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This plugin is only available on the Rock Shop. To install this plugin, select Admin Tools > Rock Shop from your own instance of Rock.

Subsplash Plugin by Subsplash


Note: plugin details are provided here only as a reference for what is available in the Rock Shop. To install this plugin, select Admin Tools > Rock Shop from your own instance of Rock.

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Package Description

Subsplash is church software built for engagement and discipleship. With the Rock plugin, you have the ability to join features of Rock and Subsplash for a more integrated solution.

Single Sign-on and Personalized Content

The plugin starts by connecting your Rock instance with Subsplash using the OIDC single sign-on pattern to create your users on both platforms. This enables you to customize content in Rock and deliver it in your branded app without a separate login. Your logged-in users will also be able to engage in other Subsplash features you have enabled. The plugin provides a UI to more easily connect your Rock content and Lava to feed them into your Subsplash app. Through custom content channels and web services, you're able to prepare more content for your app with less code to write and maintain.

Push Notifications

The plugin enables a push notification transport so you can send to individuals or groups in Rock, as well as to push notification groups created in Subsplash. The history of these is recorded on both platforms so you can easily find what you have sent. Push notifications can be authored and targeted both at specific individuals as well as topics. This enables the ability to send communication to people who haven’t yet logged into the app!

Media Hosting

The plugin enables media account integration so your Subsplash media can be imported into Rock and used in content channels, Rock websites, and other Rock integrations. Analytics from this media will automatically be synced to Subsplash for aggregation with plays from other sources.

Messaging Group Sync

The plugin will allow you to enable the Subsplash Group messaging functionality in a seamless way with your existing small groups that are setup in Rock. This bi-directional sync allows a Small Group pastor to create a Subsplash Messaging Group directly from Rock and then the members of that group will be automatically synced between Rock and the Subsplash Platform.

Giving Integration

The Rock plugin also enables Financial Gateway functionality within Rock. All donations records will be automatically synced into Rock and associated with the proper accounts along with the pertinent donor details.

Event Registration Payments

Lastly, this plugin enables Event Registration payment through your Subsplash giving account. The payment form is seamlessly displayed in the registration flow and the payment, once collected, will display in the list of Financial Transactions immediately.