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Just A Sampling Of What's Possible

We've worked hard to bring you powerful features that are easy to use. While these tools are feature-rich today, they only represent the foundation of what is to come. We can't wait for you to get started...


The core of Rock is about managing people and their relationships between each other and the church. It all starts with an individual. With Rock, you have the ability to add an infinite number of attributes to a person's record. These attributes can be easily grouped and reported. The notes you add are clearly visible and easily added and secured. You can also classify an individual's activities with simple icons we call badges. These can be simple representations of a single data item, like baptism, or they can be richer with more data density, like showing a family's last 12 months of check-ins as a simple bar chart.

Sample View of the Person Details Page
Groups are the fundamental building blocks of Rock. Whenever two or more individuals are linked in a relationship, you can bet groups are the glue that makes them stick (families, security roles, serving teams, Bible studies, etc.) This consistency means that each type of group has many configuration possibilities.
Sample of the Group Details Page
Giving isn't about money, it's about heart change. But why should change be hard? We've worked hard to make Rock's giving tools simple for both the attendee and the church staff. Our current tools support both on-line and off-line (think checks and cash) giving opportunities. After our initial release, we will be working to bring the rest of the mobile giving tools to the mix.
Sample On-line Giving Page
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Rock's check-in is simple and extensible. It's built on top of a powerful workflow engine so you can customize it to your heart's content. The check-in screens are also very easy to theme if you have some web design talent.
Check-in Welcome Screen on Two Different Themes
Getting your data out of software is just as important as putting it in. Rock has several tools to help you generate powerful reports of your ministry data. The core of our tools is a concept of Data Views. These allow you to create strong reports that build on each other. This will reduce the number of duplicate or near-duplicate reports you create.
Data Views in Rock
Rock is built on top of a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS). This means that Rock can also manage your external website. With this functionality, any piece of the software can be extended to your attendees through the same look and feel of your current site.
HTML Editor
Every organization has events. Rock allows you to track and publish these events to your guests. Once your guests see an event they can also register on-line for them. The features around the calendar and event registration are too numerous to cover here so head on over to our Event & Calendar Guide for more information on how to use these valuable features!
Calendar In Action
Rock's connection features help you to move your guests from visitors to fully engaged members. These features come configured to help manage and connect your volunteers, but you can add as many connection types as you'd like. In fact we have a whole manual ready for you to customize these features to your organization's need.
Managing Connections
We see Rock as an Innovation Toolkit. You can build anything that you can dream up. But what good is creating if you can't share? Don't worry we've thought of that! Rock has a built in app store that allows you to download and install new functionality in a single click. With this powerful feature you can add new capabilities from other vendors or organizations just like yours. Oh, and YOU can share YOUR creations with others too!
Rock Shop