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Dot Chart Visualizations by Christ Baptist Church


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What conversations need to be had to make sure no one falls between the cracks?

If your organization is like ours, as your toolsets become more and more digital (and more useful!), the data they generate begins to pile up. Workflows are created, groups are populated, and connection requests are initiated. But the larger the dataset becomes, the more difficult it can be to make sense of the data.

And, more importantly, the more difficult it becomes to make sure nobody falls through the cracks. That's the motivation behind dot charts.

Dot chart visualizations allow you to get a bird's eye view of your data without losing sight of the individuals you are ministering to. They allow you to represent entities (from dataviews or groups) as dots in a interactive, visual diagram. Each dot represents a specific person (or other entity) in your database. You can click on or hover over a dot to expose more information about that person (using lava!) or initiate actions. Add them to a group, start an email, or launch a workflow.

You can also add a second dimension to the charts by color coding the dots. Imagine seeing a plot of every young adult who has attended your young adults' ministry, with those who have lost contact highlighted in red. Or viewing an attendance heatmap of all your small groups to find out which group leaders might need some encouragement. These are just a couple of the endless possibilities of dot charts. Check out our documentation for more ideas.