core v10.4

    • Improved security.
    • Updated the history service and grid control to correctly export without errors. Fixes: #4256
    • Fixed an issue where adding custom Grid columns could cause CSS classes to be applied to the wrong columns. Fixes: #4137
    • Fixed an issue where the Process BI Analytics Job may time out before the configured Command Timeout period. Fixes: #4249
    • Fixed issue where SQL Server 2019 can throw an exception when executing the GetAddress function. Fixes: #4251
    • Fixed issue where themes might fail when RockWeb restarts, or when manually compiling a theme shortly after a restart. Fixes: #4255

    CRM v10.4

    • Fixed an issue where some Password Managers may incorrectly display the "Forgot Account" page during auto-login. Fixes: #3252
    • Fixed issue where merging Person records with invalid Attribute Matrix values may fail with an error. Fixes: #3995

    Engagement v10.4

    • Fixed an issue where an unauthorized user could add Steps using Step Bulk Entry block . Fixes: #4262

    Event v10.4

    • Fixed issue where a registrant dynamic control with a filter condition prevented fields from auto-filling. Fixes: #4099
    • Fixed an issue in Event Registration where the Previous button on the summary screen would jump back to Registration Start instead of returning to the last registrant's form. Fixes: #4130

    Finance v10.4

    • Fixed an issue within the Check Scanner Utility where the Transaction Type buttons disappear when clicking them. Also added the ability to move to the next transaction by pressing the Return/Enter key when Capture Scanned Amount is enabled. Fixes: #3957

    Group v10.4

    • Fixed an issue where Group Attendance List may show records earlier than the start date specified by the grid filter. Fixes: #4202

    Prayer v10.4

    • Fixed issue in the PrayerRequestDetail block where the Campus List is empty if one was not selected when the prayer was created. Fixes: #4243

    Reporting v10.4

    • Fixed an issue where attempting to sort a Report by a phone number displays a warning. Fixes: #4196
    • Fixed issue where newly created Attribute fields do not show in DataView filter list. Fixes: #4240
    • Fixed a performance issue where a DataView Spouse Transformation could time out. Fixes: #4268

    Rock v10.3 Released June 22, 2020

    API v10.3

    • Added new POST /api/Interactions/Import endpoint that can be used to quickly bulk import Interaction Records

    CMS v10.3

    • Updated the Page Menu block to re-add the CurrentPage merge field. Fixes: #4169
    • Added server side form validation to the Captive Portal block to prevent blank persons from being created. Fixes: #3940
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Family Attributes in the Public Profile Edit block to not appear in the block settings. Fixes: #4108
    • Fixed bug that was causing the Child Content Channel Items to be ordered incorrectly.
    • Fixed issue where Urls were generated with http even though site is loaded over https. Fixes: #4115

    Check-in v10.3

    • Changed the check-in system's Welcome block's "Allow Label Reprinting" setting to be enabled by default.
    • Added a new Attendance Self Entry block for quick self service attendance recording which pairs nicely with Church Online Platform's version 4 "Moments" feature.
    • Added the ability for Lava to read the individual properties of the Registration Instance. Fixes: #4201
    • Fixed the Attendance Analytics block to allow sorting attendees in the grid by Campus. Fixes: #4051
    • Fixed Rapid Attendance Entry to load locations when a single group is configured. Fixes: #4212
    • Fixed issue where Windows Check-in Client displays a script error when selecting a gender for a newly-added Person. Fixes: #4043
    • Fixed check-in to show loading indicator when selecting a family.

    Communication v10.3

    • Fixed the SMS Number drop down to work correctly by converting it to use a RockDropDownList. Fixes: #4040
    • Fixed incorrect mobilePhone (NumberTypeValueId) information in the 'Group Member Notification' system communication. Fixes: #4156
    • Fixed issue where a copied communication could send a person multiple emails if that person has been merged since the original communication. Fixes: #4215
    • Fixed the Recipient Details grid to allow a communication to be created for everyone in the grid. Prior to the fix, only the people currently displayed on the screen would receive the communication. Fixes: #4234
    • Fixed a problem with Reply-To not working in the MailgunHttp transport when a sender did not pass the SafeSender check.
    • Fixed an issue with the SMS Pipeline when using an IIS Cluster and Redis that caused SMS Actions to not cache correctly across servers.
    • Fixed an issue with Communication Templates and System Communication Templates where the HTML would become corrupt if there was any Lava logic in the template. Fixes: #4185
    • Fixed an issue where editing a communication during the approval process would not display the correct segment filter(s) or segment filter type. Fixes: #4144
    • Fixed an issue where the CommunicationDetail block's Recipients column selection list had duplicate entries after tab reload. Fixes: #4197
    • Updated the Send Assessment Reminder, Send Attendance Reminder, Send Prayer Comments, and Send RSVP Reminder jobs to only send email to people with active email addresses. Fixes: #4124
    • Updated viewing communications to use GUIDs in the link.
    • Improved the performance of phone number matching in TextToWorkflow and SMS Pipeline. The phone matching step is around 100x faster.
    • Improved the SMSConversations block to save user preferences between logins. Fixes: #4131
    • Improved performance of SMSConversations block in getting the conversations to display. Fixes: #4131

    Connection v10.3

    • Fixed an error on the Connection Request Detail block that caused an error when Badges were selected. Fixes: #4183
    • Fixed security for Connection Request Attributes in the Connection Opportunity detail block. Fixes: #4205
    • Fixed connection opportunity block to correctly update when a photo is removed. Fixes: #4214
    • Cleaned up Connection Requests exported to Excel by removing HTML from certain columns. Fixes: #4204
    • Updated the connection opportunity detail block to correctly set QualifierValues in order to properly trigger 'Activity Added' workflows. Fixes: #2029
    • Added the Connection Campaigns system that was originally released as a plugin.

    Core v10.3

    • Fixed and improved performance of Rock Cleanup job handling orphaned attribute values. Fixes: #4174 #4127
    • Fixed a bug that prevented users from selecting items in pickers containing both categories and items. Fixes: #1632 #3942
    • Fixed an issue that would cause any matrix-attributes used in a Connection Request to be removed by RockCleanup job. Fixes: #4092
    • Fixed issue where the Person Picker search box is not reset after adding a recipient to Simple Communication, Group Attendance or Bulk Update. Fixes: #4216
    • Fixed the HistoryLog block so that any underlying problems trying to fetch data will not throw a page exception. Fixes: #4220
    • Fixed an issue with the campus picker, where a visibility setting to hide didn't work in some instances. Fixes: #4172
    • Fixed issue where the document upload control did not show when using a custom background check provider. Fixes: #3793

    CRM v10.3

    • Updated the Top Person Signal Badge to consider the Expiration Date. This resolves an inconsistency where setting an expiration date on a person signal was not causing the Top Signal Badge to go away, even after running the Calculate Person Signals job. Fixes: #4113
    • Fixed a problem that would occur when calculating a person's age when the person's birth year was unknown (or invalid). Fixes: #3881
    • Fixed an issue where Assessment results from a merged Person record cannot be accessed. Fixes: #4114
    • Updated Family Pre-Registration block to improve format consistency. Fixes: #4221
    • Updated internal code to correctly set the GivingLeaderId and updated the FamilyPreRegistration block to correctly set the GivingGroupId. Fixes: #4027
    • Modified the scale field result values (used in Assessments attributes) to always return whole numbers in order to display the correct text value (ex: Low, Medium, High). Fixes: #3959

    Engagement v10.3

    • Fixed an issue where Step Type Workflow Triggers may be overwritten by changes to Triggers in the associated Step Program. Fixes: #4203
    • Fixed typo in Step Type Detail "Spans Time" help text. Fixes: #4189
    • Fixed an issue in the Step Type Detail block where the Default Date Filter block setting was not correctly applied. Fixes: #4188
    • Fixed the Step Program List and Step Type List blocks to prevent reordering of the items by people who do not have Edit permission. Fixes: #4191
    • Fixed Step Program List and Step Type List blocks to allow drill-down for people with View permission. Fixes: #4190
    • Fixed an issue where a person without Edit permission could add or edit a Step from the Person Profile Steps tab. Fixes: #4192
    • Added an option to show the campus column to the Person Program Step List when necessary.
    • Added a feature to Steps that allows reporting using the attributes of the steps.
    • Added support for providing a Campus on Steps.

    Event v10.3

    • Updated the Active Registration Instance List block to honor template security. Fixes: #4126
    • Added Default Payment Amount to Event Registration Wizard. Fixes: #4134
    • Fixed Calendar Item Lava to make .ics event download work in Firefox or Safari. Fixes: #3856
    • Fixed the filter on the Registrant Grid and Wait List. Prior to the fix, these were not being updated according to the provided filter criteria. Fixes: #4171
    • Fixed an issue where the Select Family drop down list did not display for single person registrations. Fixes: #4101
    • Fixed an issue where fees that allowed multiple items and multiple quantities showed a validation error in Firefox browsers. Fixes: #4118
    • Added 'Event Calendar Item' attribute edit/delete security check to the Calendar Event Item Detail block. Fixes: #4065

    Finance v10.3

    • Fixed the date range filter used by the Pledge Analytics block so that it returns any pledge with a start or end date that falls within the specified date range. Prior to the fix, the Total Giving Amount was showing all giving for the Account and did not respect the Date Range selected. Fixes: #3478
    • Fixed an issue where editing a scheduled transaction might not update the payment details correctly. Fixes: #4155
    • Fixed issue in Edit Scheduled Transaction so it shows the account public name instead of the account internal name. Fixes: #4153
    • Fixed issue in PayFlowPro gateway where a 'Name Required' error would occur for ACH transactions given from a Business. Fixes: #4116
    • Fixed the FundraisingList block to only display 'active' groups. Fixes: #4224

    Group v10.3

    • Updated 'Post Attendance To Group' action to consider attendance date with time while saving attendance. Fixes: #4159
    • Fixed issue in Group Detail where the group type drop down might show an incorrect list of group types (introduced with Camp Tool feature). Fixes: #4217
    • Updated the Group Member validation to ignore the group member currently being added when comparing the count of group members to the group's capacity. The new member was previously being counted twice in the validation. Fixes: #4207
    • Fixed an issue in Group Tree View where the configuration panel would get hidden if the the person didn't have rights to Edit the selected group. The configuration gear should always be shown regardless of rights. Fixes: #4150
    • Fixed group scheduler block that was showing inactive locations and schedules. Fixes: #4104
    • Changed the 'Percent Members Attended' column back to the original 'Percent Attended' column behavior that existed prior to v10.2.
    • Updated the Fundraising Donation Entry and Fundraising Progress blocks to support inheriting from Fundraising Opportunity group type. Fixes: #4136
    • Improved the GroupScheduleToolbox block to save the campus value to the Attendance record when adding a person to the schedule. Fixes: #4109
    • Updated the GroupScheduleToolbox block to allow for the entry of a Decline Reason if the group type requires it. Fixes: #4145
    • Moved the old Communication List's group member communication preference 'attribute values' to the new group member Communication Preference property.

    Lava v10.3

    • Fixed Lava's Attributes so that only active attributes are included in the list. Fixes: #3915
    • Fixed issue where the ToJSON Lava filter might throw an exception on objects in some situations. This fixes an issue where ToJSON on an object loaded with Lava entity commands could throw an exception when converting a Person property to JSON. Fixes: #4094
    • Fixed SanitizeLava() to handle null values. Fixes: #4175
    • Added a way to get SystemSettings via the Attribute filter similar to how Global Attributes are fetched.

    Prayer v10.3

    • The Allow Encouraging Comments on the Add Prayer Request block will now default to the Default Allow Comments setting. Fixes: #4181
    • Updated the Prayer Request Entry block to use attribute value container control. Fixes: #4161
    • Changed to prevent showing inactive campuses in the Prayer Session block on the prayer team page. Fixes: #4160

    Reporting v10.3

    • Added the Page Parameter Filter block to core (donated by Bema Services upon request by Core Team and Community). This matches the version in the Rock Shop, with some requested additions.
    • Added new criteria on the Person Note data view filter for finding notes by creation date.
    • Fixed issue where Metric Value Details block didn't auto-select the single active campus. Fixes: #4206
    • Fixed issue where exporting ('Report to Excel') resulted in duplicate columns being generated for Lava field types. Fixes: #3950
    • Fixed issue with the Total Giving reporting field where it was not factoring in Refunds. This also includes a fix to the amount option in the Total Giving field type. Now it will only show the total giving amount if the *total* amount meets the provided criteria. Fixes: #4042

    Workflow v10.3

    • Fixed Workflow Entry block causing exception when first added to page. Fixes: #4166
    • Added new workflow action to add a person to an existing family.
    • Changed the 'Content Channel Item Add' and 'Step Add' workflow actions to store the created item into an optional workflow field attribute if supplied.

