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HR items in Rock

We are considering moving more of our HR items into Rock. Currently, we just have the generic policy manuals and blank forms on the Employee Resources and Documents page of Rock's Intranet. Essentially, we would like to add completed and scanned employee documents on their person record. Since some of these items could be sensitive we will for sure restrict access and permissions on the File Type and Attributes. I am reaching out to see if any other churches are doing this, what additional security measures you have in place (within Rock and on the servers, or servers if Rock file storage is in AWS or Azure), and any other suggestions you recommend?

If you don't use Rock to store HR employee files, what digital services do you use?


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    Hey Brandon,

    We use Rock for HR data, and our payroll system for payroll data.  I'm sure we could organize the HR data a little better, but it's been functional as a tall list of Person Attributes grouped under Extended Attributes. I too would like to hear what other churches are doing.

    Whether you store Files in your RockRMS database or in one of the Storage Providers depends on who has the keys to the kingdom... perhaps the Providers would add another security layer versus storing inside your RockRMS database?

    In our case, we limit who can see payroll as well as HR data as much as possible. For payroll it's about salaries and for HR it's about confidential info and social security numbers.