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This plugin is only available on the Rock Shop. To install this plugin, select Admin Tools > Rock Shop from your own instance of Rock.

Simple Donation Gateway by Simple


Note: plugin details are provided here only as a reference for what is available in the Rock Shop. To install this plugin, select Admin Tools > Rock Shop from your own instance of Rock.

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Package Description

Simplify your payments and use one processor for all the things.

A gateway built specifically for Rock

If you are a church and you're adopting Rock and you want to keep your donors and church members on your site, you'll need a gateway to power online giving and event registration payments.

Currently, there are three gateways that integrate with Rock:

  • NMI
  • PayPal's Payflow Pro
  • Simple (hey that's us! 🎉)

If you choose to use a third-party integration, it will require your donors to have two accounts and logins -- a Rock login and a Pushpay login or a Rock login and a SecureGive login, etc.

This also means those third-party payment systems won't work with Rock's event registration forms and those forms are one of the most awesome things about Rock.

Saved credit cards and bank accounts

Think of every form field and piece of information you collect as a hurdle. The less hurdles on your giving form, the better.

If your people have to re-enter their payment info every single time they want to give or pay for something, eventually it will become tiresome and they just won't do it.

We make it easy for people to enter their payment info and re-use it elsewhere in Rock; so they enter it once and never again.

Secure, safe and 100% PCI compliant

We don't store payment data in Rock. In fact, we generate unique tokens (think Chuck-E-Cheese) for all card or bank account payment methods.

Those tokens only work with your account and our API so you won't have to worry about maintaining PCI-DSS compliance or being at risk of hefty fines for leaking unsecure data.

Text to Give, Kiosks, and Apple Pay

Offering several avenues to give and is a smart way meet your givers where they are.

More than any generation, millennials (and the generations following) have grown up using technology and leveraging mobile devices.

As technology continues to evolve, we will too. We are committed to investing in and offering solutions that sustain and grow your church.