    Rock v10.2 Released March 27, 2020

    API v10.2

    • Added REST endpoints to /api/People/ for getting and setting user preferences and user block preferences.
    • Added ValueFormatted as an available field when getting AttributeValues when using the REST API with the LoadAttributes option.

    CMS v10.2

    • Added keyboard shortcuts for the admin bar actions: Alt-B for Block Config, Alt-P for Page Properties, Alt-Z for Page Zones, Alt-L for Child Pages.
    • Added Google Cloud Platform as an option for the Asset Storage Provider.
    • Updated to FontAwesome 5.12.0.

    Check-in v10.2

    • Added additional items to the attendance code "ban" list. Fixes: #4142
    • Improved Check-in label reprinting to include option to choose the "Print For Each" Family type labels in addition to the Person types.
    • Improved the polling mechanism of the check-in system to use an API call to reduce load on the server. Also improved check-in so that kiosks automatically recover after IIS and server restarts.
    • Fixed check-in UI rendering issue in iOS.
    • Added the ability to enter notes and prayer requests, and the ability to launch workflows, to Rapid Attendance Entry. This allows for the rapid entry of common connection card information in addition to, or in place of, attendance entry.

    Communication v10.2

    • The Create Date for saved draft communications will be reset before the communications are queued for sending. Fixes: #3537
    • Moved (copied) SystemEmail to new SystemCommunication to allow adding SMS capabilities to "system" communications and added RSVP reminder properties to Group Type and Group. Future updates to plugins should change from using the now legacy SystemEmail to using SystemCommunication.
    • Fixed issue in MailGun Http email transport where alternative email formats (e.g. "First Last") were considered invalid. Fixes: #4060
    • Fixed missing Email Analytics page. Fixes: #4063
    • Fixed CommunicationDetail block timeout for Communications with a large number of recipients. Fixes: #4093
    • Fixed logic in the CommunicationQueueAlert job to avoid false alerts with certain 'scheduled' communications. Fixes: #3038

    Connection v10.2

    • Fixed error "Field contains invalid characters" on the ConnectionOpportunitySignup block when the current person's name has an apostrophe. Fixes: #4085
    • Fixed the My Connection Opportunities grid list to correctly sort the connector column. Fixes: #4067
    • Resolved error when attempting to transfer connection opportunities when there are no available opportunity types to transfer them to. Fixes: #4011
    • Fixed issue with duplicate connection workflow caused by creating a copy of a Connection Type. Fixes: #3919
    • Improved the Connection Request Detail block to allow for a simple Lava Heading Template and Lava Badge area, as well as improved attribute editing.
    • Updated the connection request transfer opportunity to default to the current opportunity.

    Core v10.2

    • Fixed incorrect pending member count in the "Group Leader Pending Notifications" job's status message. Fixes: #4062
    • Fixed the Database Maintenance job from failing due to non-Rock (non-dbo schema) tables existing in the Rock database. Fixes: #3297
    • Added a new editor which stores its data as structured JSON allowing for richer javascript editors to be used in certain places.
    • Added new MetricItemPicker control and MetricField attribute.
    • Improved the simple display value of schedules with a multi day-of-the-month recurrence pattern. Fixes: #3906

    CRM v10.2

    • Added new security action called "View All Attributes" for the Person Merge feature. Anyone with this security authorization on the block will be able to see all attribute values. Fixes: #3310
    • Removed the block attribute "Allow Retakes" from the Assessment blocks so the AssessmentType's "Requires Request" setting can be used instead.
    • Fixed the eRA calculation to handle 'exiting' when the family members are inactive. Fixes: #3824
    • Fixed Rock Badges to display correctly with FontAwesome Light as the default weight. Fixes: #4004
    • Fixed issue where Person Merge might take the wrong person's attribute value if the person without the attribute was selected as the one to keep.
    • Added Assessment History to the Person Profile's History tab to see and delete (if needed) pending assessment requests. Fixes: #4015

    Engagement v10.2

    • Added prerequisites for streak achievement types. Prerequisites allow setting achievements that must be earned before the subject achievement is allowed to be attempted.
    • Added ability for interactions to be linked to streak types, allowing streak data to be driven by an interaction channel, component, or medium.

    Event v10.2

    • Fixed issue where a blank address entered during Event Registration would update the family address with a blank address. Fixes: #4070
    • Fixed issue where using Grid Filter with long attribute names would throw an exception. Fixes: #3986 # 3971
    • When a conditional field is dependent on a radio button control the form didn't always validate. Prior to the fix, it was possible to completely skip required fields if you selected the value and quickly clicked “Next” on a form. Fixes: #4139
    • Fixed issue with Group Placement where some registrant attribute field types (ones that don't have filters) would cause an exception. Fixes: #4148
    • Added a new Advanced Group Placement feature which replaces the previous group placement feature in the administrative event registration portion of Rock.

    Finance v10.2

    • Fixed problem with certain transactions causing an error on the Transaction Detail page. Fixes: #4083

    Group v10.2

    • Added an optional Rock job for sending RSVP "reminders" to people who accepted the RSVP a number of days before the RSVP occurrence date (based on the group type or group's RSVP Reminder Offset configuration setting).
    • Added communication preferences to Group Member (for upcoming/future use) and updated the Send Attendance Reminders job to enable working with the group member leader's email/SMS preference.
    • Added a way to optionally collect and require an inactive reason when a group is being marked inactive.
    • Added new options to the GroupList block (used on Groups tab of Person Profile) to better control how the group picker works for the 'Allow Add' option.
    • Added the ability to filter RSVP responses by Status and Decline Reason.
    • Updated the Fundraising Donation Entry and Fundraising Progress blocks to support inheriting from Fundraising Opportunity group type. Fixes: #4136
    • Fixed issue with the GroupSync job not respecting user's email preferences. Fixes: #4086
    • Fixed issue where inactive Group Members were able to be scheduled. Fixes: #4106
    • Fixed an issue where archived group members would not be unarchived when the group was unarchived. Fixes: #4055
    • Added a 'Percent Members Attended' column to the Group Attendance block's list and removed the sometimes misleading 'Percent Attended' column. Fixes: #1793
    • Fixed Group Scheduler to display correct messages when the 'Send Now' button is clicked. Fixes: #4012

    Reporting v10.2

    • Added ability to limit Service Metrics Entry block to specific campuses by passing CampusId page parameter.
    • Fixed Attendance Campus Filter to work correctly with a single campus. Fixes: #4025
    • Fixed issue with Dynamic Data block's results not showing the time if seconds was 0. Fixes: #4028
    • Fixed an issue with the way Attendance Analytics was not correctly finding "Current" and "Previous" data data due to the settings on the date range selector. Fixes: #4046

    Workflow v10.2

    • Fixed issue where the WorkflowEntry Block could cause an exception when adding it to a page. Fixes: #4075
    • Fixed workflow timing issue that could cause the workflow to restart on servers with many CPUs.
    • Fixed an issue caused by using Lava and the "|" character inside of a Workflow entry form. Fixes: #4018

    Rock v10.1 Released December 16, 2019

    Communication v10.1

    • Added block setting to the New Communication blocks to allow enabling the "Is The Communication Bulk" to Yes/On by default.

    Connection v10.1

    • Added capability to allow entering attribute values during connection request signup. To use this feature, first add attributes to the Connection Request using System Settings > Entity Attributes.

    Core v10.1

    • Fixed issue where an empty Campus picker appeared if there were no active campuses. This caused an error on blocks such as the Connection Signup block where a campus selection is required if it is visible. Fixes: #3997

    CRM v10.1

    • Added an "Addresses" section to the Person Merge block, allowing the selected address to be updated on the person's primary family.
    • Fixed Public Profile Edit block so that it uses the current person's campus when adding a new family member. Fixes: #4003
    • Fixed incorrect eRA badge alignment. Fixes: #3999

    Engagement v10.1

    • Added streak achievements. This allows establishing parameters for achievements that people can earn by engaging in the defined streak types. People can earn achievements based on total accumulation or longest streak styles of measurement.

    Event v10.1

    • Fixed the registration signature document (when not using the inline process) to generate a document if the person (registrant) does not yet have a signed signature document for the template being used. Prior to fix, if the person had a signed document with a different template on file, they would not automatically receive a signature request. Fixes: #3608

    Finance v10.1

    • Fixed the Contribution Statement Lava block so that it honors the 'Display Pledges' setting. Prior to the fix, if you set the block settings to not show pledges they would show anyway if the pledge was within the contribution statement's time frame. Fixes: #4000

    Workflow v10.1

    • Added new Rock Job (DataViewToWorkflow) that will launch workflows for every entity in a specified data view.

    Other v10.1

    • Fixed missing Font Awesome icons on email template color pickers. Fixes: #3996
    • Fixed issue with Sticky Headers listeners causing JavaScript errors. Fixes: #3994
    • Updated Rock Shop UI to include Sponsored Apps and Top Free sections.

    Rock v10.0 Released December 16, 2019

    API v10.0

    • Fixed error when loading attribute matrix items through the API. Fixes: #3841
    • Added new POST /api/Attendances/Import endpoint that can be used to quickly bulk import Attendance Records.
    • Adjusted security on Presence user to allow creation of Attendance records and reading of group type check-in configuration.
    • Added new GET /api/(controller)/FollowedItems endpoint that will return the followed items. For example, /api/Groups/FollowedItems would return a list of groups that the person is following. Either ?personId= or ?personAliasId = can be specified to indicate what person you want to see the followed items for.
    • Added "getparents" and "getchildren" action to content channel item API.
    • Added option to specify the attributes to load when using using the loadAttributes option in the REST API.
    • Improved the DataView endpoints for entities by removing tracking (30-50% improvement in speed) and added an additional endpoint InDataView that simplifies how you can determine if one person (or any entity) is a part of a specified data view (a common task).

    CMS v10.0

    • Fixed the Page menu to allow using the word 'error' in the text. Fixes: #3751
    • Updated to FontAwesome 5.11.1
    • Improved Rock to no longer show the 'select a campus' when only one active campus exists.
    • Added a "status" feature to campuses so upcoming (non-ready) campuses can be added to Rock without causing confusion.
    • Added 50/50 column zones to Rock core theme layouts.
    • Added new Exclusive Routes optional feature to Sites to allow routes to only work on that particular site.

    Check-in v10.0

    • Improved the styling and wording of the auto select page of check-in.
    • Improved the way check-out end-time is calculated. Instead of using the check-in end-time logic (close check-in X minutes after start) it will now use the schedule's end time (start time + the duration) to determine when check-out is occurring.
    • Improved performance of LoadGroups check-in action for AttendanceRule.AlreadyBelongs cases.
    • Added SMS Enabled Options for Check-in Edit Family Block. Allows for a "SMS Enabled" selection to be shown with a default of yes or no for the Check-in Edit Family block.

    Communication v10.0

    • Updated SMS pipeline to create a Nameless person when a phone number comes in that doesn't match an existing person. These nameless person records can then be matched to an existing person record.
    • Adjusted when merge field resolution occurs on the MailgunHttp.cs transport for cases where it might otherwise resolve to empty.
    • Fixed the Push Notification Send workflow action to correctly process Lava merge fields.
    • Fixed issue where system emails might log the communication history to the wrong person if other people have the same email address.
    • Added option to the Communication Wizard to exclude recipients that have the same email address or SMS number.
    • Added a save button on the Communication Entry Wizard block to allow saving a communication while it's being created and edited.

    Connection v10.0

    • Added capability to view and edit attributes on Connection Requests. To use this feature, first add attributes to the Connection Request using System Settings > Entity Attributes. Fixes: #3421

    Core v10.0

    • Abstracted badges away from Person model so they can be shown for any entity.
    • Added option to the boolean field type attribute to specify what type of control to use (DropDown, CheckBox, Toggle).
    • Fixed issue where saving or deleting a userlogin that does not have a person associated with it shows an error. Fixes: #3845
    • Fixed the IIS job scheduler so that a job will not execute if another scheduler is running the job manually. Fixes: #3156
    • iCal event feed now properly includes all recurring events that overlap with the requested date range. Fixes: #3502
    • Added ability to mark defined values as active/inactive. An inactive value will not be included in the list of selectable values for a defined type unless it was previously selected while active.
    • Added REST endpoint to provide information about service times for use by FrontPorch to configure registering attendance.
    • Added SameSite Cookie setting to global attributes. Default setting is Lax for better cookie handling.

