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SafeMinistry Solutions by Safe Hiring Solutions


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360 Security & Background Screening Solutions by SafeMinistry Solutions

SafeMinistry Solutions, a SafeHiring Solutions company, plugin allows you to initiate and receive results of your employee and volunteer background checks in Rock and leverages the automation of SafeVolunteer to notify your volunteers or employees when their background checks are expiring so they can renew automatically.

SafeMinistry also can provide real-time, continuous background checks with our integration with 93% of the booking institutions in the U.S. for less than a cup of coffee.

We partner with more than 3,500 churches and ministries as well as large school districts and volunteer organizations such as Kiwanis International. Our largest client manages more than 50,000 volunteers with our automation and integrations.

The SafeMinistry Solutions plugin allows:

  • Background Check Automation. This is a 100% paperless and automated process that includes e-authorization and submission 24/7.
  • ArrestAlert.This is an alert that is triggered in real-time if a volunteer or staff member is arrested and booked into a jail anywhere in the U.S.
  • RefLynk Automated Reference Checks. This is an SMS software that manages the reference checks, reminders and compilation of results. The process is quick and allows you to get feedback from different stakeholders like employers References are a key foundation to keeping kids and ministries safe as 80% of sex offenders do not have a criminal history.
  • SafeVolunteer Management System. Let SafeVolunteer manage when volunteers and/or staff are required to have re-checks or updated training. This is 100% automated and communicates with them via email or push notifications in the mobile app when they are due for a renewal.
  • Visitor/Volunteer Check-In. Your visitors, volunteers or staff can check in with a kiosk or using the mobile app which can also require them to complete questions related to COVID before allowing them to check-in.
  • Continuous Learning Hub.