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Plan your RX Two days of inspiration and insights

The schedule will be updated with new sessions, speakers and locations up until RX2019, so check back often.

Tommy Politz

Speaker: Tommy Politz

The Unnamed, Unknown Hero

Speaker: Michael Mullikin

Launch With Your Why

Speaker: Terry Storch

State of Rock

Speaker: Jon Edmiston & Emily Forman

Next Mission Briefing

Speaker: Jon Edmiston & Emily Forman

My Well Ministry - Release of the My Well Giving Platform

Speaker: John Pitzaferro

Best Practices 1

Keeping Up With and Supporting a Fast-Paced Ministry

Speaker: Philip Duffie

Take Your Rock Images from Ordinary to Cloudinary

Speaker: Jim Michael

Make it Easy with Custom Interfaces

Speaker: Josh Stogsdill

Helpful Workflows: How to Get More Time Back in Your Ministry’s Pocket

Speaker: Morgan Woods

Using Process to Maximize Your Ministry

Speaker: Frank Grand

How to be a Superhero, Not a Supervillain

Speaker: Scott Miller

Life.Church Rock Insights

Speaker: Mark Burleson &

Taking Your Group Leader Toolbox to the Next Level

Speaker: Thomas Stephens

Cleanup on Aisle 4

Speaker: Tom Powers

Empowering Your Leaders to Drive Rock Adoption

Speaker: Stuart Burt & Janet Turner

Accelerants in Your Environment

Speaker: Shawn Ross

Do Less Work to Get More Work Done: An Introduction to Dynamic Reports

Speaker: Luke Taylor

The Amazon Experience: Achieving Personalized Website Content in Rock RMS

Speaker: Rob Laughter

How to Use the Rock Mobile App

Speaker: Jon Edmiston

RX Technologies

Speaker: Michael Garrison

SQL for Lapsed Givers

Speaker: Josh Crews

Best Practices 2

Using Rock to Run Your Small Groups Ministry

Speaker: Micah Odor

Unknown to Known: Using Rock to Know and Shepherd your People

Speaker: Sarah Carver

Lava Powered Email Templating

Speaker: Tyler Schrock

Optimizing Connection Requests: From Inquiry to Application to Placement

Speaker: Eddie Holeman & Debbie Thurston

Why NewSpring Built Their Website on Rock!

Speaker: Matthew White

Creating Attendee 10xers: How LCBC Church Uses Rock to Connect with First Time Guests

Speaker: Adam Hann

Spreadsheet is the French Word for Loophole

Speaker: Scott Ballard

Rock and Vineyard Cincinnati's Healing Center Integration

Speaker: David Gonzalez

Creating a Central Hub for your Church

Speaker: Tim Lemons

Southeast Snafu Show

Speaker: Chuck Bump & Mark Lee

Workflows 101

Speaker: Mark Wampler

Connect to Engage: Taking Next Steps to the Next Level with Rock Connections

Speaker: Stuart Burt & Jeremy Henderson

Keeping Track of Your New Employees

Speaker: Kate Hull

Mine Pass: For a Faster, Smoother, Guest-Friendly Event Check-in

Speaker: Jason Jones

How to Rock

Speaker: Emily Forman

Lava Can Do THAT?!

Speaker: Chris Rea

Rock Development

Using the Rock REST API to Get Things Done

Speaker: Tyler Kraft

0-60mph: Using UI/UX to Drive Website Development in Rock

Speaker: Marcus Lee

Rock Website Performance

Speaker: Chuck Bump & Mark Lee

Rock At Scale Case Study by Life.Church

Speaker: Brandon Newport

The Secret Sauce to Any Rock-Powered Website

Speaker: Brian Kalwat

Engagement Streaks

Speaker: Ben Wiley

The Developer Codex

Speaker: Mike Peterson

Building Design Systems for your Organization

Speaker: Marcus Lee

Customizing Mobile Applications

Speaker: Daniel Hazelbaker

Designing Mobile Applications

Speaker: Daniel Hazelbaker

Rock Intro & Training

Step By Step: Basics of Group Management

Speaker: Blenda Cox & Amanda Alexander

Step By Step: How To Build Your First Data View

Speaker: Blenda Cox & Amanda Alexander

Creating Your Church’s Rock Roadmap

Speaker: DJ Grick

Demystifying Rock Security

Speaker: Jim Michael

Creating a Workflow User Form Template and Creating Connections from Workflows

Speaker: Thomas Stephens

9 Critical Keys to a Successful Rock Launch

Speaker: Chris Nelson & Mark Kitts

Accounting Systems for Superheroes

Speaker: Jeremy Hoff

No Web Developer? No Problem!

Speaker: Danielle Vos

Leading Through Rock Process Changes Without Leaving Anyone Behind

Speaker: Mike Sherman

Life.Church Onboarding for New Churches

Speaker: Tyler Vance

Panel Discussion: Your First Year on Rock

Speaker: Tommy Prater

Your Church Metrics and Analytics: Rock Does it All!

Speaker: Stuart Burt & Janet Turner

Managing Room Reservation

Speaker: Taylor Cavaletto & Nick Airdo

Staff Huddle and Game Plan Time Part 2


Zero to Hero: Anyone Can Master Rock

Speaker: Jennifer Keylon

Staff Huddle and Game Plan Time Part 1



Innovation Advancements in Ministry

Speaker: Matt Engel

Wi-Fi Presence: Know and Engage With Your Anonymous People

Speaker: Derek Maxson

Leveraging Personality and Behavioral Assessments in Rock Part 1

Speaker: Greg Wiens & Dave Phillips

Your Website is Your Welcome Mat

Speaker: Aimee Cottle & Shayla Kenworthy

Leveraging Personality and Behavioral Assessments in Rock Part 2

Speaker: Greg Wiens & Dave Phillips

Personal Online Security

Speaker: Jeremy Hoff

Vendor Sessions

Vendor Session: Meet Simple Donation - The Payment Partner You've Been Looking For

Speaker: Josh Crews & Taylor Brooks

Vendor Session: Building a Church-Growth Website Google Loves

Speaker: Jason Hamrock

Vendor Session: Safeguard Your Ministry - Background Screening 101

Speaker: Ryan Carter

Vendor Session: TrueWiring

Speaker: Greg Wiens & Dave Phillips

Vendor Session: We Are Fishhook, The Friends You Never Knew You Had

Speaker: Aimee Cottle & Shayla Kenworthy

Vendor Session: Don’t Waste Your Gifts: A New Giving Platform That Keeps More Money In Your Church

Speaker: Jon Horton & Kyle Goggin

Vendor Session: Improve Your Facility and Event Management with eSPACE and Rock RMS Integration

Speaker: Tim Cool

Vendor Session: What If Your Phone System Could Talk to Rock

Speaker: Keith Goodling & Darren Hollick

Vendor Session: Sparkability Group

Speaker: Jason Gibb

Vendor Session: The Most Important Thing

Speaker: Ryan Allred

Vendor Session: Simplifying Your Rock Transition

Speaker: Michael Roth

Vendor Session: Mobile is the Future for Churches like Yours

Speaker: Heiko Henning

Vendor Session: BEMA Show and Tell

Speaker: Taylor Cavaletto

Vendor Session: Chatbot: Reach, Retain and Connect Your Congregation

Speaker: Amy McCollum & Daniel Boorn

Vendor Session: How Technology is Revolutionizing Trust and Safety with Background Checks

Speaker: Erin Bates

Vendor Session: Using Rock to Get the Most Out of Your Subsplash Mobile App

Speaker: Steven Testone