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Note About Updates

Your update strategy for Rock Mobile Shell should be a little different than Rock Core. Due to the amount of testing a new shell update means for your app, you should only consider updating your shell when there is a specific new feature you would like to add to your application or bug you would like to fix. When you do update be sure to test your application thoroughly before releasing it.

To update your shell please reach out to the AppFactory service.

    Rock Mobile v3.0 Released June 17, 2022

    Minimum OS Versions: iOS version 12.0, Android version 6.0 (API level 23)
    Minimum Rock Version: v12.8

    CMS v3.0

    • Fixed rendering of structured content with lists.
    • Fixed Structured Content to support images uploaded in Rock Server v13.0 and later.
    • Added Daily Challenge Entry block to allow for processing daily challenges setup in the system for the user to complete. (Requires Rock Server v12.5)

    Connection v3.0

    • Added new Mobile Connection blocks for managing Connection Requests (requires Rock Server v13.0).

    Core v3.0

    • Added support for pages to display a URL instead of native Rock blocks.
    • Added new block to search for people and groups with.
    • Added new Add To Group mobile block that handles prompting individual for information in order to add them to a group.
    • Added new AddEventToCalendar command to add an event to the individual's device calendar.
    • Added support for transport media controls on lock screens.
    • Updated the Login block to better handle non-confirmed and locked out accounts (requires Rock Server v13.0).
    • Added support for person matching in Registration block (requires Rock Server v13.0).
    • Added support for Onboarding block to skip personal information screens if individual is already logged in (requires Rock Server v13.0).
    • Updated Login block to support new settings that specify the return page and cancel page (requires Rock Server v13.0).
    • Added AppValue boolean that can be used to determine if push notification permission has been requested.
    • Added new SetViewProperty command to change a property value in response to an action.
    • Updated CommandReference element to make CommandParameter the default content node.
    • Added block command PrayForRequest to record that a PrayerRequest was prayed for.
    • Added PerformHapticFeedback command to allow physical feedback from actions.
    • Added "MapAddress" command to allow individuals to open an address or coordinates within their native application.
    • Added a way for gender to be set as 'Optional', 'Required', or 'Hidden' in the ProfileDetails block.
    • Added support for tracking session details in media watch interactions.
    • Added command to open application settings.
    • Added ability to detect if push notifications are enabled in XAML.
    • Improved tracking of push notification enabled state.
    • Fixed issue that would cause MediaPlayer thumbnail to remain when playing certain HLS streams.
    • Added BR tag support to Html parsing.

    Group v3.0

    • Added new Group Finder block (requires Rock Server v13.0).

    Prayer v3.0

    • Added new Prayer Card View block to display prayer requests in a card-style layout (requires Rock Server v13.0).

    Rock Mobile v2.2 Released January 19, 2022

    Minimum OS Versions: iOS version 12.0, Android version 6.0 (API level 23)
    Minimum Rock Version: v12.4

    Core v2.2

    • Fixed an issue that could prevent iOS devices from receiving push notifications with a combination of specific settings.

    Rock Mobile v2.1 Released December 15, 2021

    Minimum OS Versions: iOS version 12.0, Android version 6.0 (API level 23)
    Minimum Rock Version: v12.4

    Core v2.1

    • Fixed incorrect duration calculation on videos longer than 60 minutes.
    • Fixed an issue with iOS 15 devices that would case tab bar background colors to not respect set color.
    • Fixed issue that caused birth date to be set to today if it was left blank in the Register Account block.
    • Fixed bug that prevented Flyout Shell from working properly if ListItem was not the root XAML element.
    • Added ApplicationVersion and ShellVersion to the DeviceData structure available to Lava.
    • Fixed an issue that caused long notes in the structured editor to not be visible, the full fix also requires Rock Server v12.8.
    • Fixed occasional crash at launch on iOS devices.
    • Fixed bug when opening notifications on iOS while the application was not running.
    • Fixed crash on iOS in onboarding block if back buttons were pressed.
    • Fixed rendering issues on iOS 15 that would cause some elements to be visible on screen for a moment before animation began.
    • Fixed bug in Workflow Entry that caused it to not send campus in Person Entry forms.
    • Fixed issue that prevented applications from launching on iOS 12.
    • Fixed the error message formatting on the Register Account block.

    Event v2.1

    • Added support to Calendar Event List block to hide past events (requires Rock Server v12.7).

