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2023 Rock Integrated Services Survey

With an ever growing list of companies offering services in the Rock RMS space, we asked the community to share their experience with vendors.


9.1 / 10 15 Responses
AI Summarized Comments
The majority of the comments from the survey on Clearstream, a Rock RMS integrated partner, are positive. Users find the platform extremely easy to use and appreciate its seamless integration with Rock. Clearstream's customer service is highly praised for its responsiveness, helpfulness, and quick turnaround time in developing requested features. The platform's pricing is considered competitive compared to Twilio, especially considering the added value of...
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8.2 / 10 5 Responses
AI Summarized Comments
The respondents are generally satisfied with Intulse as a Rock RMS integrated partner. They appreciate the reliable customer support and the functionality of syncing Rock contacts to a soft phone, despite the app's design not being the most appealing. However, some concerns were raised about the pricing structure. Overall, Intulse is viewed as a good vendor to work with, particularly for VOIP/Soft Phone needs.
7.4 / 10 53 Responses
AI Summarized Comments
Twilio is generally viewed as a cost-effective and reliable SMS service that integrates well with Rock RMS. Many users appreciate its affordability, non-profit discounts, and the fact that it is a powerful tool once set up. However, some users have expressed concerns about its customer service, finding it lacking unless a paid service plan is in place. The interface is considered more technical and may not be user-friendly for everyone. Some users have a...
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6.0 / 10 1 Response
AI Summarized Comments
The feedback indicates satisfaction with the support provided by Powered by Text. However, concerns were raised about the high cost of the service and the complexity of the admin interface. Additionally, the lack of robust integration with Rock RMS was also highlighted as a drawback.
Survey Processing Methodology

Reviews are displayed in descending order of their exact (non-rounded) rating, which is the average of the ratings given by the reviewers.

All reviews in this survey were voluntarily submitted by members of the community, and Spark has refrained providing any ratings themselves. The overall ratings presented in this report represent an average of the community's individual ratings. The comments provided by participants have been consistently summarized using ChatGPT with the guiding prompt below.

Below are a series of comments from a survey we did on a Rock RMS integrated partner . Please summarize the comments in a way that is professional, concise, accurate.

It's important to note that a very small subset of ratings was excluded from the analysis for the following reasons:

  1. Submissions that provided a rating score but accompanied it with comments indicating they had insufficient knowledge of the service.
  2. Ratings submitted by integrated partners who rated either themselves or their competitors were omitted from the analysis. These ratings were deemed potentially biased due to a perceived conflict of interest.