    CRM v10.0

    • Fixed New Family Block silently ignoring invalid birth date. An error will now appear if the date is not in the correct format. Fixes: #3733
    • Fixed Merging People with Attribute Matrices inserting a blank GUID AttributeValue when there is no value.
    • Addresses will select the default country when creating new address. Fixes: #3386
    • Improved history so that user account/login changes are logged to person history. Fixes: #2936
    • Added a Group RSVP feature to be used in combination with communications to request whether or not a person will be attending an occurrence of a group's event.
    • Added the ability to edit attribute values on Tags.
    • Added "Edit SMS" security action for the Edit Person block.
    • Added prompt to add people to an existing family in the New Family block if another family has the same address.
    • Added new data integrity report type block for viewing connection status changes for a given date range.

    Engagement v10.0

    • Added Streaks feature.
    • Added Steps feature.
    • Added 'Add Step' workflow action to create steps.
    • Added steps badge.
    • Added steps bulk entry block.

    Event v10.0

    • Added the ability to enter a discount code after registration but before making final payment.

    Finance v10.0

    • Updated pledge list to filter on attribute values marked to show in grid. Fixes: #3763

    Group v10.0

    • Updated Groups so that group members will be made inactive when the group is made inactive. Also updated groups so that group members will be archived when the group is archived. If the group is made active again, it'll also make any group members active if they were marked inactive when the group was made inactive. Fixes: #3592
    • Improved Group Requirement Types so that a requirement type of SQL has better examples, and also has an option of optimizing the SQL when a specific person's requirements are calculated.

    Lava v10.0

    • Significantly improved speed of Lava entity commands. See Lava docs for more information on how you can tune your commands using the new 'securityenabled' parameter.
    • Added OrderBy Lava filter to provide extensive sorting options when working with arrays.
    • Added the ability to pass variables and collections into Lava shortcodes. So if you had a collection of groups (loaded say from an entity command) you could pass that into your shortcode like so {[ groupformattedlist groups:groupItems }]. This would make the collection of groups (groupItems) available to the shortcode internals via the 'groups' variable.
    • Added filters to calculate cryptographic hashes (Md5, Sha1, Sha256, HmacSha1 and HmacSha256).
    • Added new Lava filter for calculating reading time of a string.
    • Added override to Date Lava filter to allow for {% assign now = 'Now' | Date %}. In this use case no format is required.

    Reporting v10.0

    • Improved the way persistence is configured for Data Views by using a checkbox list to select minutes, hours, or days and a slider control to select the value.
    • Improved performance of Dynamic Reports by using the persisted data views that weren't impacted by non-default filter selections.
    • Added Data Filter "Group/Location Data View" to filter for Groups related to the locations returned by a Data View. Fixes: #1297
    • Added new, faster Primary Campus data view filters that only check the person's primary campus but not all the possible family campuses to which the person may belong.
    • Added ability to limit Service Metrics Entry block to specific campuses. Fixes: #3692

    Workflow v10.0

    • Added preserving the EntityId and EntityTypeId in a workflow instance if it is persisted.
    • Added the ability to filter Connection Activity Types and Connection Statuses by Connection Type when used as an attribute in a workflow. Fixes: #1541

    Other v10.0

    • Increased performance of Person Search Key searches.
    • Fixed issue where update to 10.0 would fail if a campus exists without an associated location. Fixes: #4056
    • Updated Slingshot to support imports of Person Search Keys, 'Receipt' transaction types, and Locations with a location type of 'Other'. Also updated imports of Financial Transactions to match 'Anonymous Giver' if they are not associated with a specific person.

    Rock v9.4 Released November 6, 2019

    CMS v9.4

    • Improved security.

    Rock v9.3 Released October 23, 2019

    API v9.3

    • We've removed the inherited permissions on the GetImpersonationParameter API endpoint. If you have a custom application that uses that API, you may consider re-adjusting those permissions to suit your needs.

    CMS v9.3

    • Row properties are now available in custom Lava columns in the Checkr Request List block. Fixes: #3860
    • Fixed issue where ContentChannelItems were not being filtered by Item attributes defined on the ContentChannelType. Fixes: #3886

    Connection v9.3

    • Resolved issue caused when attempting to save a connection opportunity associated with an archived placement group. Fixes: #3875

    CRM v9.3

    • Changed the DISC block to show the additional results when viewing another person's score. Fixes: #3863
    • Improved address functionality to allow a partial address to be saved (e.g. just City and State).
    • Fixed issue where the DISC Profile person attribute was not set to the DISC Results Defined Type. Fixes: #3924
    • Fixed issue in the FamilyPreRegistration block where child info was not being validated when the save button was pressed. Fixes: #3651

    Event v9.3

    • Fixed Registration tab's filters on the event RegistrationInstanceDetail block so they properly clear. Fixes: #3892
    • Fixed Event Registration Credit Card payment entry not appearing when using NMI. Fixes: #3922
    • Fixed issue where Registration Payment summary will show $0 amounts if any of the registrants had any charge due to event cost or fees. If no registrant has any costs or fees then the payment summary will not appear (current functionality). Fixes: #3658

    Finance v9.3

    • Fixed error on the TransactionDetail block when selecting a currency type if the "Non-Cash" currency type was missing. Fixes: #3894
    • Fixed issue where the Transaction Links block was not redirecting to the correct page, and was giving an "Invalid Token..." error when setting a custom 'Add Transaction Page' in block settings. Fixes: #3903
    • Fixed problem exporting grid values from Fundraising Donation List block by adding IDs to column definitions. Fixes: #3901
    • Fixed issue where comments on scheduled transactions don't show when viewing the scheduled transaction. Fixes: #3876

    Group v9.3

    • Fixed behavior between three blocks that were sharing the HideInactiveGroups user preference. Fixes: #3890
    • Resolved issue that caused the "Delete" button to show up on some groups when the user did not have access to use the button. Fixes: #3857

    Lava v9.3

    • Updated GetHeadOfHousehold (used by Lava HeadOfHousehold) so that any deceased people are excluded from the list of options. Fixes: #3854
    • Updated the NextDayOfTheWeek Lava filter to correct the numberOfWeeks optional parameter. Fixes: #3884

    Prayer v9.3

    • Fixed PrayerRequestEntry blocks showing top-level category in the drop-down list. Fixes: #3322

    Reporting v9.3

    • Fixed PowerBiReportViewer block to respect settings for which panes to show/hide. Fixes: #3887

    Other v9.3

    • Updated text rendering and other fixes to prevent the crashing behavior due to Safari's text-render bug in version 13. Fixes: #3916
    • Fixed issue where Data Automation may incorrectly change Family Campus for transactions other than "giving" activity. Fixes: #3836
    • Updated text rendering to prevent crashing behavior in Safari 13. Fixes: #3916
    • Updated the DataAutomationSettings block so that unchecking an interaction channel type displays the setting correctly when reloading the block. Fixes: #3895

    Rock v9.2 Released September 11, 2019

    Check-in v9.2

    • Fixed the Check-in family registration system so that it now captures any newly created person's first name. Fixes: #3879

    Communication v9.2

    • Fixed SMS Send workflow action, to allow sending an attachment-only message. Fixes: #3788

    Core v9.2

    • Fixed issue where Payment Reminders were not sent if the registration template or instance did not have a cost but did have optional fees. Fixes: #3646

    Event v9.2

    • Fixed Registration not displaying the Family Member drop down list when "Registrants In Same Family" option is enabled. Fixes: #3874
    • Fixed issue where payment information could not be accessed after removing all registrants from an Event Registration. Fixes: #3755

    Lava v9.2

    • Fixed the new Group Status feature on the 'Groups' Lava filter, so the {{ Person | Groups }} filter will return both active and inactive groups. Fixes: #3868

    Workflow v9.2

    • Fixed issue where a workflow action SendSms didn't send messages to a phone number that did not have a person associated with it, when Save Communication History was selected. Fixes: #3877

    Other v9.2

    • Fixed data automation job to not update campuses that were recently updated manually. Fixes: #3835

    Rock v9.1 Released August 20, 2019

    API v9.1

    • Updated GET /api/{controller}/ REST APIs to internally use AsNoTracking when querying the database. This helps improve performance to be about 50% to 100% faster. Note that if the loadAttributes parameter is specified, the performance will only be a tiny bit faster (probably less than 5%).
    • Fixed WiFi Presence Interaction timestamps being off by 1 hour during DST. Fixes: #3795

    CMS v9.1

    • Updated to FontAwesome 5.10.1.
    • Updated to FontAwesome 5.10.0. NOTE: If using FontAwesome Pro, you will need to re-upload your Font Awesome Pro Package after the update.
    • Fixed error when trying to delete item from Content Channel in the ContentChannelNavigation block. Fixes: #3774

    Check-in v9.1

    • Fixed issue where SMS from the Check-in Manager Person block did not send. Fixes: #3832

    Communication v9.1

    • SMS Simple Communication SMS Phone number picker will display the descriptions if available. The DefinedValuePicker (not multiple or enhanced) will now check the description and show the value if there is no description. This will prevent blank selections in the drop down list. Fixes: #3831
    • Fixed display of "SMS From" phone numbers being limited to 25 characters. The full description will now show in the drop down list. If there is no description, the phone number is used. Fixes: #3831
    • Fixed a problem with the person picker on the Communication Entry block that would occur when configured for only SMS. Fixes: #3769

    Connection v9.1

    • Updated the internally used Connection Request Detail block to utilize the security settings of the Connection Opportunity for view access and removed the security check on the externally facing Connection Opportunity Detail Lava block (which would otherwise prevent people from creating a request).

    Core v9.1

    • Fixed issue with MigrationHelper.UpdateEntityAttribute that caused the Room Management plugin to get a migration exception in 9.0. Fixes: #3851
    • Fixed issue where system created scheduled metrics do not run and user created metrics do not run until after the next schedule time.
    • Fixed error "Input string was not in a correct format" in Audit transactions. Fixes: #3804
    • Added property "Generate Signed URLs" to the Amazon S3 Asset component. The default setting is "No". If set to "Yes" GetDownloadLink() will provide the AWSAccessKeyId value in the URL.

    CRM v9.1

    • Updated edit person block to add deceased date. Fixes: #3734

    Engagement v9.1

    • Fixed issue where the Spiritual Gifts assessment badge would display a lava error if only one gift was dominant. Fixes: #3815

    Event v9.1

    • Fixed issue where the registration instructions did not appear if "Allow Multiple Registrants" was not selected. Fixes: #3805

    Finance v9.1

    • Changed the Fundraising Matching block (aka TransactionEntityMatching) so that it only sets transactions if there is a selected item. Fixes: #3714

    Group v9.1

    • Updated Groups so that group members will be made inactive when the group is made inactive. Also updated groups so that group members will be archived when the group is archived. If the group is made active again, it'll also make any group members active if they were marked inactive when the group was made inactive.
    • Added new 'Absence Notification' job to let group leaders know about group members who are absent for a consecutive number of meetings.
    • Added GroupMember as an available merge field for a communication if the communication recipients were created from the Group Member List block
    • Corrected the 'has note' icon to show when the entire 'note' column is not being shown. Fixes: #3846
    • Fixed issue where a GroupSync that has an null group type role will cause an error when logging. Fixes: #3773

    Reporting v9.1

    • Fixed Power BI Report viewer showing a thin line after clicking "Full Screen". Fixes: #3792
    • Fixed Dynamic Heat Map to work with campus names that have an apostrophe. Fixes: #3811

