New To Rock

New to Rock? Not for much longer...

Rock is a unique model. One in which you're not a passive participant, but an active member of a vibrant community.


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How Is Rock Hosted?


So what is Rock anyway? And why is it an RMS?

Rock RMS is a church management system (ChMS) that puts people right where they should be - at the center of your organization. The basic building blocks for Rock are individuals and their relationships. That's why we called it an "RMS." It means Relationship Management System.

I haven't heard of Rock before. Where did you come from?

With 30+ years of experience building ChMS products, a group of developers decided to get together and build something better; an entire ecosystem just for churches. One that is simple, open, and extensible.

How is Rock different?

We're glad you asked! As we like to say, Rock is the innovation toolkit for the modern day church. Here's a short list of what sets Rock apart:

  • Better Technology: We are committed to constant technical innovation.
  • Strong Community: Churches using Rock and working together to find and share solutions make up a dynamic community that is essential to the Rock ecosystem.
  • Refreshingly Open: We know each church and its needs are unique. You'll find the freedom within Rock to extend and customize your experience to your heart's content.
  • Just Simple: You'll find Rock's interface so easy to use that your volunteers will love you! And our documentation will make you a superhero in no time.
  • No Bills: There is no price tag for Rock. We rely on the generosity of churches finding value in Rock to contribute to our mission of accessibility, craftsmanship, and community.
  • Kingdom-Building: Protected by Spark Development Network, a non-profit board that represents a variety of churches, Rock will always pursue the best interests of the global church, rather than any individual interests.

So what about the features?

Yes. You'll find what you need with Rock. Feature-compatible with all the major ChMS products, Rock is so customizable and extensible that the sky's the limit. If you can't find it out-of-the-box, you can build it, find it in the built-in Rock Shop, or find a partner to help bring your vision to life.

Can I see it in action?

Of course. You can try out the demo site any time, and we don't require a registration.

How do I get started?

Just jump on over to this page to get going.

How can I contribute to this movement in church technology?

Every little bit counts. The small team at Spark Development Network works hard to keep up with continued development, but without being fully funded, it can be slow going. We suggest a donation of just $1.50 per average weekend attendee per year. Please help us provide technology opportunities to more churches by donating today.