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Room Management by Central Christian Church (AZ)


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Package Description

NOTE: Central Christian Church directs 100% of the sales of this plugin (and all of their plugins) immediately to Spark Development Network as another way to donate to the core project!

Reserve rooms and resources based on availability.

The administrator configurable approval system allows setting up centralized approval team or separate configurable groups to approve rooms & resources. Locations and resources can have required questions that need to be answered before a reservation can be submitted. Resources can also be attached to locations so that requesting that location would also automatically include the attached resource.

The 'Room Reservation Approval Notification' workflow that come with the plugin will handle notifying your approval groups (if approval is needed) and a custom 'Reservation Reminder' job can launch the 'Room Reservation Reminder Notification' workflow to remind the event contact about their upcoming reservation.

Main Features

  • Reservations can have multiple locations and multiple resources
  • Locations and resources can have their own custom approval group
  • Approval notices are sent out to all approver groups for all the locations and resources in the reservation
  • Locations and resources can have their own custom list of questions
  • Locations can have pre-configured, custom location "layouts" to allow requesters the ability to easily specify a room setup/configuration.
  • Resources can be optionally "attached" to locations such that when adding a location all attached resources are automatically added to the reservation
  • Reservation calendar view shows all upcoming reservations and their approval status (in percentage with links to groups pending approval)
  • Conflicts with other reservations are detailed to the requester during reservation creation
  • Reminders are sent to the reservation requester before the event (timing is configurable)
  • Search for available locations/resources for a given date and time
  • Multi campus support


Room Management Guide v1.5


The Room Management Plugin also integrates with or is in the process of being integrated by the following HVAC controller providers:

Please contact the vendor to inquire about these integrations.