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Rock Hosting

Run Rock RMS Your Way

Two options to get started

Rock provides you with two powerful options for hosting; managed hosting with Rock Cloud, or do-it-yourself hosting (on-premises or cloud-hosted, your choice).

Rock Hosted For Me

Focus on Ministry, with Rock Managed Cloud Hosting

Rock Cloud is the premiere hosted Rock RMS that gives you everything you need to be successful right out of the box. Consider this option ‘the easy button’ for getting started with Rock.

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Self-Hosted Rock

Host Rock Anywhere

If your church is technically inclined, you can host Rock RMS anywhere. Whether it’s an on-premises server that you maintain, or a server hosted on a public cloud like Azure, AWS or Google Cloud Platform, Rock is ready. Just because you're doing it yourself doesn’t mean you're on your own. We’ve compiled a set of best practices and minimum requirements for servers, as well as setup guides.

Rock RMS, your platform,
your data, your way.

Unlike other solutions, your data is stored separately from other organizations. This guarantees the privacy of your data for your organization as well as the individuals you serve.

Should you ever decide to use another hosting platform, your data will always be available for export and can be moved to another hosting provider.