    Rock v9.0 Released August 5, 2019

    CMS v9.0

    • Fixed Content channel view to show buttons when new filter groups are added. Fixes: #1574
    • Fixed 'Disable Name Edit' option on Public Profile Edit block so that name can be edited when appropriate. Fixes: #3272
    • Fixed the social media sharing links to use new Twitter web intent and Facebook share URLs. Fixes: #3635
    • Fixed the HTML Editor plugins for inserting images/files where markup would not update without a keystroke.
    • Fixed Content Channel Items, for organizational tags. Note: If categories are involved, admins must still set up "Tag" action security for those categories.
    • Fixed ContentChannelItemView issue where the incorrect page could be returned if the slug was not globally unique.
    • Improved the Page:'Title' Lava filter to return the actual page 'title' property and added a Page:'BrowserTitle' to return the page's 'browser title'. Fixes: #3667
    • Updated RockPage to not throw exception when a Body CSS Class is configured on the page settings but the theme's layout does not support it. Fixes: #3715
    • Fixed public profile edit block to correctly save the phone numbers on save. Fixes: #3739
    • Modified landing page theme to allow LESS variable modification. Fixes: #3721
    • New - Content Components block.
    • Added Item Global Key display and generation to ContentChannelItemDetail block.
    • Added "Include Page List" to page menus on public templates. Fixes: #2530
    • Added 'Merge Content' option to Content Channel Item View, which will result in the content data and attribute values to be merged using the lava template engine.
    • Added the ability to search by address, phone and email in the Person Picker.
    • Added the ability to edit the description of existing cache tags to the cache manager block.
    • Added Lava commands to the page menu. Only use this knowing it could affect performance.
    • Added functionality to automatically delete related content channel item slugs when a content channel item is deleted. Fixes: #3744
    • Fixed issue with Content Channel Type attributes not re-ordering correctly after one has been deleted.
    • The public profile edit block to only allow one "Mapped" address for a family when saving a new address was resolved.
    • Fixed issue in ContentChannelView where filtering by Category returned all Items for the Channel.
    • Improved validation on the kiosk number entry and URL redirect.
    • Improved Error messages when compiling themes.
    • Improved the handling of content channel feeds via the GetChannelFeed handler. Fixes: #3182
    • Updated the "Public Profile" Edit block to add settings to allow requiring email and phone number fields for adult records or allow phone numbers to be hidden completely.
    • Marked RockRestClient as Obsolete. Fixes: #3406
    • Removed unused MediaElement libs package. (NOTE: if you are using libs/MediaElement in your custom compiles you will need to add that library to your environment.
    • Updated to FontAwesome 5.9.0. IMPORTANT: If using FontAwesome Pro, you will need to re-upload your Font Awesome Pro Package after the update.
    • Updated the Spiritual Gifts route from "GiftsAssessment" to "SpiritualGifts".
    • Improved Content Channel Item slugs to make them unique to a Content Channel instead of being globally unique. In order to use the same slugs across content channels the content channel must be selected in the block settings in order for the correct content to be loaded.
    • Improved Stark theme Ad List to hide view details link if there are no details.

    Check-in v9.0

    • Removed support for pre-1.3 versions of the iOS check-in app by removing cordova-2.4.0.js.
    • Fixed the check-in configuration getting out of sync when editing a check-in group in the Group Details page. Fixes: #2975
    • Fixed issue where the Group Attendance Summary Email is sent to inactive or archived members, leaders and parent group leaders. Fixes: #3777
    • Added functionality to the Kiosk Device Manager to allow reprinting check-in labels and new block setting to control whether rooms can be opened/closed from that screen. Added functionality to the Check-in Manager to allow reprinting labels if using server printing.
    • Added the option to display categories of person attributes on the check-in manager person profile page.
    • Added workflow action to allow check-in by data views.

    Communication v9.0

    • Improved performance of processing incoming SMS messages by reducing time to find existing response codes. Fixes: #3209
    • Updated Communication to only send email to addresses marked as active. Fixes: #3677
    • Fixed an issue with the Reply-To header with the MailGun HTTP Transport. Fixes: #3636
    • Updated Twilio webhooks so that they properly log exceptions. Fixes: #3207
    • Improved communication templates to allow using Lava in the From Name and From Email fields so they can be dynamic and automatically filled in based on the sender. Fixes: #3591
    • Increased System Email Subject Length.
    • New - SMS Conversations block and page to allow direct messaging to and from a Rock SMS From Phone Number.
    • Added an attribute to save communication history to the SMS workflow action component.
    • New - SMS pipeline.
    • Added the ability to use the 'merge to template' grid feature for any "failed" recipients of a communication. Fixes: #3400

    Connection v9.0

    • Updated the last activity column in the my connection opportunities block to sort by the date of the last activity instead of the name of the last activity.

    Core v9.0

    • Added saving history for service jobs run for troubleshooting purposes.
    • Added ability to add CSS classes to the ModalDialog Save button.
    • Added an 'Active' setting on devices so older items can be retained but hidden from the list of devices.
    • New - Asset Manager block and FieldType to manage and pick files stored on third-party systems and/or local server.
    • Added "AllowCategorySelection" to ItemPickers (e.g. Data View Picker) to allow or disallow a category to be selected to fix issues where selecting a category in a picker caused an exception. Fixes: #3504
    • Added fullscreen block capability and functionality to analytics blocks.
    • Added support for secured cookies when the website is configured for HTTPS.
    • Added IsActive to Personal Device model.
    • Added new Conditional Scale attribute field type.
    • Added an Abbreviated Name option for Attributes.
    • Added validation to GroupMember.PreSaveChanges() and added try/catch logic to GroupSync job class.
    • Added experimental Workflow Import/Export under Power Tools to help with copying workflows from one system to another.
    • Added block setting to the check-in 'location select' block that could allow sorting of locations rather than the name. Fixes: #3278
    • Updated Group member to always update InactiveDateTime field when marked as Inactive. Fixes: #3684
    • Fixed the color picker to not break when duplicate color descriptions exist in the pre-configured 'Color Picker Swatches' defined type. Fixes: #3720
    • Fixed Tag security permissions not getting applied correctly in some situations. This fixes an issue where Organizational tags on an item might not save correctly.
    • Fixed Facebook authentication provider ignoring the 'Sync Friends' setting when deciding which permissions the person will be asked for. Fixes: #3661
    • Updated personalized group list to only display the groups with 'can view' enabled in group role. Fixes: #3529
    • Fixed js errors on DateRangePicker which caused some blocks (e.g. Download Payments) to not operate correctly. Fixes: #3353
    • Fixed menu items from hiding on short screens. Fixes: #3331
    • Fixed issue where requesting an oversized image from GetImage handler would return nothing. Fixes: #3431
    • Fixed Grid to correctly format the date when exported to excel. Fixes: #3442
    • Fixed the item pickers to scroll to selected items when opened.
    • Fixed webkit bug for secondary navigation on Rock theme. Fixes: #3600
    • Fixed 'Encrypted Text' field type as Person attributes logs history in plain text. Fixes: #3570
    • Fixed UniversalSearch not indexing URLs containing a question mark. Fixes: #3316
    • Fixed issue where the Location picker didn't select a named location on the first click when used in a matrix. Also added the ability to configure the allowed and initial picker modes for the LocationFieldType (e.g. Name, address, etc...). Fixes: #3693
    • Updated Chart.js to 2.7.2.
    • Updated Chosen to 1.8.7.
    • Updated Clipboard.js to 2.0.0.
    • Updated MediaElement.js to 4.2.9.
    • Improved the use of RouteTable.Routes and the refreshing of the route table after routes are added or removed.
    • Modified Excel export to use table styles. Fixes: #3267
    • Bootstrap has been upgraded to version 3.4.1
    • Updated Image editor to display error message when unsupported file is uploaded and can directly upload new file. Fixes: #3696
    • Improved automatically inactivating all open Connection Requests for a person when they are marked inactive.

    CRM v9.0

    • Updated the DISC Assessment test and data with current normalization rules from the team at
    • Fixed a bug preventing Person Signals from being assigned to a different owner. Fixes: #3707
    • Fixed incorrect attendance counts plus minor speed improvement to the person profile attendance badge. Fixes: #3547
    • Fixed issue where the PreHtml/PostHtml in the Person Attribute Forms would not show after upgrading to 1.9.0. Fixes: #3848
    • Updated Person Merge so that matrix attribute values get combined by default.
    • Removed "Always Allow Retakes" and "Min Days To Retake" block attributes from the DISC block. Min days value is stored in the attribute type.
    • DiscResult block is obsolete. Use Disc block instead.
    • Added option to collect child email addresses to the Family Pre Registration Block.
    • Added block setting to the Add Group (aka Add Family) block to allow showing/hiding of the country field on the address (defaults to not show the country).
    • Added global attributes to control how many failed login attempts a user is allowed in a specific timeframe.
    • Added Spiritual Gifts assessment to Rock.

    Event v9.0

    • Update calendar lava block's calendar to always show the selected month. Fixes: #3285
    • Fixed problem with discount codes ignoring "Maximum # of registrants" when navigating away-from and back-to the summary page. Fixes: #3681
    • Fixed event registration issue with the 'Allow External Updates to Saved Registrations' checkbox not functioning. Fixes: #3401
    • Fixed the date picker to select the current date when today is clicked.
    • Changed RegistrationTemplate and RegistrationInstance to allow for setting an empty value to indicate unlimited amounts. Fixes: #3617
    • Fixed error where a changed registration fee option name can cause a the RegistrationDetail block to get an error and cause a 9.0 migration job to get an error. Fixes: #3847 # 3855
    • Fixed Exception opening the RegistrationDetail block for Registrations created prior to v9 that have at least one fee. Fixes: #3847
    • Added functionality to the EventItemOccurrenceDetail block to manage multiple linkages. This prevents linkages created on other blocks from being lost if the Event Item Occurrence is edited. Fixes: #3536
    • New - ability to define Event Occurrence Attributes at the Event Item level. Values are then defined for each Occurrence.
    • Added help text to the Registration Detail payment section to let the user know that a registration needs to be linked to an individual before a payment can be added.
    • New - features to Event Registration, including limits on how many times a fee item can be used, a Registrar option of 'Use Logged In Person' and a default payment amount.
    • Added the ability to set visibility conditions on registration entry form fields.
    • New - Registration Attributes. This allows for the collection of attributes about the registration (like child-care needs) that do not pertain to a specific registrant.
    • New - Event Registration Wizard block to simplify the creation of Event Registrations and associated items.
    • Added the ability to sort the registration tab by "registered by" on the registration instance detail page. Fixes: #3622
    • Added a filter control option to the schedules FieldType.

    Finance v9.0

    • Updated the NMI gateway to calculate next payment date based off of frequency and last transaction date.
    • Removed requirement on transaction matching to have a person specified when a transaction has an amount. The transaction will be simply skipped and show up again when all other items are matched.
    • Added the ability to filter batches by source type on the Batch List block. Fixes: #3216
    • Added new personalization settings to the transaction matching block to make account selection easier.
    • Added a "Prompt to Edit Payment Detail Attributes" option to Transaction Matching. If this is enabled, matching will prompt to enter values for any Financial Payment Detail attributes that are configured.
    • Added additional features to Check Scanning including support for the Magtek Image Safe USB check scanner, the ability to edit transaction account amounts on transactions that have already been scanned and additional UI feedback on control total variances.
    • Added the ability to either show or hide the donation amount on the contribution list on the FundraisingParticipant block.
    • Added batch id to batch drop down on the Transaction Entry Matching block. Fixes: #2581
    • Fixed Contribution Statements Lava block to allow passing the contribution year in the URL. Fixes: #3292
    • Fixed the error causing the Fundraising Participant page from rendering. Fixes: #3649
    • Fixed issue where the fundraising participant transaction grid was not showing the correct detail amount. Fixes: #3133
    • Fixed issue where the FirstName and LastName information was set incorrectly when doing an NMI transaction as a Business. This fixes an issue where a transaction could be declined when giving from a Business using the NMI gateway. Fixes: #3663
    • Fixed the BatchList block to allow for using Lava in the Custom Grid Options feature. Fixes: #3717
    • Fixed the currency formatting in Contribution Statement lava. Fixes: #3679
    • Fixed fundraising matched amount to show correct amount from donor. Fixes: #3630

    Group v9.0

    • Fixed the error when Exporting the Filter Group Data. Fixes: #3443
    • Fixed 'Group Leader Pending Notification' job so that all group leaders are notified if a person registers for multiple groups. Fixes: #3735
    • Fixed the problem where group member workflow 'role or status' change triggers would run even when the role or status was not changing. Fixes: #3706
    • Fixed the saving issues on the GroupMember block. We removed the validation on PreSaveChanges() as it caused issues when inactivating a person. GroupSync will now do the validation directly. Fixes: #3553
    • Added Enable Group Tag to group type setting that determines if groups are allowed to manage tags.
    • New - Group Scheduling. Scheduling will add the ability to create minimum, desired, and maximum capacities for each location schedule. This allows you to set staffing needs based on the size of a service.
    • Added the ability to assign an administrator to groups.
    • Added editing on the group detail lava block for the group capacity. Fixes: #3010
    • Added validation when saving a group member during group sync to ensure that group rules are not being violated by the member. Also checking for duplicates if Rock is configured to not allow them. Members not sync'd due to a validation error will be logged in Rock Exceptions and skipped.
    • Improved performance of Group Member List block
    • Improved the group type label to show a description on hover and act as a link to the group type details page if the viewer is authorized to administrate.

