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SecureGive Integration by SecureGive


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What is SecureGive?

Proudly serving one-third of America's Top 100 churches, SecureGive’s focus is to provide churches and NPOs with donation tools that produce real results. By leveraging SecureGive, your organization will be equipped to connect and collect from all demographics. Whether this be through kiosk, online, mobile or within a text-giving format, there will be no more barriers.

Interested in using SecureGive?

SecureGive was founded by a pastor to help churches and non-profit organizations fund their mission. The SecureGive donation software features 4 ways for your donors to give/interact: kiosk, online, mobile, and text giving. Visit our website or call one of our Stewardship Specialist to learn how SecureGive can help increase your giving potential.

Already using SecureGive?

You can now easily sync your SecureGive transaction records directly to Rock RMS using our custom built API integration. Once your SecureGive members are linked to their Rock profiles, any donation/payment they make will automatically transfer to your Rock RMS database. Simply contact SecureGive (855-895-8951 or and let us know you'd like to enable your account for integration with the Rock. Once activated, we'll be able to instruct you on linking your SecureGive account with your Rock database so transactions can begin syncing.

This integration requires having an account with SecureGive. To get started with increasing your giving potential, call and speak with one of our Stewardship Specialists at 855-895-8951. We are excited to help your ministry grow.