Rock RMS Partner

Pillars, Inc

When your work is your mission, it deserves the quality of true care.

At Pillars we partner with churches to help them implement, configure, and extend Rock. Our team helped develop Rock and we now use that expertise to help churches harness Rock's full potential.

Leslie Olson
Database Specialist - River Valley Church
Pillars has been an invaluable resource to River Valley Church... We have been able to rely on them for solutions ranging from simple to complex. Our weekly connects are a bonus allowing us to build relationship and understanding of our church methodologies. We can highly recommend them as your development partner.
Melinda Anderson
Technical Project Manager - Christ's Church of the Valley
Working with Pillars has been a huge blessing for CCV. Mason and David are fantastic partners to work with. We consider them an extension of our team!
Tina Stephens
Rock Program Manager - Scottsdale Bible Church
They have been the steady support we needed to build complex workflows, online giving portals, registrations, and so much more that moved us away from “busy work” to serving our people. Thanks Pillars!

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