    Lava v9.0

    • Added AtMost and AtLeast lava filters.
    • Added better error reporting to the web request Lava command.
    • Added 12 new Lava filters for working with Colors.
    • Added additional parameters to the SetPageTitle to allow setting the title for the page and browser window separately if desired.
    • Added new RegExMatchValue Lava filter to find strings that match a pattern.
    • Added new Lava shortcode that allows you to show/hide content based on a Rock schedule.
    • Added a confirmation before deleting a shortcode. Fixes: #3253
    • Updated Scripturize Lava shortcode to allow links to be opened in a new tab.
    • Fixed time out issues on the MyConnection Opportunities block with very large data sets by removing the "ConnectionRequests" lava merge field from the Opportunity Summary Template. Fixes: #3397
    • Fixed lava to support Sort when using JSON. Fixes: #1586
    • Fixed the execute lava block so the System import is not removed. Fixes: #3765
    • Added a lava filter alternateid to retrieve a person.
    • Fixed sql Lava command to work correctly with parameterized SQL statements. Fixes: #3306
    • Fixed the StripHtml Lava filter to handle multi-line HTML comments. Fixes: #3548
    • Added enabling lava command settings in dynamic data blocks. Fixes: #2474

    Reporting v9.0

    • Fixed Report problem involving null values in the NumberFormatted column of the PhoneNumber table. Fixes: #3338
    • Fixed first contribution data view filter from getting an error when creating a new filter.
    • Updated the Service Metrics Entry block to ignore inactive schedules. Fixes: #3727
    • Added Sunday Date option to First Contribution Date report field. When checked this will cause the report to display the SundayDate instead of the actual TransactionDate. Fixes: #3155
    • Added a "Use Sunday Date" option to the "First Contribution Date" Data View filter. If the option is selected then the SundayDate property is used, if not then the actual TransactionDateTime property is used. For data views that were created prior to this option, SundayDate is used to maintain current functionality. To use TransactionDateTime simply open and save the data view. Fixes: #3155

    Workflow v9.0

    • Improved Workflow.Action.InteractionAdd to make better use of caching to increase the speed with large datasets.
    • Changed complete workflow job to only close active workflows.
    • Fixed issue with non-persisted Workflows using user forms would not load subsequent forms in the workflow. Fixes: #3454
    • Fixed WebRequest workflow action to send proper content-type when posting JSON data. Fixes: #3749

    Other v9.0

    • Updated Slingshot Imports to 'Apply Updates' to existing Financial Data (Accounts, Transactions/Details, Batches, and Pledge regions) from a previous import with same Key, if the 'Apply Updates' option was selected at import.

    Rock v8.10 Released November 5, 2019

    CMS v8.10

    • Improved security.

    Rock v8.9 Released August 9, 2019

    CMS v8.9

    • Improved security.
    • Updated to FontAwesome 5.8.2. NOTE: If using FontAwesome Pro, you will need to re-upload your Font Awesome Pro Package after the update.

    Rock v8.8 Released May 29, 2019

    API v8.8

    • Updated GetChannelFeed.ashx to include items with no expiry date. Fixes: #3598
    • Fixed permission Error when getting calendar info from the iCal link. Fixes: #3597

    CMS v8.8

    • Fixed Rock theme onpage anchor links from being hidden by the header. Fixes: #3472
    • Fixed the issue where having the same route name but with different casing on two different sites (e.g. "" & "") would cause all requests to go to the first route created.
    • Replaced Google's dynamic map marker icon with a local SVG. Also, Google maps no longer support a shadow for the marker so the code was removed. Fixes: #3596
    • Updated the Profile Edit block to mark the address as required when current address is moved. Fixes: #3520
    • Updated profile edit to reload block after save is clicked. Fixes: #3687

    Check-in v8.8

    • Improved Attendance Analytics by making the checkbox list direction and columns configurable in the block settings.
    • Improved performance for check-in searches and Rock's standard name search.
    • Fixed Label Printing issue when using Redis cache where the merge codes printed instead of the merge values.

    Communication v8.8

    • Fixed the "note watch" sending multiple emails. Fixes: #3618

    Core v8.8

    • Fixed grid to only merge selected rows when merge template is clicked. Fixes: #3593
    • Fixed the Merge Template Entry block to keep the list in the correct order when family members are combined. Fixes: #1345
    • Fixed issue with Scripturize Lava shortcode where it would parse Mar (as in March) as Mark. Fixes: #3654
    • Fixed 'Rock Cleanup Job' timeout on Orphaned Attribute Matrices. Fixes: #3639
    • Fixed Multi select defined value picker to validate if marked as required. Fixes: #3629
    • Updated groups to be deleted when attached to a registration. Fixes: #3640
    • Updated location address picker to use fa fa-map-marker icon.

    CRM v8.8

    • Updated Account Entry to display required indicator on phone types. Fixes: #3578
    • Fixed Edit family issue where the County displays in the address even when configured to not display in the block settings. Fixes: #3670
    • Fix the issue with the Add Family Block when the process times out while values are entered for the attributes at the end of the New Family process when the database 'Read Committed Snapshot' is set to 'off.' Fixes: #3652
    • Fixed Slingshot bulk import location matching to avoid Foreign Key Constraint error when updating addresses for imported records that were imported without family groups.

    Event v8.8

    • Updated Registration entry to reload when navigated back from success page. Fixes: #3584
    • Updated the Event registration to display the middle name and anniversary date in the grid when "show on grid" is marked true. Fixes: #3581
    • Fixed issue with Multiple Options and Quantities Fees that failed to save after the first person when registering multiple people. Fixes: #3641
    • Fixed the error when a user tries to register for an event on the waitlist when inline document signing is enabled. Fixes: #3623
    • Improved RegistrationEntry Max Attendees handling. 0 will continue to mean unlimited. < 0 will put registrations right to the waitlist.

    Finance v8.8

    • Fixed the Giving Analytics account selector to allow multiple selections in a horizontal direction. Fixes: #3601
    • Improved Giving Analytics by making the combo & checkbox list direction and columns configurable in the block settings.
    • Improved fundraising matching to be better about not un-matching transactions accidentally. Fixes: #3599 # 3604

    Group v8.8

    • Fixed Fundraising Participant block to exclude (while editing) group member attributes that are inherited from the group type (except the three special/system ones that come with the base Fundraising Opportunity type) if they do not have EDIT access. Fixes: #3606
    • Updated groups to allow to be deleted when attached to the registration. Fixes: #3683
    • Fixed Group Status Defined Type in Group detail. Fixes: #3556
    • Fixed the attendance occurrence dates from sometimes saving wrong. Fixes: #3602

    Reporting v8.8

    • Fixed "Is Archived" on groups data view filter results in the blank data view. IsArchived, ArchivedDateTime, and ArchivedByPersonAliasId will not appear in the list of Group Fields. Fixes: #3615
    • Fixed Index "Out Of Range EX" on the grid if the displayed number of rows is smaller than the data source.

    Other v8.8

    • Fixed Person Signals not respecting View security of parent SignalType. Fixes: #3576

    Rock v8.7 Released March 19, 2019

    API v8.7

    • Improved the people rest controller to perform person matching when creating a new person.

    CMS v8.7

    • Added new optional Show "Campus Selector" setting to Account Entry and Public Profile Edit blocks to allow adults to set/change their preferred family campus.
    • Added phone number display and field requirement options and made email a required field on the person external profile.
    • Fixed "Address Control" to also check for city and state with address line 1 when marked as required. Fixes: #2539
    • Fixed 404 Pages Not being Returned. Fixes: #3528
    • Updated Font Awesome to 5.7.2
    • Improved the transaction matching block's "Individual" dropdown list to use the enhanced version to make it easier to find the right person.

    Check-in v8.7

    • Added a new "enforce strict location threshold" option in the "SaveAttendance" unattended check-in workflow action to prevent a room from going over capacity.
    • Improved the performance of several underlying database calls used during the check-in process.

    Communication v8.7

    • Updated email template to check for wizard compatibility after processing lava. Fixes: #3495
    • Improved communication entry wizard to always populate From Name and Email from the selected template. Fixes: #3516
    • Added new PersonActionIdentifier lava filter for getting a person identifier (non-login) paired with an action for those cases where the string could be inadvertently be shared by the recipient.

    CRM v8.7

    • Improved performance when doing queries on Person.BirthDate.

    Finance v8.7

    • Updated statement generator to only include pledges that started before the end date of the statement. Fixes: #3512
    • Fixed payments where they can incorrectly match transactions on a blank ScheduleId. Fixes: #3484
    • Fixed transaction matching to correctly order the accounts. Fixes: #3383
    • Fixed fundraising participant block to update the individual fundraising goal. Fixes: #3541
    • Fixed Statement Generator Endpoint issue where the Account Name is used in the Account Summary. Fixes: #3511

    Group v8.7

    • Fixed the unable to remove a group's location when Enable Group History is checked. Fixes: #3499

    Lava v8.7

    • Improved the "scripturize Lava shortcode" to not create links for multi-chapter references (John 1-16) as these are not fully supported by online Bibles. Fixes: #3567
    • Fixed the Parallax and WordCloud shortcode markup.

    Reporting v8.7

    • Fixed the report data area showing inactive attributes. Fixes: #3568

    Other v8.7

    • Improved security on public facing components and blocks.
    • Fixed issue where Rock would get an exception when upgrading to 8.7 if running a version of SQL Server older than 'Sql Server 2012 SP4'

    Rock v8.6 Released February 19, 2019

    API v8.6

    • Adjusted security on tag REST endpoints.
    • Added Bulk Export APIs for People and Financial Transactions.

    CMS v8.6

    • Improved SystemInfo block route to include the page name and IDs in the list and made it easier to read.
    • Updated Font Awesome to 5.6.1
    • Added "Status" setting ContentChannelViewDetail block settings. Content without the attribute set will be considered "approved" by the block.

    Check-in v8.6

    • Added Check-in Bypass, which bypasses the family selection screen by using a family group ID in the query string. e.g. ""
    • Fixed check-in countdown from always showing as 0 on some browsers. Fixes: #3384
    • Fixed "Next" button on check-in person.
    • Fixed Check-In Detail attendance not keeping Campus location entered. Fixes: #3412

    Communication v8.6

    • Fixed Rock Communication Job to return correct status. Fixes: #3490
    • Fixed Email preferences block issue where the communication list was not displayed for unsubscribe. Fixes: #3451
    • Fixed template copy to populate Created By and Modified By with the ID of current user. Fixes: #3474

    Core v8.6

    • Added ability to specify the number of columns used by attribute values displayed in Checkbox and Radio button lists. (e.g. single and multi select field types, lava commands, group types, content channel types, etc...)
    • Added support for HTTPS load balancers by supporting X-Forwarded-Proto HTTP header.
    • Fixed database maintenance job to support comma delimited alert emails addresses. Fixes: #3437
    • Fixed the Registration Registrants grid to display correct age where the Birth Date field is shown and has IncludeAge turned on. Fixes: #3489
    • Fixed issue where Checkr (background check) was calling back to webhook immediately before the workflow that triggered Checkr had time to save updated attribute values which caused the workflow to enter an 'error' state.
    • Fixed error condition where Account Confirmation receives a bad confirmation code. Fixes: #3274
    • Fixed Redis Cache Performance Issues.
    • Fixed mixed case routes breaking per-site routes. Fixes: #3230
    • Fixed issue where Background Check Documents manually uploaded from the person block were being deleted the next day.
    • Fixed issue where the category tree scrollbar resize didn't occur. Fixes: #3336
    • Updated the public facing Connection Opportunity Detail Lava block's stock theme OpportunityDetail.lava to use a "disabled" button and "show info" message if the selected opportunity is inactive.

    CRM v8.6

    • Improved vCard to be secured by adjusting the People/GetVCard/ REST controller.
    • Added County Option to EditGroup Block.
    • Improved Bulk update block to reload control on any change of categories from block settings. Fixes: #1697
    • Fixed issue related to Merge Template from Tags passing incorrect persons. Fixes: #3473
    • Fixed checkbox alignment when editing a mailing address. Fixes: #3173

    Event v8.6

    • Fixed Registration Ignoring 12th Grade Selection. Fixes: #3445

    Finance v8.6

    • Fixed issue where scheduling a transaction for a fundraising participant doesn't include the participant in the TransactionDetail. Fixes: #3172
    • Added Auto-fill person information to the Account Entry block if the person is logged in. This allows the use of the rckipid parameter when encouraging people to sign up for an account to speed up the process.

