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Make the Better Call with Integrated Cloud Based VoIP

We have built a RockRMS Plug-in, as well as a native integration inside of our VoIP Dashboard App. Most churches do a great job logging email and personal communications, however one of the most critical & valuable communication types get completely missed - phone calls.

Regardless of inbound or outbound, have all calls auto-logged to the appropriate contact in the Rock database, as well as noted in the history of the staffer or volunteer who made or received the call. On inbound calls know immediately who is calling and with one click be inside of their record in Rock. Click any phone number inside of Rock to initiate a call.

Utilizing the Intulse Hosted VoIP Phone Solution integrated with your RockRMS database and have critical info at your fingertips, affording your staff the ability to provide the highest level of congregational and visitor care, as well as access to data that once reported on can be critical in informing leadership of where the community is being served well, and where it can be improved.

Mark Kitts
CEO - MK Consulting
Feature-packed, low-cost with excellent Service. I like everything about Intulse! Their phones, software, Rock RMS integration and support are first rate. I highly recommend them to all of the organizations I work with as a church technology consultant.”

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