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Vision2 Giving by Vision2 Systems


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Package Description

Ready to be your Finance team’s hero? Vision2 is a contribution management system that allows you to bring a best practice giving solution to your church. Plus, there are no frameworks or workflows for you to build, leaving you time to focus on what’s important: supporting the ministry.

With the Vision2 plugin, you can keep givers on your Rock RMS web site plus offer a robust giving experience not offered by other giving solutions. In combination with the Vision2 platform, our plugin provides:

  • Vision2 giving seamlessly embedded in your Rock RMS website
  • Single sign on for Vision2 using a giver’s Rock login
  • More than a gateway. We are a full giving and generosity platform.
  • Bi-directional integration so all giving and giver data stays up to date in BOTH systems

Already Using Vision2?

If you are already using Vision2 as your giving solution, simply contact and the team will help you install the plugin. Once enabled, your givers can give without leaving your Rock-hosted web site and can use their Rock login to access their giving history and payment methods in Vision2.

New to Vision2?

Vision2 was founded to provide churches with a flexible, easily-configured giving solution that was purpose built for the entire church market. It is the only comprehensive giving solution that provides the connection givers deserve and the back-office features and integration churches need.

Keep reading for an overview of what makes Vision2 different or contact us at 855-272-0863 or click here to schedule a call for insight on what makes it best for your givers, support staff, and church leaders.

The Vision2 Difference

In addition to being a *fully integrated giving solution* with robust capabilities for your support staff and senior leadership, Vision2 supports your givers by helping you connect online with your congregation in the same engaging way you would in person.

With Vision2, your givers experience:

  • Giving forms that are seamlessly embedded into the church’s website (no third-party redirects!)
  • Giving options displayed with rich imagery and description to inspire generosity

Plus, you can engage givers with personalized communication features and offer them our self-service portal to easily manage their giving, print statements and more!

Your support staff gains:

  • Fully integrated check processing- batch templates, matching logic and direct deposit
  • Auto-reconcile to easily match cash, check, and credit card gifts to bank deposits
  • Simplified refunds and chargebacks given Vision2’s direct bank connection
  • Fully customizable tax statements- branding, detailed giving, pledge details, and more!

Your church leadership benefits from:

  • Easily tailored giving options and acknowledgments for targeted engagement
  • The full-feature sub-ledger accounting of all on- and off-line contributions
  • Detailed reporting and data for analytics on contributions and giver trends
  • Staff gaining time for givers engagement and acting on analytics insights

Vision2: Your Partner for Generosity Growth

Vision2 applies a full-service model so you can rely on us as a committed partner from initial activation to supporting future giving campaigns. Specifically, this means you can count on us for:

  • Seamless onboarding that tailors our solution to reflect the voice and unique character of your church.
  • Multi-functional teams that manage the heavy lifting while you focus on your day-to-day church business.
  • Ongoing assistance with design/layout changes, transaction support, campaign set up, content for generosity communications and more!

To learn more, contact us at 855-272-0863 or click here to schedule a call and discover what makes Vision2 best for your givers, support staff, and church leaders.