    Group v8.6

    • Fixed JavaScript error with Group Member HTML Attribute, cannot add/change content in field. Fixes: #3448
    • Fixed maximum capacity related issue while adding a person to a group through workflow. Fixes: #3498
    • Fixed Group Member Detail block not allowing attribute editing (other than group role) of sync'd Group Members. Fixes: #3446
    • Fixed FontAwesome Pro installer to update cache busting query string on install. Fixes: #3309
    • Add the ability to access group member attributes when communicating from the GroupMemberList block

    Lava v8.6

    • Fixed issue with Lava cache tag to allow access to internal scoped variables. Fixes: #3492
    • Fixed scripturizer shortcode bug and updated example in the documentation.
    • Fixed "LastAttendedOfGroupType" lava filter not working in 8.x. Fixes: #3434

    Prayer v8.6

    • Updated prayer session to exclude non-public prayer request through block setting. Fixes: #3441

    Workflow v8.6

    • Updated GetPersonFromFields Action Component to fix the casing of the first and last names when creating a new person (case will only be changed if the existing input is all lower or all upper case).

    Other v8.6

    • Updated WebRequestHelper utility with IsSecureConnection method.
    • Improved security for several public facing components and blocks.

    Rock v8.5 Released December 10, 2018

    CMS v8.5

    • Fixed menu items from hiding on short screens. Fixes: #3331
    • Fixed Sent Emails No Longer Contain Reply-To when using Lava in Email Form block "From" field. Fixes: #3126
    • Updated Font Awesome to 5.5.0.

    Check-in v8.5

    • Fixed check-in iPad display issues. Fixes: #3415 #3416
    • Added a check-in label to simplify installation of the Rock icon font on printers.
    • Added ability to add new families and edit existing families directly from the check-in screens.
    • Improved the error message shown when trying to print a check-in occurrence when no template is specified Fixes: #3132

    Communication v8.5

    • Fixed communication wizard issue where communication type block settings were not used.
    • Fixed 'Copy Communications' cannot be sent to a future date/time. Fixes: #3356
    • Fixed Communication List not appearing for Subscribers of a Sync'd list.
    • Fixed RockPushMessage class to return the correct entity type. Fixes: #3189
    • Fixed Typo on the Email Preference (Unsubscribe) page. Fixes: #3299
    • Updated Mailgun webhook to support both new and Legacy formats. Fixes: #3379

    Connection v8.5

    • Fixed Connection Request Detail block to use the 'default' label type when a placement group requirement has not been met but is also not required to be a member of the group. Fixes: #3391

    Core v8.5

    • Fixed issue with the "Enhance For Long Lists" version of the Defined Value picker causing an exception. Fixes: #3318
    • Added support for page routes and page shortlink that have the same name but different sites. Fixes: #3230
    • Fixed Category Picker does not show sub-categories. Fixes: #3357
    • Fixed Group Viewer (and anything using REST) Breaks When Impersonating. Fixes: #3339
    • Fixed Schedule Builder not adding specific dates in non-US date format. Fixes: #3346
    • Fixed "Date field does not populate when editing a note." Fixes: #3368
    • Fixed javascript errors on DateRangePicker which caused some blocks to not operate correctly. Fixes: #3353
    • Updated grid export to include custom grid columns. Fixes: #3315

    CRM v8.5

    • Added option in New Group block to enable/disable automatic generation of Alternate Ids. Fixes: #3295
    • Added block settings to Captive Portal to choose Record Type, Record Status, and Connection Status for persons being created by Captive Portal.

    Event v8.5

    • Fixed Registration Exception 'Given key not present in dictionary'. Fixes: #3311

    Finance v8.5

    • Fixed issue where give now form jumps to the bottom of the page. Fixes: #3014
    • Fixed "Transaction Detail block displays the Financial Gateway component rather than name". Fixes: #3128

    Group v8.5

    • Updated the Group Member Detail block to allow moving a group member from a group with history tracking enabled to another group. Fixes: #3395
    • Fixed a timeout exception seen in the Edit Group block when adding multiple people to family when the database has 'Is Read Committed Snapshot' set to off. Fixes: #3340
    • Fixed issue "Group's attendance no longer honors the group type "Group Attendance Requires Location/Schedule" checkbox setting"
    • Fixed issue where the time was not included in Attendance StartDateTime field when marking attendance on the GroupAttendanceDetail block.

    Lava v8.5

    • Added timeout property to the Web Request lava command.

    Prayer v8.5

    • Improved prayer request "Enabled Person Matching" help description. Fixes: #3374

    Reporting v8.5

    • Updated Transaction Report block to use account's public name. Fixes: #3388

    Workflow v8.5

    • Improved DISC Request error message. Fixes: #3298
    • Updated the Complete Workflows job to be able to process large numbers of open workflows quickly.
    • Fixed workflows not sorted in Default Workflow Type drop down on Workflow List block Fixes: #3380
    • Fixed Selecting Person Alias as the Entity Type on a Workflow Trigger throws an error. Fixes: #3347

    Rock v8.4 Released October 18, 2018

    CMS v8.4

    • Fixed issue where setting an image link in the HTML editor would sometimes not keep the link. Fixes: #3094
    • Added DetailPage block attribute to ContentChannelViewDetail. The value can be accessed using Lava {{ DetailPage }}. This is to make it easier to use with series.

    Check-in v8.4

    • Updated Check-in Labels so that manually refreshing the cache is no longer needed after changing Label Merge Fields

    Communication v8.4

    • Updated Communication Templates so that lava fields can be accessed in in the "head" element. This fixes an issue where "style" elements in the "head" element could not use lava fields. Fixes: #2794
    • Fixed issue where an exception would occur when sending a scheduled communication if it was sent to a list group and any of the members were deleted from the group prior to sending the message.
    • Fixed Communication Entry Wizard to only list active communication lists. Fixes: #3264

    Core v8.4

    • Fixed Google authentication failing Fixes: #3288
    • Fixed Group Member Merge template exception when a person exists in the same group twice under different roles. Fixes: #3210
    • Fixed date range pickers to show selected date range in calendar.
    • Improved performance of Family Analytics job.

    CRM v8.4

    • Added the listing of group names (up to 5) to the In Group Of Type person profile badge.
    • Fixed index out of range exception when using Alternate IDs and Attributes in AddGroup block. Fixes: #3290

    Event v8.4

    • Updated text for a link button on RegistrationDetail from "View/Edit Payments" to "PaymentDetails". Fixes: #3120
    • Fixed issue where default values were not populating in the registration form field. Fixes: #2564
    • Fixed external registration to display default values for registration attributes. Fixes: #2564
    • Added options to view the Calendar Lava block by year and by all.

    Finance v8.4

    • Updated transaction entry to correctly update the giving amount. Fixes: #3266
    • Fixed Financial Transaction Refunds not having the same Source (WebSite, etc) as the original transaction. This fixes an issue where Giving Analytics doesn't include refunds when a specific Source is selected in the options. Fixes: #3138
    • Disable Financial Gateway selection for existing Transactions.
    • Fixed issue where a refund transaction could not be changed into a non-refund transaction. Fixes: #3229

    Group v8.4

    • Added GroupTypeRole selection to GroupList block used by the person page to select groups and security groups. This allows a person to be added to different roles within a single group. Added messaging and safety for synced group/roles.

    Lava v8.4

    • Added the ability to rotate photos on check-in labels that use the ZebraPhoto filter.
    • Added the ability to get the page's cookies from the 'Page' Lava filter.
    • Added the ability to use the 'Object' qualifier on the Lava Attribute filter for attributes that return a collection of cached entities (AttributeFieldType and DefinedValueFieldType). Fixes: #3245
    • Fixed Lava/Liquid error in the giving kiosk thank you / receipt message. Fixes: #3241
    • Fixed issue where Lava Entity Commands could not be sorted on Attributes. Fixes: #2356

    Prayer v8.4

    • Fixed Prayer session block to correctly update the flag count. Fixes: #3263

    Reporting v8.4

    • Fixed Registration Templates data filter to correctly set the advance filter. Fixes: #3206

    Workflow v8.4

    • Fixed From address using Lava in workflow not being resolved. Also if the FromName is null or empty then use the email address. Fixes: #3174
    • Fixed WorkflowTypePicker. Picker will now preload all category and workflowtypes to prevent data loss. Fixes: #3109
    • Updated how From Name is determined and used when sending workflow emails. Fixes: #3174

    Rock v8.3 Released September 17, 2018

    CMS v8.3

    • Updated Font Awesome to 5.3.1

    Communication v8.3

    • Fixed issue where the Communication Entry Wizard sometimes throws an exception and creates a duplicate person record when sending a test communication. Fixes: #3203

    Core v8.3

    • Fixed history log to check authorization when showing attribute history entries. Fixes: #1594

    Group v8.3

    • Fixed issue where the Attendance Remainder email could get sent even though attendance was already entered. Also fixed an issue where updating attendance from the email link wouldn't show the previously entered attendance. Fixes: #3257
    • Add option to default Group Map to showing child groups.
    • Add Group Member List Date Added filter

    Rock v8.2 Released September 17, 2018

    CMS v8.2

    • Updated font awesome helper to support the upgrade to Pro 5.2.

    Communication v8.2

    • Updated email wizard to use fluid single column layouts on mobile.

    Core v8.2

    • Fixed required Categories block setting on the Defined Types List block to not be required. Fixes: #3196
    • Fixed issue where saving a Group Type or Content Channel could timeout if indexing is enabled. Fixes: #3176
    • Added a new job and block for automatically processing changed postal addresses via Spark Data service using the National Change of Address (NCOA) system.

    CRM v8.2

    • Update Rock to use better duplicate detection.

    Event v8.2

    • Fixed document signing issue when url and global attribute value have different http schema (http vs https). Fixes: #2398

    Finance v8.2

    • Updated the Transaction Detail block to have a new block setting to require a value for the Transaction Source field. The default setting is false to keep existing behavior.

    Group v8.2

    • Fixed issue where a Custom or Weekly schedule for a Group would disappear after saving the Group. Fixes: #3226

    Reporting v8.2

    • Added duplicate phone number and duplicate email Data Integrity Reports.

    Workflow v8.2

    • Fixed issue where a Workflow Form could throw an exception after a Workflow ActivityType attribute was deleted. Fixes: #3141
    • Fixed "Person Phone Update" Workflow Action errors when saving a blank number. Fixes: #3107

    Rock v8.1 Released September 17, 2018

    CMS v8.1

    • Fixed grade picker to always hide when member is not a child. Fixes: #3115
    • Added the ability to enable timezones for specific campuses.
    • Updated the Content Security Policy logic to not require security on static content elements
    • Added new utility block to allow the inspection of the ViewState contents.

    Check-in v8.1

    • Fixed Check-in countdown timer displays time until as ~2.9M days. Fixes: #3064
    • Fixed check-in to display a location name correctly when the location also has an address Fixes: #2259
    • Fixed issue with rapid attendance entry not saving the location, schedule, and campus that were selected.
    • Fixed Family Pre-registration Adult 2 fields showing required when there isn't any info in Adult 2 first & last name. Fixes: #3136
    • Update CheckInManager Person Profile to Include a Link to the Person Who Checked Them In.
    • Added the attendance note column to the attendance list block with a block setting to show or hide.
    • Add SMS functionality to check in manager

    Communication v8.1

    • Update Personal Templates created from CommunicationDetail to give permissions to Communication and Rock Administrators
    • Fixed broken sorting in Communication TemplateList block. Fixes: #3081
    • Fixed issue where future communications to a communication list with segments would sent the email to the entire communication list instead of factoring in the segment filters. Fixes: #3166
    • Fixed issue where the Communication Queue might show recent communications that have already been sent if the communication was created prior to v8. It would also attempt to re-send those communications but then realize there are no pending recipients. Fixes: #3164
    • Fixed Event Registration Templates issue where if the 'Group Leaders' notification checkbox is checked, all notifications fail to send. Fixes: #3127
    • Enhanced SMS communications to allow for replies to come from non-Mobile numbers in Rock. Fixes: #3046
    • Fixed Email Clicks not being displayed in analytics. Fixes: #3086

    Core v8.1

    • Added type="tel" to telephone inputs.
    • Added a step to the RockCleanup job to assign US/CA to locations where country can be determined based on the state. Fixes: #3047
    • Updated the history records created by the data automation job to reference 'Data Automation' in the Who field.
    • Fixed issue where the Migrate History Summary job would throw an exception if there is history on attributes that have an Attribute Name that is over 250 chars Fixes: #3163
    • Fixed issue where Data Filters on Attributes would return incorrect results when doing an 'Equal' or 'Not Equal' and the compare value is left blank. Now these will give the same results as doing an IsBlank or IsNotBlank. + Fixed issue where some Data Filters (Campus Filter and Defined Value Filter) would return incorrect results when no items were selected for the compare values. Now if an item isn't checked, there won't be any filtering done, which is consistent with how other data filters work when no options are selected. Fixes: #3070
    • Fixed issue where cached objects (for example DefinedValueCache) in a compiled V7 Plugin would return incorrect results for GetAttributeValue. Also fixed similar issue where SetAttributeValue on a cached object (in a compiled v7 plugin) wouldn't set the attribute value correctly. Fixes: #3171
    • Fixed label message in tags by letter block when tags are not found. Fixes: #3083
    • Fixed issue where a campus could not be added if snapshot isolation was disabled. Fixes: #3178
    • Fixed Dynamic Data block grid not using checkboxes to limit rows on Excel export and merge template actions. Fixes: #3054
    • Added new feature to allow filtering in Data Views by Social Media Account fields.
    • Added new integration tests project. See Rock.Tests.Integration README for details.

