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Alpha Testers

Are you super comfortable with the nature of your website and database. Are you considered a bit of a IT website ninja? Do you want to be a hero and catch issues before anyone else sees them? Alpha testers are involved prior to the beta release of Rock and really just testing the install / update process in various environments to make sure an update doesn't nuke the site.

Ready to start more formal testing? Fill out the Test Checklist


  • Using a copy of your production Rock environment data (if you have one), you'll perform updates of Rock release candidates (RC) when notified.
  • You will let us know the results (#success #fail)
  • You will test as many features as possible during the RC window and report any bugs you find.
  • If we ask, you will restore back to the initial state and try it all again with a second, third, etc. release candiate.
  • IMPORTANT! Once the alpha testing phase is over YOU MUST destroy your alpha test Rock installation because it cannot be used for any additional testing.

We have detailed list of steps you can follow when you're performing RC updates.


Contact us via email to let us know you're interested.

Commitment Level

Sherpa - only 1-2 hours (when the call goes out) and you can commit to find the time to perform when called upon.

Please note that alpha and beta testers should be members of the Early Access program. Click here for more information on how to join this program.