Notable Updates

Rock v12.0 Released January 4, 2021

Rock 12.0 is a major update with several new features and improvements including the Check-in Manager, Connections, Group Scheduling, and much more. This release also has fixes for issues that were reported during the previous release(s).

    API v12.0

    • Fixed an issue with the ContentChannel with recursive children causing an application crash.

    CMS v12.0

    • Added ability to use 301 permanent redirect in Redirect block.
    • Added new feature to Content Channel View block to enable easy creation of archive (past) items links.
    • Improved syntax highlighting for Lava files in the code editor.
    • Fixed issue in the Asset Manager Picker where a folder could not be created if more than one picker existed on the block.
    • Added an option in the Content Channel Item View block to display the most recent item if no URL parameter is provided.
    • Improved the externally facing Public Profile Edit block (aka My Account page) with a cleaner look and feel and to use a Lava template to control the view mode. Since this change may have affected the current look, Rock administrators should verify the look and style after the update.
    • Fixed issue where a 404 could occur if a route had a space in it (e.g. search terms used in the route path). Fixes: #4453
    • Updated to FontAwesome 5.15.1
    • Added the ability to quickly enable/disable the web cache for the HTML, Content Channel and Internal Communication blocks directly on the admin toolbar.
    • Updated the Site Detail block to always show the 'Index Starting Location' and renamed it 'Crawling Starting Location' to make this field more re-usable for multiple purposes. Before it was limited to the starting point for the universal search to harvest the pages of the site.
    • Fixed an issue with Universal Search ignoring filters. Fixes: #3672
    • Added page cache control header settings similar to the cache settings on the REST actions.
    • Added cache control headers ('Last-Modified' and 'ETag') to the GetImage.ashx to improve PageSpeed metrics.
    • Fixed Public Profile Edit block to edit the correct address when in multiple families. Fixes: #4484

    Check-in v12.0

    • Added optional RockCleanup job setting to perform some automated clean-up on recent attendance records. The job will un-set the DidAttend field if the person was never marked present in cases where the Check-in area configuration has the "Presence" feature enabled.
    • Fixed mobile check-in confirmation code incorrectly auto-filling on iOS. Fixes: #4500
    • A new check-in manager app will allow room attendants to open and close classrooms, mark a person as 'present' in the classroom, etc.
    • Fixed an issue where an error occurs when deleting a Schedule with Attendance history. Fixes: #3552
    • Added a new "attendance type" Defined Type used to help classify an attendance occurrence as physical/in-person, virtual/online, etc.

    Communication v12.0

    • Added Person filter to the SMS Conversations block to ease finding messages created by the viewer.
    • Added missing ForeignKeys from CommunicationTemplate ImageFileId and PushImageBinaryFileId fields. Fixes: #3582
    • Implemented Twilio 'signature validation' option in the Twilio transport component.
    • Added progress reporting to the Communication Entry block to prevent timeouts with a large number of recipients. Fixes: #4041
    • Fixed the communication editor to not allow undo to clear the contents of a message.

    Connection v12.0

    • Added a board view for Connection Requests.
    • Added a new setting to Connection Types to define which page should be used when viewing details for any corresponding Connection Requests.

    Core v12.0

    • Disabled cache statistics by default to increase performance, but they can be enabled manually under the Cache Manager if needed.
    • Updated the use of DDay.iCal to switch over to a newer, supported Ical.Net library for iCalendar (RFC 5545) use in Rock.
    • Fixed business connection status to not set to any default value. Fixes: #4199
    • Fixed a bug that was requiring that the keys in the Key Value List had to be unique to work properly.
    • Added new OpenId Connect (OIDC) server to allow 3rd party applications that have OpenID Connect integration (such as Church Online Platform) to use your Rock server as the authentication system.
    • Added an Open Id Connect authentication component.
    • Fixed sorting on Attribute Values. For instance, sorting on a person attribute in the registrant list. Fixes: #4332
    • Updated Public Application Root to require a trailing forward slash. Fixes: #4351
    • Automatically perform block compilation in the background after a restart to improve performance for first viewer of a page's blocks.
    • Added a new LocationList field type for selecting or adding new locations from a configured parent location.
    • Improved the Campus and Campuses field types to allow them to be filtered by campus type and or campus status based on the attribute configuration.
    • Fixed bug in Summernote JS to correct reversed paragraph order when using paste from Word. Fixes: #4340
    • Fixed Rock Shop purchased plugin images from cropping incorrectly. Fixes: #4508
    • Added message bus and web farm to enable communication and coordination of multiple Rock instances.
    • Fixed issue with NCOA job that caused report failure because of HTTP to HTTPS redirects. Fixes: #4540
    • Added database models for upcoming features: Message Bus and Web Farm

    CRM v12.0

    • Fixed issue where a communication preference of SMS could be set even when the person didn't have an SMS phone number. Fixes: #4428
    • Updated the warning message shown when merging people who have email addresses and user logins.
    • Fixed issue where a non-mandatory Address Field Type does not allow an empty address to be entered. Fixes: #4432
    • Improved saving a person by adding logic that will automatically convert curly single quotes into the standard single quote character (ASCII 39) so that searching and finding match/duplicates works better.

    Engagement v12.0

    • Added achievements features that allow any entity to earn achievements.
    • Add achievement for completing a step program.
    • Added the badge type "Achievement".

    Event v12.0

    • Fixed issue in Registration Entry where filtered questions wouldn't save their values. Fixes: #4354 #4358
    • Updated Group Scheduling to support scheduling more than one group at a time. This update also includes many other improvements and features to group scheduling.
    • Updated the Event Item Occurrence Detail block and redesigned it to allow quickly adding a slug without a registration or a group.

    Finance v12.0

    • Fixed kiosk transaction entry block to allow giving in cents. Fixes: #4510

    Group v12.0

    • Updated Group Scheduling so that scheduling conflicts in multi-schedule mode would do a better job of handling and displaying what the conflicts are. Also, updated Group Scheduling so that a Group with scheduling disabled would be displayed in a way that indicates that it doesn't allow scheduling. Fixes: #4468
    • Updated the Group Schedule Status Board to not show inactive schedules. Fixes: #4471
    • Fixed issue in Group Placement where a member could not be removed unless the user was a Rock Admin, even if the user had Edit or Manage Member permissions on the Group. Fixes: #4395
    • Added new option when moving group members (of ‘Fundraising Group’ group types) to also move the corresponding financial transactions.
    • Added Attendance in Groups option to the Group Attendance Filter.

    Lava v12.0

    • Improved the handling of parsed Lava templates by caching them for improved performance.
    • Improved the 'FromCache' Lava filter to be able to return all the items from a cache.
    • Added new ImageUrl filter to simplify making an image URL.
    • Added additional parameters (Source, Medium, Campaign, Content, and Term) to the Interaction Write and Interaction Content Channel Item Write Lava commands.
    • Added new Lava filter "AddResponseHeader" to add Response headers.
    • Added a feature to allow single and multiline/block comments in Lava templates using the shorthand notation "//-" and "/- -/".

    Reporting v12.0

    • Added a new Data View filter and a Report field to make it easy to find and report on Notes created by people within a given period of time.
    • Updated the Report Detail block to show time to run and run count similar to the Data View Detail block.
    • Added new DataView Results block which can be used to show the results of a Data View. This also introduces an option to launch a workflow from a DataView results grid.

    Workflow v12.0

    • Added the popular "Change Log" (Notes block) recipe to the Workflow Configuration page.
    • Added ability to gather individual and spouse information from a workflow.
    • Fixed issue where the Show HTML workflow action wouldn't display correctly if the Workflow Entry block wasn't named 'Workflow Entry' Fixes: #4521
    • Fixed an issue where the Required property is not correctly enforced for Attribute Matrix and Value List attributes. Fixes: #4393