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Attendance Analytics Description

Is there documentation somewhere that explains exactly how attendance analytics works and how churches are using it? My needs are pretty simple (I think). - perhaps there is a simple attendance report that I haven't figured in reports that would better meet our needs - It seems like Attendance Analytics are not as straightforward as they appear. I've watched the video, but still have questions about where some of the information in the columns is generated from.

Some of our groups (specifically Children's Choirs) are trying to run Attendance Analytics so they can export and use the information for year-end awards. It's already a bit confusing because the column headings are apparently just "weeks of" (and seem to be week ending on Sunday, and not beginning on Sunday, which would make more sense to me). So, when the analytics run what you think should be in the column for the "week of March 31" you have to remember that the actual date of attendance for that week is March 24. 

Also the percent attended does not reflect a true calculation because it doesn't consider exclusions to the schedules. 

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    We use Attendance Analytics consistently to get attendance from Sunday. I always use Date Range, so not sure what the "weeks of" is that you are talking about. I have not had an issue with not pulling correct data. Our children's ministry uses it for a longer date range to see who is consistently coming and needs to be placed in a smaller group.

    All of this data pulls from checkin and is very accurate when you compare it.  You are correct about the percentage not being completely accurate, but overall it gives us an overview of who has attended over a short or long period of time.

    This is the documentation I used to get started: