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Advanced Person Attributes Form by Kingdom First Solutions Inc (KFS)


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Package Description

This block is an advanced version of the core Rock Person Attributes Form block. It adds the following functions:

  • Ability to use Person Fields in the forms
  • Ability to pass a Connection Request to the workflow upon form completion
  • Ability to add a Person to a Group upon form completion
  • Ability to create a Connection Request upon form completion


Imagine you have a youth group that will be going to an event in your community. There is no cost so Event Registration feels too complicated. You really just need some basic information and to add them to a group.

You can set up this block to require them to update their contact information and any person attributes like emergency contact information or shirt size. With this block, you can use the group settings to allow you to pass a Group Guid or Group Id to the block in the URL. You can also specify a specifc group in the block settings and not need to pass the information in the URL. After the user completes the form, their person fields and attributes will be updated and they will be added to the group. You can also launch a workflow using the new Group Member as the entity to send welcome emails, notify group leaders, etc.


Wanting to create a volunteer application? This block is your friend! There are 2 ways you can use this block with Connections.

The first way is to pass the Connection Opportunity Id in URL to this block. Your new volunteer then fills out your form with your choice of person fields and attributes. Once they submit their form, their person record is updated and a connection request is created for them within the connection opportunity. You can launch a workflow with the newly created connection request as the entity to send follow up emails, launch other workflows, etc.

The second way to to pass a Connection Request Id in the URL to this block. Doing this works with the workflow setting on the block and sets the entity of the workflow to that connection request. When a new connection request is created, email the volunteer a link to this form with the connection request id passed in the URL. The volunteer completes their application and the connection request is passed to the workflow selected in the block settings. This follow up workflow can be built do whatever is needed for your process. You may want to notify the connector that their application is complete, launch another workflow to contact their references and send a thank you email to the volunteer.

The possibilities are endless. Want to automate your process for Baptisms? Need a new process for managing applications for potential small group leaders? Gathering applications for a missions trip? Because this block ties in with groups, connections and workflows, you are limited only by your creativity.