    Group v2.1

    • Added support for entering attendance notes in the Group Attendance Entry block (requires Rock Server v12.7).
    • Added support for removing group members in the Group Member Edit block (requires Rock Server v12.7).

    Rock Mobile v2.0 Released September 15, 2021

    Minimum OS Versions: iOS version: 12.0, Android version: 6.0 (API level 23)
    Minimum Rock Version: v12.4

    CMS v2.0

    • Fixed issue that caused the cast button on Android to show as black the first time it was displayed.
    • Fixed Html element not supporting hyperlinks inside paragraph tags.
    • Added EnablePushNotificationsCommand to allow for manually enabling push notifications from a Button or other user initiated event.
    • Fixed parsing of HTML tags (&, <, >, etc) in headers in Structured Content View block.
    • Fixed ellipsis on iOS when LineHeight is also specified.
    • Fixed issue in LoginStatus that prevented ProfilePageGuid from being set.
    • Fixed a bug that would throw a XAML error in some cases when trying to use Rock:InverseBooleanConverter.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause some screen elements to partially show through a full-screen media player on Android.
    • Added new SafeAreaPaddingEffect that can be used to restrict your content to the safe area of the device, that is to avoid the notch some devices have.
    • Fixed issue with buttons causing Rock:Divider to show with a shadow if it appeared after the button.
    • Added new FlipView control that allows front and back views to be swapped around.
    • Added ability for administrators to see how many requests and bytes transferred to load a page.
    • Added new MediaPlayer control with better on-screen controls and common UI between devices.
    • Added XAML controls BibleAudio, BibleBrowser and BibleReader to provide functionality for reading plans.
    • Added new Expander control to show a header that will expand to show details when tapped.
    • Added RadioButtonList control to simplify building a collection of radio buttons for the person to pick from.

    Core v2.0

    • Added WriteInteraction command that allows you to write a new Interaction to the database after the person performs some action.
    • Added new Onboarding block to streamline the process of getting a user logged into the application.
    • Added Notes block to allow the person to view notes as well as write new notes.
    • Added PurposeKey to FollowingIcon element (requires Web 12.4).
    • Updated the Multi Select field and MultiPicker to use better visual styles and honor Enhanced For Long Lists setting.
    • Added parameter syntax to Logout command to allow user to specify that the current page should be reloaded or to navigate to a page other than the homepage.
    • Added new MediaProgressBar control for better compatibility than plain old slider.
    • Fixed Android toolbar text buttons not using correct color.
    • Fixed status bar text not changing color on Android.
    • Fixed AggregateCommand not working correctly inside a Popup.
    • Added support for pages to be marked as Fullscreen, which means they cannot get to the tab bar or flyout menu.
    • Added new Homepage Routing Logic property to mobile applications that allow you to use Lava to dynamically determine the launch page.
    • Enhanced the launch process with a new option you can enable to will stop the app from automatically asking for push notification authorization at launch (useful if you are using the new Onboarding block).
    • Fixed crash when using Rock:Redirect on the homepage and then later navigating back to the home page.
    • Fixed issue with bottom anchored popup would not align correctly.
    • Fixed rotated image when taking picture on certain devices.
    • Fixed issue that prevented extern web links from opening on Android 11.
    • Added ShareAsFile option to ShareContent command which allows you to share the URI as a file to other applications on the device.
    • Fixed CameraCodeReader control not requesting camera permissions properly.
    • Fixed issue when certain redirects were configured that would prevent login and other features from working correctly.
    • Fixed bug in iOS that prevented a person from choosing the "Save..." option during a ShareFile command.
    • Added new CameraCodeReader control to automatically scan QR codes and direct the user to the appropriate page.

    Event v2.0

    • Fixed issue where the Group Attendance Entry block would lose the members when switching from a date that had did not meet to one that did meet.
    • Added support for campus context in calendar view block.

    Prayer v2.0

    • Fixed issue with the Prayer Session Setup block always filtering to My Campus when the campus option was enabled. This was caused by a bug in the SegmentedPicker itself and would effect other uses of it.
    • Added new AnswerToPrayer block that allows a person to enter an answer to a previous prayer request.
    • Added block MyPrayerRequests that lists a person's existing prayer requests.

    Workflow v2.0

    • Enhanced the WorkflowEntry block with (limited) support for the HeaderHtml and FooterHtml values in a form.
    • Added support for the new Person Entry fields in workflow forms.

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