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Protect My Ministry

Integrated Background Checks

Protect My Ministry is a full-service background screening company that serves over 35,000 churches and faith-based organizations as a one-stop-shop for background checks, paperless solutions and child safety training.

- Chicopee Baptist
“Having a place that not only does comprehensive background checks to my specifications is great, but to have that same company offer outstanding training as well is a massive benefit for our small staff. We could not manage the load if it was not for Protect My Ministry.”
- Community Baptist Church
“Protect My Ministry has made it easy to run background checks on all of our employees and volunteers and also gives us peace of mind that we are offering the best training available to help keep the children in our ministry safe.”
- Cypress Church
“Protect My Ministry has allowed our multi-site church to effectively run and track background checks for our Kids & Student volunteers. They were very helpful in getting us up and running and provided the answers we needed.”

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