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This plugin is only available on the Rock Shop. To install this plugin, select Admin Tools > Rock Shop from your own instance of Rock.

Room Management 2.0 by BEMA Software Services


Note: plugin details are provided here only as a reference for what is available in the Rock Shop. To install this plugin, select Admin Tools > Rock Shop from your own instance of Rock.

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Package Description

Note, this plugin being adopted from Central Christian Church AZ and is in a beta testing state. If you are an existing user of the CentralAZ Room Management plugin, this version includes breaking changes. We highly recommend testing installation on a test server and reviewing core changes here. New users may install the plugin without additional steps.
All plugins maintained by BEMA are free and fully available for use for anyone using RockRMS. Our goal is to keep versions updated and features added, but these all happen through time that we have available outside of our regular business services. Given these constraints, it may take some time for us to incorporate a feature or update support to the latest version of Rock.

If you wish to have the timeline moved along for a specific plugin, we can discuss your ministry sponsoring that project. We require a detailed request added to our support link and also an email to to communicate the desire to sponsor (our minimum for work order is 4hrs).

This plugin allows you to reserve and manage rooms and resources. We've revamped the approval system to allow for complete customization of the approval process, including initial and final approval groups for each reservation type, approval groups specific to locations and resources, and groups with override power. In addition to the main blocks and pages, we've added several new workflow types and workflow actions to better fit your needs.

Main Features

  • Reservations can have multiple locations and multiple resources
  • Locations and resources can have their own custom approval group
  • Approval notices are sent out to all approver groups for all the locations and resources in the reservation
  • Locations and resources can have their own custom list of questions
  • Locations can have pre-configured, custom location "layouts" to allow requesters the ability to easily specify a room setup/configuration.
  • Resources can be optionally "attached" to locations such that when adding a location all attached resources are automatically added to the reservation
  • Reservation calendar view shows all upcoming reservations and their approval status (in percentage with links to groups pending approval)
  • Conflicts with other reservations are detailed to the requester during reservation creation
  • Reminders are sent to the reservation requester before the event (timing is configurable)
  • Search for available locations/resources for a given date and time
  • Multi campus support


Room Management Guide


The Room Management Plugin also integrates with or is in the process of being integrated by the following HVAC controller providers:

Please contact the vendor to inquire about these integrations.