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This plugin is only available on the Rock Shop. To install this plugin, select Admin Tools > Rock Shop from your own instance of Rock.

Pushpay Integration by Pushpay


Note: plugin details are provided here only as a reference for what is available in the Rock Shop. To install this plugin, select Admin Tools > Rock Shop from your own instance of Rock.

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Package Description

Advanced churches require robust solutions; that's why you need Pushpay Giving for Rock RMS.

The Pushpay - Rock RMS integration brings together the most robust giving and ChMS platforms, saving you time and effort by automating transactions, batches, recurring schedules, and more into your Rock database. Let Rock be your single source of truth for your people and all their donation information.

About Pushpay

Pushpay Giving is the premiere church giving solution, designed to give donors an intuitive experience for the widest variety of giving types, powered by the proprietary, automated Everygift system which is proven to increase generosity and decrease failed gifts. Donors are invited into deeper engagement through customizable next steps, donor development tools and seamless integrations. Every step is backed by bank-level security, so you can trust that your donors’ data will be safe and secure.

  • Engage Donors: Delight and deepen connection with donors from their first experience to becoming recurring donors.
  • Empower Staff: Powerful tools and integrations to securely manage donors and donations from end-to-end with less time and effort.
  • Enhance Generosity: Highly impactful back-end features, specifically suited for church needs, made possible by being a payment processor designed for churches.

Learn more about Pushpay Giving.

About the Plugin

The Pushpay Integration syncs the most critical giving information, matches people in your Rock database, and enables form payments for event registration.

Payment sync:

  • Individual payments including non-cash payments
  • Recurring gift schedules
  • Online giving settlements
  • Check deposit and manual entry batches

Person matching: Match donors from Pushpay using a combination of name and email address. If a match isn’t found, a new person will be created in Rock.

Event registration: When Pushpay is configured as a financial gateway for your Event Registration payments in Rock RMS, the user is taken to a Pushpay payments page to complete the transaction. This allows the registrant to use their stored payment methods in Pushpay and ensures the payment is completed quickly and securely.

Learn more about the integration and how to set it up.