    CRM v8.1

    • Added setting to DataAutomation to prevent children from being moved unless they have graduated.
    • Updated add family block with ability to add alternate identifier for each member.
    • Update FamilyAnalytics to record Source of Change in history as "eRA"
    • Change DataAutomation job to record Source of Change in History
    • Updated Bulk Update block. Added Edit Record Status and Edit Connection Status Block Security settings. Following current conventions on the block users without access will not see the fields. Users that can administrate the block and users specified under the new settings will have access. Current edit users and the rock admin group will be added to the new settings via a migration. Fixes: #1780
    • Enhanced Bulk Update block to report progress, not timeout and use multiple CPUs. Fixes: #2650
    • Fixed Birth Date field not respecting the block setting in PreRegistration block.
    • Fixed In Data View badge type to respect the required validation for data view picker. Fixes: #3074

    Event v8.1

    • Updated registration form entry. Added Middle Name and Anniversary Date to available Person Fields for Registration Template Forms. Also made the existing Connection Status Person Field viewable on the internal registration detail block. Fixes: #1781
    • Added registration attribute description as a tool tip help text. The appearance of the help text can be set in the block settings; the default is not to display. Fixes: #3041
    • Fixed issue where an Attribute Matrix doesn't enforce validation as an Event Registration Field if is it marked as Required. Fixes: #3032
    • Fixed registrant email not updating in event registration Fixes: #2964
    • Fixed Event Item Occurrence List Lava not displaying info for all campuses. The Campuses block setting is now optional in "Event Item Occurrence List Lava", if campuses are not selected then it means "All". Fixes: #2833
    • Fixed HomePhone field not displaying anything in RegistrationInstanceDetail grids.

    Finance v8.1

    • Fixed an issue with the editing of scheduled transactions not allocating amounts to funds correctly Fixes: #2466
    • Updated the Family Analytics logic that determines who is giving. The new logic looks for transactions where the type is 'Contribution' instead of the previous logic that looked for transactions where the account was tax deductible. This allows for soft credits to be considered as contributions.
    • Add TransactionCode field to TransactionMatching block.

    Group v8.1

    • Updated the Group Member List and Detail blocks to respect a group member attribute's security when viewing and editing the group member Fixes: #1917
    • Added block settings to the GroupRegistration block to make email and cell required fields.
    • Prevent group capacity being set to value less than 0 Fixes: #3167

    Lava v8.1

    • Added Lava filters to get a person's alternate id and retrieve a person by alternate id.
    • Added Lava access to information about the browser in the HTML block.
    • Fixed ValueList not allowing lava to be entered as a value.
    • Fixed lava to allow empty attribute strings. Fixes: #3077
    • Added ability for Groups Lava filter to include inactive groups too. Fixes: #2380

    Reporting v8.1

    • Update Data View detail block to allow creating a new report from the block.
    • Fixed issue where filtering on Attributes could have different results depending on if filtering on a Grid, DataView, or thru Lava. Also fixed issue where attribute filters would return incorrect results when searching for the attribute's default value. For example, if there was a Person attribute of Favorite Color and the default color is 'blue', filtering for people with a favorite color of 'blue' will now include people that don't have that attribute value explicitly saved yet.
    • Fixed exception when creating a Data View on Person Alias. Fixes: #3035

    Workflow v8.1

    • Fixed Workflow cache not updating correctly when Action or Activity is modified or added Fixes: #3151
    • Fixed 'send email' workflow action to use the InternalApplicationRoot global setting to convert relative paths to fully qualified. Fixes: #3082

    Rock v8.0 Released September 17, 2018

    CMS v8.0

    • Fixed an exception that would occur if a saved short link included a line feed character.
    • Fixed Background Check Grid sorting by name.
    • Fixed Lava redirect redirecting from the CMS Page Map. Fixes: #2953
    • Fixed required expiration for content channel date ranges without time. Fixes: #2973
    • Fixed HtmlContentDetail not displaying content if the expired date is set in the past. Fixes: #2840
    • Updated the Badge 'In Group of Type' to use the color picker.
    • Updated FontAwesome to 5.0.13.
    • Updated the homepage with new internal communications block, moving staff updates to the top of the page and removing the Welcome to Rock default content if it is unchanged.
    • Updated Calculate Person Duplicates Command Timeout from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.
    • Added a new Content Channel View Detail block that can be used to present a content channel item.
    • Updated the Notification List block to mark notifications as read instead of deleting them.
    • Updated the caching framework to use new CacheManager library which is more extensible and configurable than current MemoryCache library.
    • Updated Font Awesome to 5.0.12.
    • Updated the Theme Editor to show which theme is being edited.
    • Updated Summernote paste behavior to default to paste as text. To paste from Word, the Paste From Word toolbar button can be used.
    • Updated Rock's built-in theme to a new/update look. If you've made customizations to the internal theme, you may wish to make a backup of the old theme before upgrading. (In general, though, we don't support custom changes to the core internal theme other than what's available through the theme editor).
    • Added a site logo option to sites so that theme editors can make logo changes in Site Detail.
    • Added support for in-place editing of HTML contents.

    Check-in v8.0

    • Updated Edit Label and Label Upload to force expanded characters on the label (prints any language). Label can be saved as is in the Edit Label block by unchecking the 'Force Expanded Character set (UTF-8)' checkbox.
    • Updated the creation of new attendance codes (for check-in) to avoid an infinite loop situation.
    • Updated the Check-in Schedule Builder to display schedule columns in name order.
    • Updated the Check-in Identifiers to be associated with a person instead of a family. This allows for saving the person that did the check-in with the attendance records.
    • Updated label printing to removing '^JUS' from labels as they are created or edited. This should speed up printing and increase the memory life of the printer.
    • Windows check-in client application has been updated to correctly print extended characters. Fixes: #3060
    • Check-in autofocus was fixed to work as intended. Fixes: #3102
    • Fixed an issue with the Attendance Analytics block where despite it being configured to use a group type it still displayed a message indicating a check-in type was required.
    • Fixed validation errors on FamilyPreRegistration block for adult #2 when there is no redirect URL specified. Redirect URL is now required.
    • Fixed Check-in manager block using the server timezone instead of the one specified in Rock. Also added the check-in type name at the top of the block. Fixes: #2965

    Communication v8.0

    • Fixed an issue where SMS communication templates would give an error when selected in the Communication Wizard. Fixes: #3026
    • Fixed email deactivation not showing in the history when it was deactivated by the system due to a hard bounce. Fixes: #2925
    • Switched Mailgun to use HTTP API.
    • Added a 'Sent Date Time' field to both the Communication and Recipient models, and updated the Communication History block to display the sent (or future send) times.
    • Updated the Email Editor to improve drag and drop usability.
    • Updated the sending of future communications to a communication list so the recipients reflect the members of the list at the time the communication is sent rather than the time the communication was created.
    • Updated the Communication Template editor to preserve Lava Fields when pasting new content.
    • Added a block setting to Communication Entry for simple mode to be non-bulk.

    Connection v8.0

    • Added block setting to give the ability to filter on active Connection Types on the My Connection Requests block.
    • Added Default Connection Status to the block settings for the Public Profile Edit block. If there is no default, the logged-in person's status is used. Fixes: #2986
    • Added ability to copy ConnectionType in the Connection Type Detail block.
    • Added a connection type filter to the Connection Opportunities field type. This will allow Connection Opportunity Attribute values to be constrained to the selected Connection Type.

    Core v8.0

    • Added a new developer control to provide a Captcha for validating a real person. Fixes: #2607
    • Added the ability to add/manage HTTP modules inside of Rock.
    • Updated the Entity Type list block to only show true entities. Fixes: #2812
    • Added new Data Integrity Settings block and jobs to configure and automate a process for inactivating, reactivating and updating campus of individuals and their family members.
    • Added the ability to have CSS classes on zones.
    • Added Lucene Search Engine to Universal Search.
    • Added enhancements to Notes.
    • Added properties to store image dimensions for a BinaryFile.
    • Added Gender Autofill method as an option on the DataAutomation Jobs task.
    • Added a file watcher for BlockTypes.
    • Added IsActive Property to Defined Values and Defined Types
    • Fixed Universal Search Site Crawler to honor the 'robots nofollow' tag to indicate that links should not be followed. Fixes: #2989
    • Updated Rock web pages to use a custom error page for security errors if one exists. Otherwise it will use the default error page. Fixes: #1368
    • Added check to prevent duplicate phone numbers being added to a person. Fixes: #2616
    • Added checks to jobs that send emails, in order to ensure emails are sent with consent. Fixes: #2545
    • Fixed DB locking issue on DBs with read committed snapshot set to false. (Fixes Rock-v8-Alpha-Issues #13)
    • Fixed the EditGroup block not making case-sensitive changes to the address. Fixes: #1331
    • Fixed issue in ContextSetter blocks (CampusContextSetter, GroupContextSetter) where specifying the context in the URL doesn't always set the context correctly. Fixes: #1560
    • Added the option to add people to a tag when viewing the tag's detail page. Fixes: #556
    • Fixed error storing attendance manually when location is not a child of a campus. Fixes: #2940
    • Fixed an issue where 2/29 of a leap year would change to 2/28. Fixes: #3000
    • Fixed issue where the Data Automation job inactivated new people by adding a setting to ignore new records when inactivating records. Fixes: #3028
    • Fixed an issue where the Defined Type list displayed IDs instead of friendly names on reports or dynamic reports. Fixes: #2295
    • Fixed SSN Control to honor the Required property. Fixes: #3037
    • Fixed the Tag grid Export to Excel function to prevent it from creating an invalid file. Fixes: #3051
    • Added a new field type to select a content channel, then an item of that content channel.
    • Added the ID of the entity to the panel drawer of all detail blocks. This is helpful when writing Lava.
    • Updated the Defined Value List block to remove the tooltip that displayed the ID, as it often conflicts with the modal. The ID is available on the modal.
    • Updated the attribute editor so when it is used inside a modal dialog it will display the ID of the attribute being edited in the title of the dialog.
    • Updated the Rock Clean-up job to delete any communications labeled 'Transient' that are over one week old.
    • Updated the default image resizing to mode=clip. This resizes the image to fit without cropping or stretching.
    • Added the ability to add Lava directly on a Theme Master Page or Layout file.
    • Added the ability to have alternate search keys for people when checking for existing records. Specifically this will add the ability to search for people by former email addresses.
    • Added run once job to create the index Interaction.ForiegnKey.
    • Updated Page View Interactions to report the actual browser title instead of the page title stored in the database. This makes the title more specific as many pages dynamically update the page title on load.
    • Updated the Rock Shop page to load the documentation link in a new browser window.
    • Update the TextToWorkflow processing to query the person associated with phone number more efficiently.
    • Updated the Block Properties and Zone modals to provide better information on the type and location of the blocks on the page.
    • Fixed and enhanced Captive Portal
    • Updated the Model Map block to support filters and query string parsing. Fixes: #2739
    • The paste behavior for Summernote default was changed to paste as text. The paste from word toolbar button can be used to paste from word.
    • Improved New Family block to be fully responsive on mobile

    CRM v8.0

    • Fixed anniversary date persistence after Marital Status is changed from Married to something else. The anniversary date control will only display if the Marital Status is 'married'. If the Marital Status is changed to 'single', the anniversary date will be set to null when the person is saved. Fixes: #2948
    • Fixed form sorting for Person Attribute forms. Fixes: #3073
    • Fixed In Group Together following suggestions so inactive group members are not included. Fixes: #3011
    • Removed the test mode from the Protect My Ministry integration by their request. This function should only be used by developers as these test requests do not go anywhere.
    • Fixed Verify Photos grid showing CreatedDateTime of group member rather than photo. Fixes: #2604
    • Fixed sorting in Bio Action menu. Workflow items are sorted alphabetically at the bottom of the menu. Fixes: #2889
    • Updated the Family Pre-Registration block to match children with same name/birthdate in the same family as a matched adult, and ensure that blank values do not overwrite existing data for the matched child.
    • Changed the security login on the Family Bar to show the Address Configuration button (gear) for those with 'Edit' access to the block. Before this was 'Administrate'. This allows staff to easily lock the address from being geocoded. Fixes: #1286
    • Updated the Person Merge block so that the family name and campus can be selected.
    • Added block setting to hide or show Inactive Connection Requests in the Connection Request profile block.
    • Added new avatars and better gender-unknown avatars to use when a profile photo is missing.
    • Updated the Personal Device List block to enable it to be used when not tied to a specific Person.
    • Added a new block type for converting Person records to and from Businesses. Fixes: #2832
    • Added support for Checkr background check.
    • Added an option to the Baptism Following Event to support being notified a configured number of years after a baptism date. Fixes: #2612
    • Added setting to lock an individual as a child for use with the Age Classification feature.
    • Added new FieldType and Attribute for Social Media Accounts.
    • Added a new job that automates the moving of children to their own family when they become an adult based on their age.
    • Added Age Classification property to the Person model. This will allow for simple and quick filtering on whether someone is an Adult or a Child. An adult is anyone over the age of 18 or marked as an adult in one or more families. A child is anyone less than 18 or a child in all families. If either of these conditions are not met, they are marked as unknown.

