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Rock Shop Preview

This plugin is only available on the Rock Shop. To install this plugin, select Admin Tools > Rock Shop from your own instance of Rock.

Agency Theme by BEMA Software Services


Note: plugin details are provided here only as a reference for what is available in the Rock Shop. To install this plugin, select Admin Tools > Rock Shop from your own instance of Rock.

Required Rock Version

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Package Description

All plugins maintained by BEMA are free and fully available for use for anyone using RockRMS. Our goal is to keep versions updated and features added, but these all happen through time that we have available outside of our regular business services. Given these constraints, it may take some time for us to incorporate a feature or update support to the latest version of Rock.

If you wish to have the timeline moved along for a specific plugin, we can discuss your ministry sponsoring that project. We require a detailed request added to our support link and also an email to to communicate the desire to sponsor (our minimum for work order is 4hrs).
This Theme is designed for your public facing Rock site. It's based on an open source bootstrap theme, Agency. This Theme includes customized layouts, additional lava templates, and a custom block for a staff section.


  • Homepage
  • Full Width
  • Left Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
  • Three Column


  • Group Member List Lava

Lava Templates

  • Team.lava
  • TimeLine.lava
  • GroupFinder.lava

  • ---MODIFIED---
  • BlogItemList.Lava
  • Calendar.Lava
  • PageNav.Lava
  • PageSubNav.Lava
  • PodcastSeriesList.Lava
  • Calendar.Lava
  • ScheduledTransactionSummary.Lava

Install Notes

  • A Page Attribute titled Header Image is needed for the header background.
  • The Homepage layout has the option to add text inside the header. Use the markup below as a guide
    <div class="intro-lead-in">Latest Message</div>
    <div class="intro-heading text-uppercase">My Message Title</div>
    <a class="btn btn-primary btn-xl text-uppercase" href="#">Watch</a>
  • The Timeline Lava is designed for a content channel that's manually ordered. It requirs content, and two Item Attributes:Image, Milestone Date
    Items don't require an image. If you don't place an image, the title will display inside a circle with the primary theme color as the BG.
  • The Image Tag Template should use the following class:class='rounded-circle img-fluid'
  • Images should be square.