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Clearstream Texting

Clearstream is a text message communication platform built specifically for churches. Sync your Rock groups and communication lists into Clearstream with our Rock integration, or use our Rock plugin to send & receive texts within Rock.

Why Integrate Rock With Clearstream?

Sync with Rock RMS:
The Clearstream SMS Transport plugin gives you the ability to send and receive text messages from within Rock RMS. You can also use our direct integration to sync your Rock groups and communication lists into Clearstream.

Shortcodes + Longcodes:
Use a local 10-digit number, one of our Shared Shortcodes (like 94000), or set up a Dedicated Shortcode to be used by only your church.

Web and Mobile Apps:
For last-minute event changes, security alerts, Sunday morning announcements, or volunteer scheduling use our web-based or native iOS and Android apps.

Have questions? Visit our website to learn more, or reach out to us on live chat. We're happy to help!

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