    Event v8.0

    • Fixed registration notes not being saved when people are added using RegistrantDetail. Fixes: #2676
    • Fixed registration notes not being added when the registrar was logged in. Fixes: #2676
    • Fixed re-selecting Registered By person not overwriting existing fields.
    • Fixed the Registration Detail block to always set the template group member status.
    • Fixed Address Field in registrations not respecting Show in Grid.
    • Added a block setting to the Family Pre-Registration block to require a campus.
    • Updated Event Registrants list to include age of registrant if BirthDate field is set to show on grid. Fixes: #2763
    • Added audit panel details to the Registration Template Detail and Registration Instance Detail blocks.
    • Updated the Calendar Lava block to support configuring a specific list of campuses that should be enabled on the block.
    • Updated the default CalendarItem.lava to use the event's Summary as the meta description for better SEO behavior. Any custom CalendarItem lava files should be updated with the same change.
    • Added support for automated event registration discounts.
    • Implement Required Fees
    • Added the Discount Code report to the Registration Instance Detail.
    • Added the GetEventCalendarFeed webhook for an iCal Feed.
    • Added the ability to mark a registration template fee as inactive. This will prevent the external website from showing the fee while still showing it internally on reports and on the internal registration site. Inactive fees will be listed in gray on the Registration Template Details block.
    • Added a new Fee Report to Registrations.
    • Added a new Registration Instruction field to Registrations that will be displayed on the first page of a new registration.
    • Updated the Registration template to allow making fees required.
    • Added Event Occurrence Specific Attribute Values. Added block to assign attribute values to an Event Occurrence.

    Finance v8.0

    • Updated the Download Payments job so it can be configured to download payments only for a specific gateway.
    • Updated transaction detail to display address and campus for the authorized person.
    • Updated the Pledge List block to display summary totals at the bottom by fund.
    • Updated Scheduled Transaction list Lava to include the masked card number.
    • Updated the Giving Analytics block to include Phone and Address when exporting the grid.
    • Updated the Transaction Matching block so that financial transaction images are magnified when clicked.
    • Added new blocks to show the Fundraising donations for a group and for each member of a group. Fixes: #2864
    • Fixed an issue where selecting a different payment method on Give Now would not work.
    • Fixed scrolling issue on the Transaction Entry block (Give Now). Default behavior will be to scroll to the same window position after clicking Next. Fixes: #3014
    • Fixed Batch List not being able to open closed batches from the dropdown menu in Chrome. Fixes: #3043
    • Fixed back button on the Financial Transaction Detail.
    • Fixed anonymous fundraising donations showing the address. Fixes: #2942
    • Fixed issue where single account refunds incorrectly displayed negative number error message.
    • Fixed unlisted phone numbers causing errors when giving. Fixes: #1803
    • Fixed order of Financial Account lists in the Transaction Matching block. Ordering is now a flattened hierarchical list (i.e., sub accounts are listed under the parent accounts but are not indented). Fixes: #2983
    • Updated currency box control to allow negative values. Fixes: #3040

    Group v8.0

    • Updated the Group Detail block to allow the view mode to be defined using Lava.
    • Added a 'Can Manage Members' option to Group Type Roles, similar to the existing 'Can View' and 'Can Edit' options that can be used to give a role the ability to manage members only for the group they are a member of.
    • Added new settings to the Group List Block to allow hiding the add button.
    • Added Data Automation for setting Person Connection Status and Family Status.
    • Added option to have a Group Status on Groups, including Family Status on Families
    • Added the Group History feature.
    • Added a new AttendanceOccurrence model/table for grouping attendance records by group, location, schedule and date.
    • Improved the Group Member list grid not to display IsAddedbySync column if the group has no GroupSyncs configured.
    • Improved the Group Member List active sync label to show all the roles being synced in a tool tip.
    • Improved the Group Detail Group Sync display. The panel will now only show if the group type allows sync or if the group has at least one sync already. If the group type does not allow syncing, the add button under the grid will not be displayed. If the user does not have access, the section will not display.
    • Added Configuration properties to the GroupType Detail block to control which panels are visible on the Group Detail block when editing groups of that type.
    • Added a new Is Public filter option to the Group Tree.
    • Added configurable labels for Group Finder filters.
    • Updated the Group Registration block so that a person's email is always required.
    • Updated the Group Search result page so that the target URL for each group reference in the results can be configured using Lava.
    • Removed redundant Group Type history option from Calculate Family Analytics. To enable group history for these group types, edit each group type and select the 'Enable Group History' option.
    • Updated Group Map to only show active group members. Fixes: #2906
    • Fixed unsorted data view list in Group Sync Settings by changing to the DataViewItemPicker. (Rock-v8-Alpha-Issues #6)
    • Fixed filter issues on GroupMemberList. (Fixes Rock-v8-Alpha-Issues #20)
    • Fixed group member triggers (from the group or from the group type) to only fire if they are active.
    • Added an Add Member capability to the Group Attendance Detail block. Fixes: #2857
    • Fixed Entity Not Supported Exception in GroupFinder.
    • Added requirement that a group sync be tied to a role for Group Sync By Role. Unsynced roles can be manually added to a group. Synced roles cannot be manually added or removed from a group.
    • Fixed an error that would occur in the Group Detail block when saving a group without admin security.
    • Fixed the Group Detail block so a group sync configuration will not prevent the group from being deleted.
    • Fixed an exception that would occur when deleting a role that has a Member or GroupSync associated with it. The user will now be given a message and a delete will not occur.

    Lava v8.0

    • Added new Lava command 'taglist' to list registered Lava tags.
    • Added new Lava command to cache the results of a Lava template. See the Lava documentation for usage details.
    • Added 'PDF Object Settings' option to Lava Statement Generator templates. This can help a template developer tweak stuff like pdf page margins.
    • Added the CapitalizeFirstWord Lava text filter.
    • Added a new PersonByAliasGuid Lava filter.
    • Cleaned up legacy Lava. Fixes: #2018 # 2776 # 1930 # 2781 # 2780 # 2779 # 2786 # 2785
    • Updated the Pre-HTML and Post-HTML block properties to support all Lava commands.
    • Added new Lava filters for 'ToMidnight', 'NextDayOfTheWeek', 'DaysSince' and 'DaysUntil'.
    • Added SanitizeSql to Lava filters to help protect against SQL Injection.
    • Added a new Uniq Lava filter to return a unique set of values from a collection of values.
    • Added new UrlDecode and UnescapeDataString Lava filters. Also made an alias for EscapeDataString called 'UrlEncode'.
    • Added new Lava filter to create a Shortlink. See Lava docs for details.
    • Fixed incorrect prepend/append logic in the WithFallback Lava filter.
    • Fixed recursion issue in Lava inline shortcodes.

    Prayer v8.0

    • Added the ability to filter by campus on the Prayer Sessions block. The default is 'enabled'.
    • Added a block setting to require a campus on the Prayer Request Detail block.

    Reporting v8.0

    • Fixed an issue where personal merge templates were displayed for all users in the template picker when performing a merge.
    • Added a new person data view filter for Attendance at Campus(es). Fixes: #2924
    • Added option to persist Data Views to help improve performance of complex ones.
    • Added the ability to assign security settings to a merge template from the Merge Template Detail block.
    • Updated the Spouse Name person report select field to optionally include the last name.
    • Added support to the Lava SQL command and Run SQL workflow action for Parameterized SQL statements. Fixes: #2866
    • Updated the Report Detail block to be configured for a specific report using a block setting. This allows for using the block on a stand-along page for specific reports.
    • Added more options on how to use Persisted Data Views when using the 'In Other Data View' filters.
    • Added the ability to have inactive interaction channels.
    • Added a new Days Until Anniversary field for use with Person Data Views and Reports. Fixes: #662
    • Added new blocks for viewing interaction data.
    • Added a new 'HasPhoneFilter' DataView filter that will allow filtering people based on if they have a specific phone number type and if they have SMS enabled.
    • Added 'Family Members' post-filter transformation.
    • Added Person Connection Request data view filter.
    • Added a new data view filter to allow for filtering people who have clicked and opened a specific communication.

    Workflow v8.0

    • Fixed 'workflowactivate' Lava command not to make attribute names lowercase. Fixes: #3003
    • Fixed an issue with connection type workflow qualifiers not being set correctly when first viewed.
    • Fixed missing Workflow Trigger Qualifier columns. Fixes: #3067
    • Updated Text to Workflow to use new Age Classification property to order duplicate person matches (adults first).
    • Added a new Post-Add option to the workflow triggers and expanded previous value checking on post-save triggers. Fixes: #2369 #2667 #2671
    • Updated the Workflow Type picker to only show workflow types that are active and that the user is authorized to view.
    • Updated the Activate Workflow Action to optionally allow saving the new workflow to an Attribute on the originating workflow.
    • Added the ability to specify up to three attachments in the SendMail workflow action.
    • Updated the Group Member Add workflow actions to not error if a selected person already belongs to the selected group.
    • Added a Save Then Add button to the Attribute Editor when editing workflows. This should decrease the time it takes to enter attributes for larger workflows.
    • Added a workflow action that sends a web request based on the configured action setting.
    • Added new workflow actions for managing registration discount codes.
    • Added a workflow action for adding new content channel items.
    • Added a new workflow action for processing a message as if it was being received by the Text-To-Person system directly. Fixes: #2910

    Rock v7.6 Released February 25, 2019

    CMS v7.6

    • Increased security for several public facing components and blocks.

    Rock v7.5 Released August 13, 2018

    API v7.5

    • Increased security for social media endpoints.

    Rock v7.4 Released June 11, 2018

    CMS v7.4

    • Fixed issue where site's default page was being rendered instead of a 404 page when requesting an invalid page/route. Fixes: #2816
    • Fixed issue with the pager in the footer of the Podcast Series List for the external example themes. Fixes: #2767
    • Fixed issue where new Content Channel Items were not added to the bottom of the grid if manually reordered. Fixes: #2752
    • Fixed the age formatting on the My Account page so that "old" displays correctly now after "yrs" instead of after the birth date. Fixes: #2790
    • Fixed the links for sharing items to be encoded correctly. Fixes: #2775
    • Removed hyphens from "Thank-you" and "on-going" throughout Rock. Fixes: #1711
    • Fixed Simple Communication Entry block to show SMS medium correctly if that was the only medium configured.
    • Fixed bug in Purchased Plugins page that would throw exception if a previously purchased plugin was not installed. Fixes: #2882
    • Fixed the In Registration Instance data view filter to include anyone who registered multiple times. Fixes: #2957
    • Updated the Universal Search site crawler to process a robots.txt file correctly and fixed a possible stack overflow issue that would occur if page hierarchy was deep enough.