Get hands-on Rock training to help your ministries. Master Class is September 28 - October 2nd


When it comes to learning Rock, we have you covered. Whether you prefer written manuals, videos, live classroom sessions or on-site instructors, there is something for every learning style. Below are links to each of the types of training available.

Written Manuals

To use documentation isn’t an afterthought. Instead, we view it as your guide to being a superhero. We invest time and resources in assuring it will help you leap over tall buildings in a single bound.


Our RockU videos are a perfect supplement to the written manuals. Each video shows you how to gain confidence in your Rock knowledge.

Master Class

We offer classroom based training through our Master Class program. This is three days of high-impact training that will take your knowledge of Rock to the next level.

On-Site Training

Our partners are able to work with you to create personalized on-site training to meet your specific needs. Feel free to reach out to them to configure a package that works for you.